4 Skills Working Students Should Develop in Today’s Tech-Driven Era

In recent years, technology has greatly influenced each aspect of our lives, including how we work. Workplaces are quickly transforming into paperless offices, adopting new technologies to improve efficiency and productivity. While tech skills may have been an extra addition to your resume a few years earlier, they have now become a requirement. After all, you can’t keep up with your job without handling its technological aspects.

But more importantly, improving your tech skills in this digital era can help you impress employers and get ahead of the fierce competition in the job market. However, it’s crucial to focus on the most in-demand skills instead of wasting your time on those that won’t be as beneficial. So, to help you excel in this tech-driven era, here are four skills you should learn as a working student.


In today’s modern world, programming is not only for software developers and programmers. It is used throughout several workplaces in a variety of different ways. For example, workers often use programming to automate repetitive tasks and use design applications, among several other tasks.

Learning programming skills can significantly improve your job performance alongside opening several career advancement opportunities. But more importantly, enhancing programming skills helps you improve your critical thinking and problem-solving skills, as they play an important role in every work. In contrast, those who lack programming skills may encounter difficulties handling some parts of their jobs due to poor problem-solving and technical skills.

However, while learning programming is a viable choice for you as a working student, it’s important to get an advanced education such as a master’s in computer science for this purpose. Doing so will not only help you gain programming skills but also allow you to learn several other employability skills. Since gaining advanced education while working can be challenging, you should know that you can always opt for the eLearning route. So, ensure to pursue an online degree in computer science and secure your future.

Word Processing

Regardless of your career type, you’ll need to write documents sooner or later. For conveying your message concisely and effectively in such documents, it’s essential to be familiar with word processing applications. Neat and organized documents are preferred over unstructured and messy documents.

Lacking the ability to edit your documents effectively on word processing applications may harm your job performance and even cause misunderstanding due to miscommunication. So, it’s best to learn the many different ways of using word processing applications rather than simply knowing how to write.

However, alongside written documents, you may often need to produce spreadsheets and data representations at your work. So, apart from improving your word processing skills, it’s essential to understand how to create spreadsheets and manage data.

For example, you can learn different shortcuts and commands to create spreadsheets quickly and efficiently. Your programming skills may prove to be quite useful for this purpose. To further impress employers, you can hone your presentation skills by familiarizing yourself with presentation development applications. Without doing so, you may become part of the 45% of people who find it challenging to make their presentation layout creative.

Digital collaboration skills

While in-person meetings and collaborations are still performed, digital communication is gaining more attention. Digital collaboration is now more important than ever before, especially with the pandemic forcing people to work from home through their computers. What’s more, 58.6% of the total workforce in the US is working remotely. Therefore, it’s crucial to improve your digital collaboration skills to perform well at your job and communicate effectively.

While digital conferencing technology used for virtual meetings and training sessions is easy to understand, there are some complicated parts of digital collaboration. For example, collaboration applications such as project management software have complex aspects that you should be familiar with to leverage them appropriately.

Moreover, you must also improve your email production and management skills, as they are often used for communication in professional workplaces. You don’t want an email inbox full of countless unwanted emails along with many important unread ones. However, you will not only have to communicate with other professionals at your job but also with customers. For this purpose, it’s best to be familiar with social media and digital marketing.


One of the most in-demand skills needed to advance professionally in this modern era is adaptability at the workplace. After all, it would help if you kept pace with the rapidly changing aspects of your workplace. Each year, workplaces introduce new methods and technologies for work. While you cannot anticipate and prepare for new technologies beforehand, you can use your adaptability skills to cope with them.

The best way to learn quickly and adapt to new changes is by increasing your hands-on experience with technology. Whenever there is a new introduction of tech into your workplace, don’t be hesitant to understand and use it. Doing so will significantly improve your learning skills. Nonetheless, you can also try out emerging tech that has not yet reached your workplace to increase your experience further.

Moreover, understanding technical concepts such as data analytics and coding can be beneficial for improving adaptability, even if your job does not require them. Additionally, it’s also a good decision to continue your education to keep up with the changing tech in workplaces. Education introduces new skills to you and improves your knowledge of technical topics.


Technology plays a significant role in driving today’s workplaces and will continue to do so in the future. So, if you plan to accelerate your career in this tech-driven age, it’s best to keep up with the changes by developing the right skills. You don’t want to be left behind in such a fiercely competitive job market. Therefore, focus on skill development and learn some of the ones mentioned above for a bright future.

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