9 Tips on Writing an Effective Scholarship or College Essay

Every college student dreams of getting a scholarship. When it comes time to write a control essay, everyone gets a little lost. Without such experience, this may seem like a daunting task.

In order to prevent this from happening to you, we recommend that you first familiarize yourself with some rules. Our article is about them.

What is the importance of an essay?

Statistics show that only 7% of college students receive a scholarship. Therefore, we want to draw your attention to the problems and solutions that students may encounter.

The most important factor in writing an essay is to reveal the identity of the applicant. The commission has the opportunity to get to know you with the help of a text on paper, in addition to grades. This is a great way to prove yourself and prove that you are interesting and worthy of a scholarship.

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What problems do students face when writing an essay?

  1. Writing a good essay is very difficult. One of the most popular problems is procrastination. Postponing an essay for later is a bad idea. This is what prevents them from getting the best result.
  2. A 500-600 word limit is another challenge. It is the concentration on quantity, not quality, that ultimately has a very strong effect on the result.
  3. The desire to like the commission can play a trick on you. It is best to focus on yourself and think: “What would I like to talk about?”, “What are my good qualities?” etc.

Tips for writing a quality essay.

No 1. Essay plan creation.

Before you start writing an essay, you need to think and understand what exactly you want to tell. To make a plan. It will help you not to get lost and be more specific. Having a set of these, it will be easier for you to determine where and what information should be included.

No 2. Understanding your audience.

Before you start – think about who your audience is? The answer to this question will help you understand how to write better. Only after you understand for whom and why you write, you will be able to cope with the task without any problems. When you know how and for whom you are doing it, you understand the question itself more deeply. 

No 3. New paragraph – new topic.

In order to make it interesting to read – start writing each paragraph with a thematic sentence. So it will be immediately clear what will be discussed now. Do not lose your mind and try to open the question completely.

No 4. The beginning of the essay should hook the reader.

It is very important at the very beginning of the essay to try to keep the reader’s attention. Try to make the first sentences intriguing, strong. So that after reading the previous creations, the commission will stop on yours. Use a statistic or quote that reflects your vision. 

No 5. Use only true data.

It is worth paying attention to the fact that you must be honest. If you use data to bring figures, take them only from reliable sources and indicate them in your essay. 

No 6. Don’t brag.

When writing about your accomplishments, try to write in a way that doesn’t come across as bragging. After all, the purpose of an essay is to demonstrate why you deserve a scholarship. Do not be afraid to talk about your failures and experiences in it. This is what will allow the commission to consider you as a person.

No7. Do not use hackneyed phrases. 

You have to work hard to get a scholarship. Don’t use the same phrases over and over. It may seem to teachers that you have very few or no ideas of your own. 

No 8. Give an appropriate answer to the question.

Teachers are not stupid and will immediately notice that the essay does not have an exact answer to the question. Better try to give an exact answer, instead of ranting about nothing. Even if you overdo it a little with words, believe me, it will be more pleasant to read an honest and accurate answer. 

No 9. Proofreading and error checking.

The key point is precisely the checking and editing of the essay. When the text is already written, it should be checked for errors and logic. Try to allocate time at the very beginning so that you have 5-10 minutes left for this. You can even ask a neighbor to read your text and ask for their opinion. 

Final part 

Don’t be afraid to practice at home before writing your exam essay. Even high-level writers do not always write it the first time. Try to avoid all possible errors in the text: punctuation, spelling, grammar, problems with structure – keep an eye on this.

Use the tips in this article to get good skills and scholarships in the future. Be confident in yourself and what you write and then – everything will work out!

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