Study in Australia: Tuition Fees, Accommodation Costs & Additional Living Expenses

Studying in Australia is getting very popular for Indian students. Are you also planning to study in Australia? Do you know what and how much you need to spend during your study abroad in Australia? What are the student accommodation options you may get here? Don’t worry, if you cannot figure out anything about the expenses of your study abroad in Australia. However, it’s a very sensible decision that you choose Australia to enhance your career prospects and boost your academic excellence; but only if you know every how and why about Australia. Well, this guide has answers to all your questions.


How much will you spend on your tuition fees?

Australia is undoubtedly one of the costliest but a developed country known for its world-renowned universities. It has high-quality courses, colossal institutions, and a liveable country lifestyle. International students are enticed with its prosperity in terms of city, study, and nightlife, which makes it an often chosen study destination among them.

Now the course fee varies depending on the courses and the universities you choose. Here we have an estimated cost that you’ll spend on an average per year. The minimum course fee in Australian universities ranges from A$4000 to a maximum of A$121,000 in total. The course fee, however, may vary keeping in mind the crisis we’re in the present. We would advise that you should conduct proper research beforehand to avoid contingencies. 


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How much will you spend on your student accommodation?

Study in the Australia Cost: Tuition Fees, Accommodation Costs & Additional Living Expenses

It’ll not be a smart decision to underrate finding student accommodation in Australia, especially during Covid-19. It’s one of the exigent tasks you must finish off after you’ve completed your admission process. Finding a suitable place for accommodation in a distant country can be stodgy, but if you know the right algorithms of how and what to search for, then it’s going to be easy. If you still think it’s not your cup of tea, let us help you with the types of student accommodation you will get in Australia.

1. Boarding Houses

Study in the Australia Cost: Tuition Fees, Accommodation Costs & Additional Living Expenses

If you’re looking for independent accommodation, then boarding houses are a safe option. Although you don’t hold as many benefits as a tenant, also you don’t get your bath and kitchen. These are usually shared among boarders, but you get a single room all reserved for you. You can expect boarding houses to cost approximately A$250-A$350 per week.

2. Shared Apartments

Study in the Australia Cost: Tuition Fees, Accommodation Costs & Additional Living Expenses

If you’re a social butterfly and love connecting with people, then you can book a shared apartment with one or more college mates. The benefit of shared apartments is that you get your friends all time with you, and you also save money on utility bills. Shared flats are often unfurnished, and it might cost you anywhere between A$100-$A350 a week. 

3. Homestays

Study in the Australia Cost: Tuition Fees, Accommodation Costs & Additional Living Expenses

If you’re too skeptical about the new lifestyle and living norms, then you can seek accommodation in a homestay. Living with a native family will help you get accustomed to the new living environment, which will help you adapt to changes. Homestays rent ranges from A$235-$325 a week, where they include meals in the rent.

4. Hostels or Off-Campus Housing

Study in the Australia Cost: Tuition Fees, Accommodation Costs & Additional Living Expenses

If you don’t get on-campus housing due to any reason, then you can accommodate yourself in hostels or off-campus housing, which is most sought after by students in their first year of graduation. It provides independence and security along with college-based housing but not college housing. Accommodation in hostels or off-campus housing can cost approximately A$80- A$135 a week.

Still, you’re looking for student housing in parts of Australia, and you can get some affordable student accommodation in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide. 

How much will living and additional expenses cost you in Australia?

Now that you’ve come across all types of student accommodation options available in Australia, would you not like to know what’s next? Yes, its additional costs and other miscellaneous expenses. Student living expenses will form a significant part of your budget, but it depends on you, how you’re going to save on them.

You already know how expensive Australia is in terms of accommodation and course fees, let us tell you how much on an average you’ll spend on your groceries and miscellaneous expenses. It’ll cost you around A$150/week to a maximum amount of A$280/week.

Your living expenses depends very much on your lifestyle and your location. It is therefore advised to be familiar with all types of costs in advance. Plan on how much you may spend on your study abroad in Australia and fix your budget accordingly.


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