10 Awesome Websites for Teaching and Learning Math

Being a math teacher is a challenging job as it requires patience, creativity, and knowledge. Being a student is no easy task either, especially when struggling with some disciplines like math. As a teacher or a tutor, you can work for the best math homework help websites and provide assistance with students’ homework as an expert tutor and help them to get ready for their next lessons. 

Teachers can assist their students, especially during these trying times. Lots of schools and other educational institutions are temporarily closed. So, providing students with some additional assistance in terms of mathematics can really help. That is why this list of 10 awesome websites for teaching and learning math might come in handy.

#1: ALEKS (www.aleks.com)

The main idea behind this website is that it utilizes an adaptable learning system when questioning students. This is to determine their learning needs. It is designed for K-12 schools and districts for grades 3 to 12.

#2: BuzzMath (www.buzzmath.com)

This website is designed to assist middle-schoolers from grades 6 to 9. The website is designed specifically to provide students with math practice and the platform gives detailed feedback while allowing students to study at their own pace. This is quite important.

#3: Corbettmaths (www.corbettmaths.com)

Yet another narrowly specialized website. There are several features worth mentioning:

  • Designed for K-12;
  • Gives access to videos, practice questions, and other learning materials;
  • It is completely free.

#4: Dragonbox (www.dragonbox.com)

This website is especially interesting. It features a set of mathematical applications to provide students with a fun learning experience; although it’s suitable for K-6. What makes it so good is the fact a platform also includes blogs and resources for both teachers and parents. This is quite important, especially during the times of pandemic.

#5: Freckle Education (www.freckle.com)

Just like BuzzMath, this platform allows students to practice at their own pace. It is designed for K-9. Even more, Freckle Education has features such as reports for teachers and it is actually free for them. So, only good news.

#6: Illuminations (www.illuminations.nctm.org)

This particular website features all the things needed for students to learn:

  • Lesson plans;
  • Interactive activities;
  • Mobile games.

Due to the fact that this website was created by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, all the materials there are free of charge and designed for PreK-12 grades.

#7: Istation (www.istation.com)

This website is a great platform due to many reasons. First of all, it has teacher resources, face-to-face teaching strategies, and even digital lessons, thus making teachers’ jobs easier. As for the features for students, the platform is designed for personalized learning with adaptability, assessments, and profiles.

#8: Edulastic (www.edulastic.com)

This online platform is miraculous for teachers. First of all, it’s always free for teachers. Secondly, it is basically a base of different questions that allows teachers to build up their own online math assessments for students. The website is oriented towards K-12.

#9: Kuta Software (www.kutasoftware.com)

This website allows teachers to download a program that has one sole purpose – to create worksheets in mere minutes. However, it is better for teachers who are dealing with grades from 8 to 12. 

#10: National Library of Virtual Manipulatives (www.nlvm.usu.edu)

The last entry on the list is supported by the National Science Foundation. It is a library filled with concept tutorials and virtual manipulatives that can be used in learning mathematics. It is also free and designed for K-12.

Final Thoughts: COVID-19 has caused disruption in societies across the world. Still, that doesn’t mean that students should not study. Teachers have already come up with creative means of teaching their students. This list of 5 websites and resources can become handy to both teachers and students. It’s all about the right application of each resource.


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