6 most popular courses offered by Universities in the UK

The United Kingdom is renowned for having the best education system in the world and providing students with a wide range of chances. Along with its robust educational system, the United Kingdom is also noted for the diverse selection of courses and disciplines available to domestic and international students. Planning to study in the United Kingdom, a country with a diverse range of courses? We’ll make choosing the best simple for you. In this article, we’ll look at the top courses to study in the UK in 2022!


Law study programmes in the United Kingdom offer students a thorough and critical understanding of fundamental legal principles along with practical skills. When it comes to international students, law-based programmes and degrees in the United Kingdom have gained a lot of popularity.

So if you are interested in law then get ready for all the long hours in your Manchester student accommodation with your bulky and interesting law lessons.


Dentistry is a well-regarded undergraduate and graduate programme. Dentistry, like many other health and medicine disciplines, is a long-term commitment. In the United Kingdom, a GDC-approved degree (General Dentistry Council) requires five years of education. Other degrees, such as history, English, or mathematics, require three years to complete on average. Dentists, on the other hand, are a well-respected profession with good pay. In the United Kingdom, for example, a dentist can make anything from GBP 50,000 to GBP 110,000 per year.

Business studies

A business degree, just like a management degree, focuses on the organisation and management of a corporation. In the United Kingdom, business courses are among the best to pursue. The country’s business schools attract international students due to their long and rich history of training exceptional future business experts. Internships with internationally famous firms are available in many business programmes at UK institutions.

Media and communication

The United Kingdom is known to be on the rise of the most happening and most renowned study abroad destinations for media and communication students from all around the globe, as it is home to several reputable film and television firms. You will build a deep and profound understanding of how the media truly operates in the twenty-first century by opting for a Media and Communications degree at a UK university, as well as critical, analytical, IT, communication, and creative skills. In the UK, media and communication degrees will expose you to a wide range of high-paying positions and demanding employment.


Environmental sciences, earth sciences, physics, and sports science are some of the fields that fall within the applied and pure sciences umbrella.

Biology, often known as biological sciences, is the most popular subject at both the undergraduate and graduate levels and many students in Nottingham student accommodation or London student housing are enrolled for the concerned course only. Anatomy, genetics, cell and molecular biology, environmental biology, and other topics will be covered in a biology degree in the United Kingdom.

Civil engineering

Civil engineering is one of the most popular postgraduate courses. Bridges, roads, tunnels, buildings, reservoirs, and other infrastructure are built and maintained by this profession. Civil engineers are the scientists who create the cities and towns we live in. To be offered a place at university, you must demonstrate understanding and have the required grades in physics and mathematics, as with other engineering programmes.

What is student life like in the UK?

Students fly from all over the world to the United Kingdom to study and experience the distinctive student life. Unique world heritage sites, inexpensive transportation, fantastic cuisine options, recreation facilities, and an innovative and technologically advanced cultural life are all available in the royal land.

Studying in the United Kingdom is an enriching experience that includes visiting historical places such as Big Ben and the National Museums, seeing the country’s evergreen countryside, and travelling to surrounding European countries. In order to promote happy student life, the UK government permits international students to work part-time shifts during the academic year and full-time during the holidays.

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