With industry experts predicting a revenue generation of USD 196.87 billion by 2025, the importance of the complementary and alternative medical care market in now globally acknowledged. Increased awareness about the efficacy of alternative medicine, together with the efforts by the governments of a number of countries in improving the reach of medical care are triggering the revenue generation channels. Besides, the high cost of mainstream medicine is further boosting the market and adoption rates of methods like herbal dietary supplements, yoga and acupuncture are witnessing an all time high. 60% of the world population is now known to have used some form of traditional medicine.


Acupuncture, a traditional Chinese medicine which primarily involves insertion of fine needles on the human skin, is an age old method of alternative cure. Acupuncture is a highly skilled discipline and the technicians identify specific points on the body to reinstate balance which in turn helps the body to heal. It is a type of direct contact therapy which enjoys the major share of market revenue of over 70% of the total value.


Effectiveness of acupuncture

Techniques like cupping, Chinese herbs, laser, TCM remedial massage and moxibustion make acupuncture a highly skilled discipline. The complex theory of the treatment acupuncture makes it essential to use only a recognised and professional acupuncturist. Risks of going to an unqualified practitioner can have dire consequences including allergy, injury to the skin or side-effects like increased pain, dejection, convulsions or even insomnia.


However, according to The British National Health Service acupuncture has tremendous potential to treat a range of ailments, and is especially effective with dental and jaw pain and controlling queasiness which follows after surgery or chemotherapy sessions. Besides, it is widely used for sexually transmitted diseases.


Acupuncture in women’s health

According to latest reports this method of treatment is particularly beneficial in overall health of women. Infertility, inducing labour, and infections are the areas where the method can work wonders. Besides, acupuncture is also being highly recommended as a positive addition to medical treatments for cervical conditions because of its proven efficiency in reducing inflammation and in supporting the dissolution of polyps and tumors.


The practitioners of this methodology are also creating new boundaries in fertility issues. Armed with the potential of doing more than just balancing hormones, acupuncture decreases the stress levels of a woman struggling with pregnancy and enhances her blood flow to the uterus. This helps her in conceiving.


When it comes to cervical health acupuncture can be extremely helpful during the child birth. Moxibustion, an acupuncture technique, has the power to turn the baby to the right position.


Acupuncture Colleges In India

  1. International Institute Of Medical Cosmetology and Beauty Art, Ludhiana
  2. Bright Acupressure, Anna Nagar, Tamil Nadu
  3. Delhi Aesthetic Center, New Delhi
  4. Beijing Acupuncture Center, New Delhi
  5. ATAMA Acupuncture Training And Research Centre, Salem
  6. Acupuncture Wellness Centre, Coimbatore
  7. Indian AccuTouch Medical Institute, Mettupalayam, Coimbatore
  8. Indian AccuTouch Medical Institute, Coimbatore
  9. Shrawasti Institute of Alternative Medicine, Shravasti
  10. Academy for Acupressure and Acupuncture, Bangalore
  11. Bihar Acupressure Yoga College (B A Y C), Patna
  12. All India Alternative Medical Council, Nainital
  13. Mahendra Institute of Alternative Medicine, Jaipur
  14. Institute of Alternative Medicines and Research (IAMR), Kolkata


Acupuncture courses           

  • Associate Degree in Acupuncture
  • Bachelor of Acupuncture
  • Certificate Course in Acupuncture
  • Certificate Course in Acupuncture and Reflexology
  • Diploma in Acupuncture (Correspondence/ Distance Education)
  • Diploma in Acupuncture
  • Doctor of Medicine in Acupuncture M.D.(Acu) (Correspondence/ Distance Education)
  • Doctor of Medicine in Acupuncture M.D.(Acu)
  • Master of Acupuncture
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Acupuncture
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Alternative Medicine in Acupuncture


Career Options

Licensed acupuncture practitioners provide the following healthcare services –


  • Dental and visual care
  • Addiction treatment
  • Pain management
  • Rehabilitation assistance

While many work as private practitioners, many are attached to multidisciplinary clinics or hospitals. Other career opportunities include teaching, research and writing.



Earnings in this domain primarily depend on the skill level of the acupuncturists and their success in the practice. To begin with acupuncturists may not be able to earn much. However, with experience, they can have a large number of clients and a fairly steady income.


How acupuncturists operate

  • Meet patients with prior appointments for in 30 to 60 minutes slots. (The duration of the treatment program varies depending on the severity of the problem.)
  • Carefully listening to the problems of the patient
  • After diagnosing explain the treatment to be performed and answer questions patients may have
  • Explain treatment options and ways of prevention
  • Insert needles to the right body part for treatment
  • Maintain patient records
  • Monitor patients’ progress
  • Ensure all safety, infection, quality and environmental procedures and rules are in place and used
  • Recommend therapeutic exercise or dietary guidelines to the patients


Required personality traits an acupuncturist 

  • Compassionate with interpersonal skills
  • Comfortable working with the public
  • High ethical standards
  • Supportive
  • Tendency for self motivation
  • A good listener
  • A clear communicator
  • Patience
  • Encouraging
  • Critical-thinking skills
  • A logical approach to solving problems
  • Good hand-eye coordination and a steady hand



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