5 Ways To Be Different While Applying for a Job


It is an age old truth that when we are on the lookout for a job, our main concern is to make it to the interview call.  Every job vacancy receives hundreds of applications, if not more.  One must stand out or approach the application process to get noticed.


Here are the 5 things, which when done correctly, can go a long way in helping you getting the dream job –


Covering letter/mail

Draft a covering letter that goes with the job-position described on the company website / advertisement.  Those who do not have a JD to refer to, write the cover letter with specific details on what distinctive value addition you could bring to the table.  For instance: Those aspiring to be a sales person mention the particular experiences which could be helpful for the business.  Include figures like “contributed to sales growth of 25% ” which creates an immediate impact. Your unique brand value has to be defined explicitly in the cover letter, as the letter is going to be the first thing the employer will see. It is after going through the letter that the recruiter will look into your resume, and it’s a common knowledge that first impression is the last impression.


Subject line

Today applications and resumes are emailed rather that posted.  The subject lines of such emails are normally very clichéd and include expressions like – looking for a job, experienced sales professional, CV for job so on and so forth.

It’s time to be more creative and insightful while writing the subject lines of job application emails. Think of subject lines like “Automotive sales – Regional Manager” or “Top Sales performer for West India”.  In cases where the applicant knows the employer expressions like “Subsequent to our discussion/tele-con”, “with reference to Mr/Mrs ABC”, “Working with ‘name of the competitor company’”, comes as an eye catcher. Be astute while writing the subject line of your job application, as it either creates an immediate curiosity or lack of enthusiasm.


Resume format

Today there are multiple of options of making your resume. One way is to make it into a PPT with some graphs, images or clip arts. Another interesting thing is to include letters of recommendations/certificates.  Certificates of achievement greatly benefits in creating a powerful impression. Your resume is your character and identity; make sure you make it delineate your individuality, accomplishments and importance.


Do proper homework/research

Irrespective of your present job position, the rigor of your research on the company you are applying for job before turning up for an interview or a telephonic discussion has immense significance. Take note of the names of people in top positions, accomplishments of the organization, accumulate its performance data, share prices et al.  Once you are in the interview process, chip in the information during the interaction.

One good way is to say: “While looking on the net I saw found that XYZ is associated with the group for the last 6 years and so are many others like – ‘name the big shots working there’ … speaks a lot about the work and culture of the company”. This demonstrates your keenness and your homework, which immediately creates a constructive impact on the mind of the interviewers.


Find your references

Check with your social media profiles and identify acquaintances who are currently working with the targeted company.  Have a word with them or mention their names and details in the letter or in your resume. A reference from someone already working with the company helps in a great way in validating your credibility.


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