4 Ways How Handwriting & Signature Can Impact Failure Or Success of Business


By Vinit Bansode, Founder, The Graphology Research Institute


Before we embark upon this interesting journey, let us rewind a bit and remember our school days once again. Since ages, a belief has been prevalent in the schools – the students who sit on the first bench are the cleverest, while the back benchers are the naughtiest. Everybody was taught by one teacher with her own, uniform method. He/she used to teach alphabets to every student at the same time. But, why did the writing style differ from student to student? Some students have an adorable handwriting while others have a shabby one? Is there a connection between handwriting and human behaviour? The answer is hidden in the ancient science of Graphology. Graphology is used to analyse a person’s mind from his/her handwriting and signature. Graphology reveals its results through experiments and validates itself through observations. It is a subtle science!


Our handwritings are our most expressive vents which we fail to consider. The handwriting of a person reveals the pattern of thinking and psychological state of a person. Generally, every individual faces some or the other problems, obstacles and hurdles in his/her day-to-day life. We feel frustrated when we cannot find a workable solution to these problems. But, there is hope! One can work out solutions at personal as well as professional level with the help of Graphology. It can help us lead a satisfied, successful and a happy life. This science helps us to identify “Blind Spots” (unidentified potential and challenges) in our life and further try to resolve these issues effectively. Graphology enables us to provide solutions not only in our personal life but also in our professional life. There are established entrepreneurs who are successful in their business on one hand and there are many who are struggling to establish their business on the other.


However, every entrepreneur has to go through similar problems; the magnitude may vary. They may face problems in raising finance, identifying suitable space for office, problems in retaining staff, difficulty in searching new clients, and even face inconvenience in talking to financially superior person. One can find better solutions in Graphology for such problems, and when adapted with guidance and training, one can easily overcome one’s problems.


Graphology for business growth:


A business is made of its people. Business leaders therefore invest in their workforce for the progress of their businesses. And graphology can aide in amplifying their efforts.


Effective Logo and Branding Design:

Graphology can also play an important role in logo designing of the businesses. After all, figuratively speaking, it is your writing on the wall! These are the signatures of the company have the ability to attract or dissuade customers or clients and other stakeholders that are important in your development. Business leaders can understand the significance of the logo designing in client/customer/team retention and also what fonts, colours, shapes and letters to be used. With the help of a graphologist, business heads can create positive impact in their company’s distinctive identity.


Hiring and Team Retention:

The science of graphology can help business leaders to identify the kind of team that they wish to keep with them in their growth trajectory. Handwritings can help one analyse whether a person is realistic, forward thinking, growth oriented, creative or plain uninterested and/or having low or no goals. A graphologist can identify these traits and can seek or plan improvement or course correct individual team members to align to the forward looking business goals of the company.


Resolve internal conflicts:

Handwriting analysis of the team from time to time can assist the owners and managers of businesses to identify the hidden emotional conflicts and interpersonal challenges that team members may experience but may be unable to express, which may/may not affect their performance (but may in the long term if not confronted or nipped in the bud). Changes in our emotional health due to environment and situations do have an impact on us and this manifests itself in minutiae changes in our handwriting.


Effective financial benefits:

Business leaders can themselves, with the help of a graphologist, or by training themselves in this science, can identify and control their own psychological and financial health periodically for the betterment of their businesses.


The above are just a few examples of how businesses can be impacted through the correct use of handwriting. Having said, it is very wrong to ascertain by checking a few strokes and curves and basing a judgement on that. One needs to be an expert or seek the consultation of an expert. Graphology is an ancient science and there used to be one such expert always in the King’s cadre in the ancient days. This ancient science has helped individuals and kingdoms from time immemorial and modern day businesses can explore this to help them scale their growth.


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