Tamoghna Das

Tamoghna Das

👋 Hi there! I'm Tamoghna Das, a passionate data scientist hailing from India and currently exploring the world of tech 🎓 Tamoghna holds an M.Sc. in Biochemical Engineering from University College London (UCL) and a degree in Data Science (M.Sc.) from the University of East Anglia (UEA). With over 2 years of experience in research and as a subject matter expert, he has honed his skills in project development, execution, and client management. 📍 Currently residing in England, he has sights on discovering the hidden gems of the entire UK. 💼 In the future he believes in collaborating with a diverse team to develop web applications for analyzing and visualizing various forms of biological and non-biological data. 📸 Outside the professional sphere, he loves traveling and uncovering unexplored destinations. His penchant for photography and videography helps him capture the beauty of the world as he experience it. 💪🏽 Data science, content creation, data visualization, research, Python, ML, Data engineering, writing

AI investments: Things you need to know about it

Artificial intelligence (AI) has reached new heights with the remarkable advancement known as generative AI. This powerful technology possesses the unique ability to create captivating and original content, spanning across text, images, and even music. With its rapid growth, generative…

TensorFlow 101: What an amazing library

Introduction Welcome to this comprehensive tutorial on TensorFlow, a popular open-source library for machine learning. Whether you’re new to TensorFlow or deep learning, this tutorial aims to provide beginners like you with a solid understanding of TensorFlow and its applications. …

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