Are you A Foreign Language Expert? Here Are Some Sought After Job Positions For You


Language learners are interesting people and they have interesting profiles. The industry now a day looks for language experts as they are extremely helpful in facilitating ease of communicating in a diverse ethno-cultural milieu.


We at have enlisted the top attractive and high-paying foreign language expert jobs you can explore after learning a foreign language.



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Translation is a very exciting and rewarding job role for foreign language experts. You can work as a translator from home or anywhere, if you have a computer and internet. Translation requires converting a text, with its thoughts, intent, and words – from one language to another- and is mostly targeted to a particular set of readers.


The job role is very lucrative and the best in the industry are highly remunerated. Interesting thing is language being a complex affair, machine translation can never be the alternative to human translators.


Editor or content writer roles are also great career alternatives for foreign language experts. Native language content writers are now high in. If you’re expert in a foreign language and are a creative writer, grand opportunities are waiting for you.


International correspondence/journalist

People with language skills have always found media and journalism – a thriving career field as the career scopes here are wide-ranging. If you are passionate about travelling and assisting people in telling their stories, international journalism is where you belong.


Your foreign language expertise will be of immense help in churning out the real stories from people.



Interpreters act as the link between speakers of two different languages. When ambassadors or officials belonging to different cultural identities decide to sign agreements, they need interpreters to understand the details of the agreement. This is where interpreters come in — to make the officials understand each other before signing any document.


Events including international conferences, sports arenas, company meetings, media houses, tourist centres and organizations often hire interpreters. Career scopes as an interpreter is immense and growing.


College lecturer / faculty

With each day the requirement for foreign language lecturers is rising as more and more individuals opt for taking language classes. With the world turned globalised, education institutions now hire faculties for different language studies.


As foreign language expertise is a niche skill, remuneration is good. The demand for permanent University faculty or Lecturer or Assistant professor is also increasing every day. With an MA in a foreign language and by cracking the NET/SET set you can become a full time faculty at any Indian college or university. A Ph.D. along with teaching/research experience will give your profile an extra edge. However, colleges or universities also hire part-time language faculties where pay scale is low.


Opportunity as an ESL teacher is now growing immensely. ESL or English as a Second Language is an English language study program for non-native speakers. In this program English teachers help students learn to speak, read, and write in English.


If you’re looking for a career in ESL, you need at least three things.


  • Degree in English, preferably a post graduate degree
  • Extremely high expertise in the language of the target country; for instance, to teach English in Spain, you need at least DELE B2 or equivalent fluency of the Spanish Language Proficiency Test.
  • appropriate experience and certifications in teaching will give extra advantage.


International sales marketing

Multilingual professionals are highly sought after for international sales positions. Position is challenging as the process of negotiations often get cumbersome. Hence, pay packages are high. If you are a foreign language expert think of becoming a persuasive salesperson negotiating deals between international organisations.


 Hotel manager

Travel and Hospitality sector is a thriving space for foreign language experts as language expertise is a much sought-after skills in this industry. Organisations in the hospitality, leisure, travel, and tourism space, are constantly looking for language experts in order to provide customized services to cross-country customers.


The only way this is achievable is to have someone who can convincingly manage the situation — someone like a hotel manager proficient in more than one language.


Another lucrative job position is that of a tour guide. If you are an expert in languages like French, Chinese, Spanish, German, Korean, Russian, Japanese, Portuguese, Italian, Arabic, Dutch, Persianor Turkish – the Ministry of Tourism, Government of India, might grant you a license as a linguistic guide, if you fulfil the requited criteria.


Flight attendant

You can reap big as a flight attendant with foreign language expertise as all the airlines now look for flight attendants with foreign language skills. International airlines shuffling between two or more countries with different native languages will be happy to hire someone knowing any of the native tongues they cater to.


Positions in embassies

Your foreign language skills can land you a lucrative job at the embassies. The role involves that of a front desk attendant taking the calls queries of people visiting the embassy. Other positions for multilingual professionals at an embassy include support officer, administrative specialist, position in logistics, a IT professional, a customer executive, and more. Embassies are known to pay well, and the prestige of working at an embassy is always gratifying. However, these job roles demand other qualification and skills as well.


Job roles Government agencies

If you are a foreign language expert, you can explore opportunities as an intelligence officer or supportive linguistic staff or translator with a government agency. The job role could be similar to fieldwork, but there are other positions also including job roles in STEM, analysis, support etc.

Lack of enough in-house language experts; make the government agencies recruit foreign language professionals on a temporary or contractual basis. Pay packages are very lucrative, and gets better with rise in rank.


Job roles in International Organization

The UN is probably the largest organizations who have multiple agencies operating all over the world. This demands that they employ language experts who can work at grass root level. Besides, organizations like the WHO, UNESCO, ILO, UNICEF, WWF, WTO, and many more, also hire foreign language experts.


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