5 Tips on How to Start Your New Job Remotely

Job loss is a reality that is affecting millions all over the world post-pandemic. However, another truth is that the job market hasn’t come to a complete halt and quite a few companies are still hiring and many are conducting interviews. Candidates need to be prepared to join a job in today’s changed reality. One of the most common changes that are true for all now is starting your new job remotely. So are you prepared for it?

In this blog, we will share some helpful tips on how to start a new job remotely.

If you are starting a new job now, you are definitely lucky.  However, an interesting novelty about your new job will be joining it remotely or from home, and adapting to it would be your top priority now.

The bottom line here is to be proactive and get acclimatised to the new role. That said, in a situation that prohibits working together with others, it’s particularly essential to take an dynamic approach to learn fast.

We have listed five things that can bridge the gaps and reduce the challenges as you changeover into a new role.

Interact as much as possible

Adapting to a new company culture is the most challenging task in a new job. More so as culture happens to comprise unsaid goals and rules and is often draped in an exclusive lingo that your new team-mates are already adept in. In the initial few days be prepared to be puzzled by expressions that colleagues will use which you have never heard anywhere.

It is only through regular interactions with team mates that you can get used to these terms. It is from conversations and discussions that you will eventually pick up on workplace jargon. This learning will help you in understanding the activities that are appreciated and the style of functioning that is valued.

Clarify doubts

Set up short (15-20 minutes) video or audio calls with your colleagues on a regular basis. Initiate informal conversations and then proceed to clarify doubts by asking questions about the project you are working on. Be sure to enquire your team members about their projects so that you come to know about their work as well. Be attentive to the embedded messages regarding what your colleagues value most about the work.

Find your mentor/s

Mentors are the pillar of support in any profession. Mentors can be one who knows and can help you know how things operate in a particular company including getting reimbursed for bills to right to use equipment. Others are the ones who have strong network in the company and can introduce you to important people. Remember! Good mentors make it easier for you to be productive.

Also watch out if the mentors you have chosen are the right ones in a long term way. With time you will get to know the company better, and if needed reach out to other more efficient mentors for guidance. But, having someone right from the beginning is better than having no one.

Let everyone know about you

In the changed scenario of remote work, where your colleagues will not get to see a new recruit walking into the floor, it becomes very important for you to announce your arrival.

As the manager introduce you virtually all you will get to see is a sea of faces, hence it becomes essential to explicitly announce yourself as the new bloke in town. Look for occasions to introduce yourself during team meets.

Another way of introduction is by means of forums like Slack or through emails to team mates. Letting others know that you’re new and is keen to get help in getting settled is like putting your best foot forward in a new job. Colleagues would readily welcome you and extend support, after they receive your message.

In a virtual world it becomes difficult to see if you are perplexed or having trouble in following or in keeping up. Hence, it now becomes essential to spell it out as and when necessary. Also do not wait for others to offer help, ask for it.

Maintain diary

When working remotely, if you drop emails or notes on Slack seeking help or asking for answer, chances are that the requests would get lost in the din. In case of a small issue, even you might fail to follow up.

The right approach would be to maintain a daily dairy and make notes on your daily accomplishments, obstacles you faced. Remember to highlight the things that have remained unresolved. In your next meeting ask your manager or team mate about the unresolved issues and request for their viewpoint. Writing down the daily developments a great way to keep things in perspective.

Joining a new company and a new team is always challenging and the present state of affairs undoubtedly makes it tougher. To make things easier try to be as proactive as you can. This will help you to smoothly acclimate to the new job and prove your mettle promptly.

Final words

Anxiety and apprehension are part of any new job and with the ongoing anomalies it becomes all the more tricky. However, be a quick learner and try to grasp the culture, process and technology operations of the company as fast as possible, take it easy and relax. And last but not the least Be Yourself!

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