Address by Papiya Mukherjee, Principal, Dayanand Anglo Vedic Model School, Durgapur

Dear Students


We are all experiencing an unprecedented situation that is peppered with uncertainty and confusion, but I wish to assure you that we the educators along with your parents shall hold you through this phase of crisis. It is understandable that this sudden lockdown imposed on you has left some of you mid way the crucial board examinations and others on the threshold of a new session. Teachers across the nation are exploring ways to reach you and provide you educational and recreational back ups so that you are not at a loss. My advice to you would be to utilize your time in honing the long forgotten hobby, polish your personal talents, lend a helping hand at the kitchen , pick up your pen or brush and get creative, watch good movies , read books and there will be many more ways to keep yourself productively engaged.


Stay happy , stay safe and soon we shall be ready to welcome a rejuvenated student community into our classrooms when we reopen.


Papiya Mukherjee

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