Address by Dr. Rumki Gupta, Former Scientist, Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata

During this hour of uncertainty and crisis students should follow certain avenues:


Martial Art:


It is a scientific art which is one of the refined resources of harmony between body and mind. Furthermore, it ensures the sustainable concentration which a student should grab through their own desire and indomitable spirits.


Scope of Natural Experiment:


Students do need some adequate space to be involved in evolving their own discovery. It might be writing skill, skill of oration, skill of word inculcation, skill of story presentation, Skill of animation and so on. As a result they may find the space of productive output and they shall implement their cognitive spirit accordingly.


Various Participation:


According to our parenting splendor we must encourage our students to participate in various academic, cultural, experimental competitions so that these platforms will be very helpful for the students to restrict their mind frames in a specific direction and their mental standing shall definitely navigate them just not only to participate but to implement their competitive minds for a satisfactory rewards or outcome. This is how they may achieve their extrinsic motivation for both involvements and acceptance which shall take them for the forthcoming enrolments as well. But these harmless opportunities are very rare right now.


Book Study:


They should always be allowed to go through books but it should be as per their tastes and preferences. According to me after the entire exercise that very student should immediately be asked to narrate the story for a significant token of love. As a result, they shall concentrate hard to do the same in terms of his/ her secret expectation at the end of it. It is nothing apart from an encouragement. This is how they definitely can develop their needful skills in a very meticulous manner to be prepared for the next future.


Projects for Co-curricular Activities:


Students have to come up with some inherent talents and they should be involved in different fund raising projects under state or central government. So that the popularity of talent hunt will be comprehensively directed which shall give those students some dreamy opportunities in terms of their caliber, goodwill, spirit and to pay the mute concentration beside education? They shall be satisfied enough to discover their joyous domains of life in style.


Therefore, speculation, evaluation, engagement, opportunities, participation, enrolments and most notably rewards may fabricate a splashy association for them to display their multifarious flairs of them to felicitate the best national inventiveness in all over the globe where their costly concentration do matter a lot.

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