Attracting And Retaining Millenials


  By Nisha Manglani, HR Manager, Makani Creatives



Millennial make for a large section of today’s workforce making them important stakeholders for India Inc. Understanding what motivates millennial is crucial to attract them to the organization and maximize their effectiveness as employees and potential leaders.

The millennials are a generation of storytellers; they amplify a company, organisation or brand. Hence, attracting the best millennial professionals start with understanding what motivates them. A competitive salary, a clear path for career progression and a modern workplace that embraces new developments in technology are all high priorities for Millennials when searching for a new role. Making a company’s career progression policies clear when advertising a job and during the interview process is an effective strategy to secure the best talent.

As an organization every employees’ freedom and flexibility to be their own boss is a must.Bearing a transparent and honest culture helps to create a good vibe and structure the organization well. Keep an open door policy, where employees can reach out to directors on their own and express their ideas, problems, questions, concerns, to seed an open communication environment.


Millennials like to be challenged and want to perform in their area of interest, hence the organization needs to set clear expectations and define the goals of the employee. Work-life balance is extremely important for the modern employee. Hence flexible policies like certain frequency for work from home every month and flexi-work hours are advisable.


Job skill building, off site workshops, conferences, and personalized training must be done on an ongoing basis to help accelerate the talent.Retention mainly starts with making employees happier, hence, regular rewards should be seeded in the company’s culture based on performance/merit and not on tenure/title.


To retain talented professionals, employers must show an ongoing commitment to their careers.Providing formal feedback at least every six months shows millennial employees that their performance and development is a priority and prevents them from looking at other employers who can meet this need.


As the hiring universe is similar in most of the companies; employees look for the extra benefits that companies are willing to offer which acts as a decisive factor. As a matter of fact, maternity leaves have almost doubled as per the Maternity Bill 2017, an amendment to the Maternity Benefit Act, 1961. The law also allows employers to let women employees work from home in addition to the maternity benefit period if the nature of work allows that.


Even though India is still nascent to the concept of paternity benefits, there is a sea change in the approach of the new age employers. Few private companies are offering paternity leaves to help new fathers stay involved as they enter a new phase of life.


Mental wellness is another arena that employers are focusing on to help employees combat stressful lifestyles. This helps in improving their productivity and also creates a healthier working environment and spreads positivity.


Organisations are looking for new ways to fight stress at work with innovative Friday forums. Fun Friday’s is one of the fun events the employees look forward to, as it involves various employee engagement activities which creates fun at work environment without affecting the work schedule of the employees. Similar activities help in achieving a healthy work life and better employee engagement.


Family days are also a new trend brought on by the corporate world. It involves inviting the folks of the employees to come together for a day of fun activities to bond. This helps employees feel a deeper sense of belonging to the organization and boosts their morale. It also creates a sense of inclusiveness in minds of the employees and their close ones.


Appreciation of the teams by team leaders organising lunch or dinner gatherings helps in encouraging the employees and motivates them to deliver better.


Such innovative methods help to support and keep up the positive atmosphere within the organisation.

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