A Brief Guide for Students Living in Montreal

We all know how popular Canada has become among international students. In 2018, there was a total of 572,415 international students in Canada and 30% were Indian students. When it comes to student cities, Toronto or Vancouver are more well-known. Toronto has been the best student city in Canada for a few years. However, according to the world ranking (2018), Montreal stands at the topmost position among the ten best student-friendly cities, not just in Canada, but also in North America. The QS Best Student Cities ranking considers such factors as the quality of a city’s universities, its student population, accessibility for international students, safety, affordability, employment opportunities and a survey of students from around the world. In this post, we will look at a brief guide for students living in Montreal.


A Brief Guide for Students Living in Montreal


Co-authored by Pete McAllister


Montreal is an amazing city with lots to do and see. Its multicultural festivals, exhibitions, museums, and concerts make it widely considered to be Canada’s cultural capital. With its many highly rated universities, it’s also renowned for being one of the best student locations in the world. If you don’t know your way around yet and are looking for some tips, here is a brief guide for students living in Montreal.


Montreal – A Great Place to Study for International Students


Montreal is the home for more than 200,000 students and 35,000 international students. Montreal hosts the 4 top Canadian institutes – McGill, Concordia, HEC Monreal, and Université de Montréal.


Culture, arts, gastronomy, sports, prestigious schools and universities … Montreal offers everything that will make your stay a unique experience. It is safe, multicultural, affordable, and also provides a promising job market.


In 2017, Montreal had the highest employment growth among the 20 largest urban centers in Canada and the US. The city occupies the 20th place in terms of the smallest times frame in which graduates can expect a job.


Montreal hosts one of the world’s largest biotech-pharma hubs. Moreover, it ranks first in the Americas for foreign investment.


Transport Options


There are many ways to get around the city, the cheapest is probably the Metro, the city’s public underground. It is open from very early in the morning to late at night. There are around 68 stations around the city, so getting around is pretty easy. There’s also a really good public bus service providing around 200 different routes. You can get a student discount on both via STM, who are responsible for the city’s public transport network.


If you want to get around without using public transport, then hiring a car is easy. There are many car rental places throughout Montreal and a car rental at HEC, so if that’s where you are studying, there is one right on your doorstep!


Where to Eat


There are hundreds of different eateries throughout Montreal and lots who offer a student discount or cheap food, so if you are on a budget you won’t have any trouble finding somewhere. The Montreal Pool Room, for example, is a well-regarded hot dog place offering their delicious dogs for as little as a few bucks. If you are getting together with friends for a study session, there are lots of coffee shops around the city serving reasonably priced bagels and delicious coffee. If you would rather be outdoors then why not grab some chicken sandwiches from Coco Rico and head to Jeanne-Mance Park for a picnic. They are under $10 and taste delicious. If you want to chill out, then they also sell beer and wine. If you prefer to eat at home, many grocery stores offer a 10% student discount on certain days during the week. Just make sure you carry your student ID with you or they won’t honor it.




After a hard week studying, you deserve to let your hair down and Montreal won’t disappoint. Secondly, let’s be honest: 99% of the life of language students in another country consists of parties, parties and … parties!


There are loads of bars and nightclubs all over the city. Tokyo Bar is a nightclub on Saint Laurent Boulevard and is extremely popular with students. They serve a range of drinks, including cocktails and also have an outside seating area. There’s no dress code, so if you want to keep things casual it’s no problem. Be prepared for lots of loud music and dancing into the small hours.


If you fancy something a bit quieter, Le Saint-Sulpice, located on Denis Street, is a great place to get together with friends for a chat and some drinks. If you like beer, then the huge range of imported beers this bar stocks will be right up your alley!



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