7 Essential Tips For Indians To Get MBA Admission In USA

It’s a well-known fact that education plays a key role in everybody’s life. Your path to success depends upon the education you have received and further wish to get. The thought of studying for your postgraduate degree in the USA might have crossed your mind every once in a while and there are certain ways that can make your dream of studying in one of Top MBA Colleges come true.


USA is the hub of education and it is the World’s most developed Country which leads to more education and employment opportunities.  Studying in USA for your postgraduate can give you the platform to establish yourself as the next Tim Cooks.


Most of the Indian students seek an MBA in the USA for its increasing demand for skill managers and their desire to grow beyond the Nation’s boundaries. Getting successfully through the admission process might be overwhelming and can make you lose faith in yourself sometimes.


7 Essential Tips For Indians To Get MBA Admission In USA



1. Focus on other aspects too along with the marks:


Many of the applicants believe that the most important factor deciding the admission process in the top MBA program in US University is their scores of GMAT or GRE and they cannot be more wrong. The process of admission considers other important factors too such as their work experience, the university they attended and first and foremost, their essays and recommendations. The admission director is not going to consider your mere raw numbers in estimating whether you are a right fit for the college or not but will look forward to their qualitative aspects that will be highly dependent on your essays for admission.


2. Personal focus, not just the professional:


The admission committee wishes you understand on the most personal level for considering you a suitable fit. Only your professional capabilities are not looked upon, your personal stories or background can make you stand out among the crowd. Choose a topic for your essays based on some personal aspect like family or your marriage or anything that deeply connects you with rather than choosing a scientific topic that they have already got unlimited amounts.


3. Marks are important too:


Your GRE/GMAT test results might not be the first ultimate factor deciding your admission factor but it’s sure an important one. You cannot apply for the university if you haven’t scored that cut off percentage of marks that make you applicable to apply for that MBA program. Scoring good marks requires lots and lots of hard work on your part. Acing those test results can take you to that first step of getting into your dream college. There are several counseling and training institutes that can teach you how to ace that exam.


4. Volunteer work:


The admissions committee look for the participants that have a serious place in their hearts for some non-profits volunteer works. The fake and the mere tick of the boxes with numerous no cause volunteer isn’t going to make you stand out among various applicants. The applicants should have some valid volunteering proof with 2 or 3 internationally recognized foundations or something that they have helped to realize. They will look out for your leadership qualities based on this volunteer work and this will be the key factor in deciding whether you can be a good business administrator or not.


5. Expand on areas other than your technical or quantitative background:


The admission committee always looks for all-rounder students than just mere IT professionals. You should be able to distinguish yourself from all the other Indian applicants that share the same background with you and you can do that only by expanding your horizons and skills. Be more confident in describing an aspect from your personal life in your essay, emphasize your creative pursuits and these factors can make you an asset for the college.


6. Admission consultant plays an important role:


The admission counseling firms based in India are though less expensive than the American ones but a majority of the Indian counselors lack the basic knowledge of the American system. The American based firms can make you totally a pro in handling the admission process from applications to the interviews. The American consultants have more knowledge about what the colleges are looking for in an applicant as they are constantly visiting the top schools and interacting with students, faculty, and admissions officers. They know the process much better at hand.


Another good alternative is to hire credible admission consultants (based in India) who have cracked into top international business schools and have got a good track record. Even they won’t be too cheap. But, it’s very likely to get expert guidance. Then you can always approach us to connect with Admission Consultants (based in India and USA) and avail quality admission consulting service.


7. Letter of Recommendations:


The LoR plays an important role in deciding your future as the next applicant for the university. The letter of recommendations is proof that the things you have listed about yourself in the essays or your applications are legit and true to your personality. Usually, a school demands 2 letters of recommendation and getting the most esteemed and highest post member to write them is not always necessary. Make your letter of recommendations to be written by the people you usually have a good connection with and those who know your capabilities well.


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