15 days Master Strategy to Prepare NMAT 2020 Exam

The NMAT exam, conducted by GMAC is one of the growing management aptitude tests for gaining entry into prestigious Business Schools across the country and abroad. The list includes SVKM’s NarseeMonjee Institute of Management Studies, SDA Bocconi Asia Centre, and Xavier University, amongst others.


The NMAT 2020 exam is conducted at designated centers in a computer-based mode and candidates can schedule it in early and late batches. If you are running short on time, fret not, the following NMAT Preparation Tips have been carefully curated as part of a 15 days Master Strategy. Learn more about NMAT 2021 prepartion.


NMAT Strategy 2020: Exam Pattern


The NMAT exam comprises of three main sections: Language Skills, Quantitative Skills and Logical Reasoning. Each section carries 36 questions which are generated from a random pool of questions. Test-takers must be informed that the NMAT is an ability adaptive test, i.e., the difficulty of question varies with the accuracy of the answers submitted. 

A candidate who has submitted correct answers to previous questions will gradually see a more difficult set of questions and vice versa. The following table presents the relevant details of the exam pattern.

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Note: Test-takers will receive their scores within 48 hours of the exam via email.

NMAT Strategy 2020: Guidelines For The 15 days

Here are a few general NMAT Preparation Tips you must follow in the last 15 days of your preparation.

  • DO NOTdelve into new topics of preparation. Stick to what you have learnt and keep strengthening it through practice and revision.
  • Practice papers, mock tests from trusted NMAT study material like official NMAT preparation books and short topic-based tests must be your only method of practice. Solve 1 full-length test on each day of your preparation. This way you’ll have completed 15 tests by the end. It is demanding but that’s what’ll get you through.
  • Keep a timer at all times. Time yourself while answering questions of all the three sections individually. Remember each section will be separately timed. Keep track of precisely in which topic and type of question you get stuck, note it down and work on it later. 
  • Your NMAT study material is your best ally. Refer only to two-three trusted and most favoured NMAT Preparation books for prep.
  • Take a light and healthy diet throughout the 15 days. Avoid outside food and drink plenty of fluids. Good physical health accentuates the performance.

NMAT Strategy 2020: First Week

The following NMAT Preparation Tips will help you design and plan the first seven days with maximum utilization.

  • List down all the concepts across the three sections which you feel are easy and those which you are not comfortable with. Out of those mark those which you feel you can cover during only the coming seven days and leave out the rest. Moreover, if you have covered the marked topics, you can then move on to the tough batch. But move steadily and gradually.
  • In the NMAT exam, your answering speed makes or breaks. So time yourself whenever you practice questions. Further, the time allotted varies with each section, for instance, in Language Skills, you have less than a minute for each question while in Quant Skills, you have more than a minute. If you get stuck, do not cross the limit and move on to the next question. Every second is crucial.
  • For the Quant Section, short mental calculation tricks will help, a lot. Learn tricks of division, multiplication, divisibility, common fractions, decimal-fractions and so on.
  • For the Language Skills section, focus exclusively on vocabulary and reading comprehension skills. Refer to compiled word lists starting from beginner to advanced level and memorise a set of words every day. If needed, use flow charts and mind maps. You can also make use of common vocabulary applications.
  • For the Logical Reasoning Section, learn and bolster fundamental concepts concerning analytical reasoning, verbal reasoning and critical analysis.

NMAT Strategy 2020: Second Week

Now you are only 8 days away from your exam. Here are the most effective second week NMAT Preparation Tips.

  • At the start of the week, analyze your performance across all the sections in the previous week. Observe where you have made mistakes, count the silly errors and miscalculations. Keep these in mind while attempting papers in this week.
  • Revise essential formulae for the Quant section as well as relevant answering techniques for the LR section. 
  • Concentrate only on revision on mock papers from prepared notes and relevant NMAT Preparation books and NMAT study material. Now is not the time to learn new topics. 
  • A strategic approach to tackle questions is imperative. Focus on the question, what is provided and what is required. Process all the available information, connect them accordingly and proceed steadily.

Last Day NMAT Preparation Tips

Keep the following points in mind on the day before your exam. It is the most essential day of all.

  • Do not touch any NMAT study material be it NMAT Preparation books or revision modules. Go through your notes once and that will be enough.
  • There is no negative marking. So, mark all questions.
  • Keep a target of correctly answering the most questions and remove thoughts of good scores-bad scores.
  • Arrive at the centre at least 45 minutes before the scheduled time. Do not forget to take along Confirmation Email, NMAT exam Admit Card, a valid Photo ID as well as a Signature ID [Passport]. Keep two more copies of the confirmation mail and admit card with you for emergencies.
  • Do not panic. Keep a positive approach and don’t let performance on any one section impact the other. Keep your focus and remember your exam strategy.

Keep confidence in yourself and do not think of negative emotions, for instance, family expectations or peer pressure. Also, keep feelings of nervousness at bay. Remain focused on the exam and give your best. 


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