4 Myths associated with the GRE!

The Graduate Record Examination or GRE is a state-administered test taken by students who need to apply to graduate school. The exam has been developed to evaluate the verbal, analytical and mathematical skills of the candidates. GRE is a computer-based test and has a user-friendly design. Individuals applying to graduate schools in order to pursue a Masters of Science (MS) or MBA are required to take the exam.

GRE myths

GRE is a major exam; to get a decent score in this exam is a dream of numerous as it decides the eventual fate of the students applying for higher studies. It’s a noteworthy test, an unpredictable test and numerous times, a misunderstand test. Following are the 4 common myths about the GRE –

Myth 1: GRE is like GMAT

GRE and GMAT are comparative on a few notes yet not all. Numerous students get befuddled between these two tests. These two tests convey numerous likenesses however there are some significant contrasts between them. Some of them are:

-GRE concentrates more on vocabulary than GMAT.

-AWA segment is distinctive in both the exams.

-You can utilize a calculator in GRE Quants however not in GMAT Quants.

Myth 2: GRE segment in quant is nearly simpler than GMAT’s

Accessibility of an on-screen calculator in the Quants segment of GRE does not make this segment less demanding or more troublesome than Quants segment of GMAT. A large portion of the GRE issues are composed such that they can be tackled without utilizing the calculator; Utilizing it implies additional time, more step and now and then more odds of errors. Along these lines, it is advised to maintain a strategic distance from the use of such types of equipment, if possible.


Myth 3: Great vocabulary implies great verbal GRE score

Since GRE Verbal is exceptionally vocabulary situated and on the off chance that you have great knowledge of vocabulary, it will profit you in this segment however simply like calculator in Quant segment won’t promise you great stamps correspondingly depending entirely on vocabulary won’t going to profit you in any way. Exceeding expectations in this segment takes more than retaining the rundown of the only couple of words. You should have a good perusing propensity on the grounds that on the off chance that you have it you will have the capacity to comprehend GRE verbal content notwithstanding when you don’t have the foggiest idea about the significance of every single word.

Myth 4: More practice tests implies more score

In the event that you continue taking practice tests without adapting any new aptitudes you are not advancing. The reason behind taking practice test is to enhance your knowledge base and on the off chance that you continue taking it without understanding the actual concept, thereafter your results will remain where it was before the taking exam.


GRE is not hard to crack if done with sheer perseverance and sound career counseling. If you are also preparing to take GRE, then seek help from the world-class counselors at Stoodnt.com or drop an email to us at contact@stoodnt.com!

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