Be Aware Of How You “Sign Off” – That’s How The World Sees You!

By Vinit Bansode, Founder, The Graphology Research Institute


Handwritings shows how the person is, whereas signature reveals how the world sees you. It is your projected image. Your portrayal. Every time you sign, you make a statement of yourself to the rest of the world, saying – “see this is who I am.” Your signature is the reflection of how you behave in public and how you handle yourself outwardly. Hence if you are analyse how your behaviour would be in front of others then your signature would be the best evidence. Having said, you need to be educated of a critical information – our signatures are decided mostly during our teens. The projected personality therefore was decided when you had the predilections of an adolescent. Then, you had fewer responsibilities and a certain attitude towards life. As a grown-up now life is much more complex and your responsibilities are more different and at times we need a great deal of attitude adjustment to survive.


How attitude and approach of an individual is linked to his signature

Signatures project how we want us to be. Every time we sign in a particular way, we reinforce those beliefs. If we change the way we sign our names, it is sure to change the attitude far more conducively creating interpersonal harmonies, as well.


Strike through signature

This is a signature that you should avoid. If you have a signature with horizontal or vertical strike-through strokes, cutting your own sign, you should get rid of it as soon as possible. Every time you sign like this, you reinforce what you stand for. In case you have pessimism or self-hatred, then you will dislike yourself more and take rash steps to sabotage everything that you have accomplished or achieved. It is better to keep it plain and simple.


Camouflage signature

Circling of the signature or the first letter, is actually camouflaging your own self. Many people have these kind of signatures. Circles around the first name shows the individual gets defensive in public and is too protective about her own self. The person could have a problem making friends as they do not open up to people and are scared of revealing their vulnerabilities. They have the tendency to suspect the motives of people around which could result into their social isolation. These are individuals who are extremely sensitive. The circle is used to as if wear a protective mantle to avoid pain. If you have a signature like this then you should immediately change it.


Very small signature

Tiny signatures reflects a lack of confidence. If it co-exists with other strokes in your handwriting showing low self-esteem, then this reflects a diffident personality. A person like this, when in a group, thinks low of herself in every way – looks, money, talent or success – than others. Their self-respect is always trampled, they become an easy target and they never protest. They lack the courage to speak up their minds. After being negatively impacted regularly they avoid social gatherings and in many cases such people develop psychological problems. It is therefore good to bring in positivity by slightly enlarging the signatures


Trace-back signatures

These individuals run in reverse gear. You can identify this by how they go backward from the last stroke – from left to right – and/or draw an underline without lifting their pens. These individuals dwell much in their pasts and fail to let go off things that are no longer relevant in their lives. If you have a similar signature draw an underline from left to right and you will see a marked difference in your lives.


Scribbled signatures

These kind of signatures are most commonplace. Such individuals are always in a hurry. Either their minds are running faster than their hands or they want to project to people that they don’t care – “I am too busy to be bothered about your impressions about me and I have no time for you.” Such writers never take any responsibility for things in their lives. They are actually too busy for themselves. They seldom finish their tasks and blame it on others.


In an ever increasing electronic world, we just don’t write that often. You e-mail, you text, you surf. In all of these activities, you express yourself through manufactured fonts. Our society is increasingly becoming unused at expressing themselves through hand writing. However, you still sign documents, contracts, applications, business deals. That is where your personality is visible.


About the author – Vinit Bansode is a leading graphologist (handwriting & signature analysis) and life coach, with a stellar list
of clientele, including India’s top businessmen, politicians, sportspersons, and many Bollywood Celebrities. Apart from the impressive clientele, Mr. Bansode has also worked closely with the private investigators for crime investigation through handwriting analysis. Throughout his 18 years of practice as a Graphologist and Life coach, Mr. Bansode has personally analyzed more than 75,000 people’s handwritings and signatures and helped them grow in various areas of their life. Apart from practicing, Mr. Bansode has also been actively training people in the art of handwriting analysis. As founder of the Graphology Research Institute (2002), Mr. Bansode has trained over 4,500 people in the art of graphology, through 500+ workshops across India and the globe. He has been in the news for his expert analysis, including his views on late actress Jia Khan’s suicide note, which received wide spread popularity. Apart from Graphology, Mr. Bansode is also a founder member and partner at the ‘Business Opportunities
Club’ – a high net worth entrepreneurs networking group. Mr. Bansode has also authored India’s first Marathi book on Graphology and India’s first Marathi book on Business Networking.

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