Admission Guidance for the Best Liberal Arts Colleges in India

As the field of Liberal Arts continues to gain popularity among Indian students and parents, the competition of getting admitted to the top liberal arts colleges is also getting stiff. Earlier, foreign countries (especially the US) used to attract a lot of Indian students for liberal arts education. However, in recent years, private Indian universities are also catching up quickly with their foreign counterparts. In this post, we will look into how Team Stoodnt can help you with Admissions at the Best Liberal Arts Colleges in India.

In today’s skill-based economy and competitive job market, liberal arts present a great career path after Class 12. Although as per the traditional Indian mindset, liberal arts does not offer the same security as a course in engineering or medicine. But, this way of thinking is slowly changing. Both students and parents are now showing great interest in liberal arts.

Top Liberal Arts College Admissions
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The Popularity of Liberal Arts Degrees Among Students, Parents, and Recruiters

Liberal arts have been central to an all-round education ever since the days of Greeks and Romans. Liberal arts teach students to be good with reasoning, mathematical skills, and writing skills. Liberal arts programs offer a multidisciplinary course that includes a combination of subjects from different disciplines like humanities, sciences, business, and commerce.

“For the young generation in India, the hook to tap into liberal arts education is not just as a degree or profession but also the need to ask important questions about who they are….” – Pratap Bhanu Mehta, Vice Chancellor, Ashoka University (Source: ET)

The students get prepared to apply critical thinking skills by looking beyond the traditional disciplinary boundaries to consider other viewpoints and compare and contrast concepts between different subject areas. Sectors like consulting, banking, media, advertising, public relations, research, teaching, civil services, and the social sector do prefer liberal arts graduates. Besides, entrepreneurship is also a great career possibility for the liberal arts graduate. So, no doubt, job & career prospects are excellent.

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Several universities are now offering undergraduate programs in liberal arts. There are established names like Lady Shri Ram College and St Stephens College in Delhi and Symbiosis School of Liberal Arts in Pune that has tailored their curriculum and environment to facilitate interdisciplinary learning. On the other hand, new and specialized institutes like Ashoka, Flame, and OP Jindal are really raising the bar of liberal arts education in India.

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Liberal Arts College Admission Guidance in India
Students at Ashoka University – One of the Best Liberal Arts Colleges in India (Image Source: BusinessToday)

In 2011, even IIM Indore launched the 5-year integrated program in Management that covers subjects such as math, statistics, economics, philosophy, Shakespearean literature, computer languages, and performing arts in the first three years. According to Rishikesha T Krishnan, Director of IIM-Indore, the objective of these programs is to create leaders, and not just managers.

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Besides, the current job market demands the ability to work across disciplines. Liberal arts programs are aimed to create industry-ready professionals who are entrepreneurial and ethical in their orientation. Read more about the career and job prospects of liberal arts degrees.

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From 2005 to 2017, the number of universities offering this program has grown exponentially, as has the number of applicants. Last but not least, these new and specialized universities not only attract bright students; they also attract the top recruiters on campus. Here is a snapshot of the top 3 liberal arts colleges:

Admission Guidance for the best liberal arts colleges in India
Top 3 Liberal Arts Schools in India

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Best Liberal Arts Colleges in India

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Admission Process at the Top Liberal Arts Colleges in India

A great academic and extracurricular profile is a pre-requisite for admission. Additionally, the admission process also involves an entrance examination, an application essay (or personal statement), and a personal interview. So, as you can guess, the selection process is indeed competitive, especially at the top colleges. Read more on the road-map for getting into top liberal arts colleges.

Admission Guidance for the Best Liberal Arts Colleges in India by Stoodnt

We work with students comprehensively guiding them through career choice, college lists, test preparation, essays, and interviews. We work closely with parents as a team to help a student get the best outcomes for themselves.

The program has three components:

1. Career Guidance – Pathfinder 

The program focuses on self-discovery and career choice for senior school students:

  1. One-on-one session of about four hours which covers: a. A comprehensive overview of over 70 careers and an initial career inventory
    b. Psychometric profiling across strengths, personality and key goals
    c. Career Choice, Subject Choice, and Flexible Career Plan.

The session is conducted mostly between the student and the counselor. Parents are invited for an introductory conversation in the beginning (about 15 minutes) and a summary conversation at the end (about 45 minutes).

  1. Subsequently, you would receive a comprehensive report in about a week’s time –
Career Guidance Program for High School Students in India
  1. A follow-up session will happen after three months and six months to address any new developments or thoughts. However, the student would have access to any clarifications or information at any stage of his or her career.

2. Comprehensive College Counseling

Regular counseling sessions and end-to-end help with everything associated with the college admission process and application including –

  • College selection
  • Essay review and editing
  • Application review
  • Interview preparation
How to get Admission at the Best Liberal Arts Colleges in India

3. SAT/ACT Test Prep

This will include 365-day access to test prep material as well as

  • Weekly Test Prep Schedule Online in Package
  • Online strategy guides for each test
  • Complete full-length online SAT and ACT practice tests
  • Practice SAT and ACT online quizzes
  • Immediate online feedback
  • Online audio and video explanations
  • 24/7 access to courses from any Web-enabled computer


Core Career Guidance & Admission Counselling Team

Head Counselor:

Top Liberal Arts College Admission Counselor in India

Our head Counselor Mrs. Richa Dwivedi Saklani has 13 years of experience in career guidance for students.

Richa has also recently written a book named The Ultimate Guide to 21st Century Careers.

She works closely with students at Ashoka University and many others guiding and helping them.

Other Key People:

Admission Guidance Counselors for Best Liberal Arts Colleges in India

Feedback & Testimonials from Successful Students

Liberal Arts College Admission in India
Prachi AgarwalAdmission into Ashoka University 
  “When you have a dream, you have to protect it. But you also need a lot of help doing that. Fortunately, Stoodnt helped me do just that.”
Guidance for Admission at Top Liberal Arts Colleges in India
Yashveer ChughAdmission into Jindal School of Liberal Arts & Humanities
“Stoodnt helped me to envision my future clear and transparent. The personal involvement of everyone here made me very confident and comfortable to achieve my goals”

Parents of Avin SinghAdmission into Flame University

Stoodnt Guidance for Liberal Arts College Admissions in India
“I had met Richa for the career counseling of my son Avin, I have no doubt in saying that It has been a very good decision on my part to work with Richa. She has been involved with my son like a family, starting from understanding Avin’s Strengths & weaknesses, from guiding, advising & motivating not just for admissions but also in studying & other life skills.
We have called her at odd hours, sometimes even on holidays but she has always been available. Her knowledge about institutes, personnel connect with the staff there has been of great help. I will give a lot of credit to Richa for Avin getting an offer for early admission from FLAME Pune. She has guided Avin in preparing for Interviews & Essay writing too. I have had very satisfying experience working with Richa & I wish her the very best.”

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