5 Key Tips To Get You Through Exam Season in College

Exam season, no-one’s favorite time of year and one where it’s very important to get right as it can really make or break your educational career. Being able to study effectively and dealing with test anxiety are the two primary keys. Although it’s never going to be a breeze or a stress-free time there are certain preparations you can make to ensure that this time goes a little smoother than it might otherwise, here are a few things that it would be wise to keep in mind during this time. Here are the 5 key things that will help you during the exam season.


1. A Quiet Study Space


Space is key. If you have too many distractions then studying is going to be difficult, it will drag out and retaining information will be much less effective. If you can set aside an appropriate space then it will aid your study incredibly, you should have access your study materials and notes, make sure the desk space has adequate space that you can use these notes.


2. Time To Study


You really need to be sure that you have set aside the adequate amount of time to study properly study for each exam. Being on exam leave can seem like you have all the hours in the world available but if you start using up your spare time for other activities such as taking on extra hours at your part-time job or socializing a little more than usual then you could end up jeopardizing your whole education.


3. Coffee


Be sure that if you are going to be pulling any late sessions you might want to have the help of a good coffee to hand. It’s going to be a lot of work if you are doing it right so you’ll want to have a decent coffee and should look at investing in a machine, there are loads of great and affordable coffee makers on the market these days and this can really make a difference to your cup of coffee.


4. Break Times


Although it’s important to study hard, it’s also important to make sure you have regular break times scheduled into your schedule. One source tells of 52 minutes study and 17 minutes of break time to follow as the perfect study routine. Now this doesn’t have to be your exact timing as the type of subject studied and your habits may vary but the theory is sound as regular breaks allow you to reset gives time for the information to stick in your brain.


5. A Detailed Study Plan


This is particularly important as you will know which of your exams are in which particular order, which of them are likely to be most difficult and which are most important to your course, as some of them will more directly relate to your degree course than others. You should be aware of what is likely to come up in the exams as you can access past papers from the university library, your lecturers will usually have been good enough to give a final lecture with exam tips, it may be tempting to skip this but can be invaluable. Take the above into account and make a schedule to prioritize study subjects and tasks and you’ll be alright.


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