12 Cool Government Jobs You Must Know About

If you thought government jobs, beyond their handsome salaries, perks and social status, are 9-5 rigmaroles in banality and boredom – this article will make you think again. We at Stoodnt have listed some government jobs that are highly cool and deeply exciting.

Read on!

1. Indian Foreign Services Officer  

Cracking the UPSC will open the door for this post. Once into foreign services you will be having several foreign trips and visit places you never though you will ever go. Add to that a white passport. How about that! 

2. Scientist with ISRO or Researcher with DRDO

If you are fascinated by the space and want to be a part of sending missions there, think of joining ISRO as a scientist. Scientists there constantly pursue space research and work on satellites and planetary missions. Tremendous hard work is involved though.

Defence Research & Development Organisation (DRDO), is responsible for developing technology for defence purposes. Over 5000 scientists and 25000 techies work there to solve the problems related to aeronautics, armaments, electronics, land-combat tools. Bottom-line is, if you fancy building a missile – send your application now!

3. Defence services

Joining the Indian Army or Navy, being a pilot with the Indian Air Force or a coast guard – options are many. You can get to fly the fastest jet plane in the world! Jobs are extremely dangerous, but perks like personal residence, medical facilities, travel passes, and pensions after retirement – make up for the risk involved. As a Coast Guard you will guard the coasts of our country against illegal immigrants, smuggled goods and foreign enemies. The job involves patrolling on speed boats and hovercrafts. The best thing is you get to serve the nation.

4. Intelligence Bureau Officer

IB happens to be the oldest intelligence agency in the world. This job is for those interested in solving puzzles as a livelihood. Being perspicacious is the key here and you need to manage the aliases, foreign currencies, safe houses like a pro. Re you game?

5. RAW Agent  

If you have a hidden James Bond side in you, this is just the role you need. Though going to a country with a false identity can be risky, the adventure associated with the profession, often makes up for that. 

6. University Professor 

Teaching in a college and university is very different from teaching in a school. college and university professors teach to young minds that harbour the same passion as theirs and that makes the job quite exciting. A lot of research is involved which add richness to the experience.

7. Customs officer  

Beyond the crisp white uniforms, customs officers have a really exciting profession. The job is almost similar to that of a Cargo Auction Officers. Customs officers take back confiscated stuffs like imported chocolates, liquor and undeclared jewellery. Moreover, they catch smugglers to begin with! Can you conceive something be more exciting?

8. Forest Ranger   

Forest ranger or officer takes care of forests, wildlife, and environment while being posted in a state or union territory of India. Living amidst the verdant territory is the greatest attraction of the job, you get to soak in fresh air and you live your days in the lap of nature. Definitely a win-win! 

9. Archaeologist with ASI 

Archaeology never got its due recognition and is often relegated as an unexciting ‘academic career’. But if you want to dive into a combined pool of history, architecture and culture, there cannot be a more stimulating profession for you. 

10. Public Relations Officer   

If you have good people skills this can be a good option for you. Looking after public relations for a government organisation is often very exciting. You field of work will be magazines, videos, brochures, e-magazines and much more for the organisation you work with. Besides, there will be the perks of a government job. Cool, ain’t it? 

11.Railway Engineer  

As a Railway Engineers one can keep visiting railway tracks in different states and cities in order to monitor and fix them. Travel to some interesting and remote places places is what makes this job unique.  

12. Photographer with Photo Division of India

The photographers employed by the Photo Division of India take the shots published by the Press Trust of India. They travel with the convoys of Ministry of External Affairs, as well as the Prime Minister. Pretty exciting, what say?

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