Best 1-year PG Diploma Courses in Canada

With over half a million international students, Canada currently ranks 3rd in Global Foreign Student Attraction. More than 200,000 Indian students go to Canada for their Master’s or PG, while over 100,000 students come from China and others come from the rest of the places in the world. When it comes to financing, getting a quality education in Canada is comparatively cheaper and more affordable. In this blog, we’ll be covering the various subjects and fields that are ranked the best and most commonly pursued 1-year PG Diploma Courses in Canada.

PG Diploma vs MS in Canada

In Canada, a Master’s Degree is a two to three-year program generally taken by students as a specialization course within the main area of the subject or domain that they are pursuing.

For example, Rajesh from India pursued International Business Management in Canada then he did a specialization aka. Masters in International Relations.

A PG Diploma on the other hand is generally a one to two-year program in Canada that helps students to get a job quickly. It works as an additional qualification for bachelor’s degree holders. Read more about MS vs PG Diploma in Canada.

5 Reasons for studying a  PG Diploma Course in Canada

Permanent Residency (PR)

  1. Studying in Canada is the first step to acquiring a PR (Permanent Residency) for any international student. While there are a lot of fo ways to gain PR, studying by far is the best method to apply for PR for:
  2. It simply is a more secure way of acquiring a PR.
  3. The Express Entry Program or EEP is a Canadian system that awards students additional points if they are studying in Canada. Students with higher ranks are sent an invitation o apply for permanent residency compared to other foreigners who didn’t receive Canadian education.

Work Permit

The second reason why we encourage students to study in Canada is because of the opportunities. If you finish your study with decent results from a designated learning institution, you become eligible to apply for a post-study work permit for up to three years and get a job in Canada.

Quality of Education

Another important aspect of studying in Canada is the quality of education that Canada has to offer. Canadian Education is recognized worldwide. The government of Canada has dedicated a lot of its fiscal budget to funding public education. International students are direct beneficiaries of the quality education system that has been developed and improved over so many years.


The last but not least reason to study in Canada is because of its diversity, community, and student rights. Canada is known worldwide for its multiculturism and its respect for human and student rights. Canada wants students to express themselves freely irrespective of their sexual orientation, religious beliefs, political views, race, or identity.


The cost of studying in Canada is found to be less expensive than similarly ranked universities found in the UK and USA. Getting a quality education can roughly cost around 6 lakhs. Going for a PG Diploma, the costs drop down even further.

Best 1-year PG Diploma Courses in Canada for Indian Students

1-year courses are short-term courses in Canada that have greatly risen in popularity over the last couple of years due to their cost, duration of the course, eligibility criteria, placements after completion, and internship opportunities. They also offer specialized in-depth information and knowledge in various subjects that students want to study.

Here are some of the best 1-year courses to study in Canada for a PG Diploma:

Engineering & Engineering Management

There are plenty of jobs for engineers in Canada. The salaries are good for engineers and even greater for engineering management graduates. Employers in Canada give preference to engineering graduates who have studied and worked in Canada and know the trending practices and industry standards locally.

Business Administration & Management

Through this PG Diploma course, students get to build practical knowledge and understanding of the contemporary management function of an organization. Leadership, Strategy formulation, Communication, Teamwork, and Project Management are some of the skills you’ll learn through this program allowing you to take on any kind of situation in a running business anywhere in the world.

Arts- Fine Arts, Visual Arts, Interior Design

Arts Industry in Canada is the most underrated sector of work and study that most students fail to identify. This industry offers some of the most lucrative jobs to international students through practical knowledge and practical implementation of the theories taught during the course. The Art and Design industry in Canada is expected to rise in popularity over the course of the next five years.

Computer Science -IT & Networking

Computer Science & Engineering graduates have been very much in demand since 2020 in Canada. In the technology industry, for example, IT Experts, Software Developers, and Computer Engineers have equal opportunities with good payouts all over Canada. You might get recruited by the same company you do your internship at.

Biosciences, Health Sciences, Medicine, Healthcare & Nursing Hospitality

Most PG Diplomas including BioSciences, Life Sciences, and Health Sciences include the study of a multitude of living organisms and conducting research and experiments on them. Healthcare and Nursing are some of the rarely pursued subjects but offer high value in return after completion of the course. Furthermore, Nursing practitioners earn one of the highest salaries throughout Canada.

Media Studies- Marketing, Advertising, Public Relations

A PG Diploma degree in Media Studies offers a plethora of selection of career opportunities in domains such as advertising, marketing, journalism, and public relations. Media personnel is required all over the world and this is one of a kind subject where the demand for professionals in this field of study never extinguishes. One can even get into marketing after completion of the course so this subject offers a lot of flexibility as well.

Accounts & Finance

Accounting & Finance is one of the best subjects to study in Canada. A degree in Accounting or Finance from Canada is highly placed all over the world with high payouts entitled to those getting recruited. Furthermore, the mandatory internships in this PG Diploma course allow students to take on jobs in the most reputed multinational companies or pursue additional studies in this field.                       


The value of a PG Diploma in Canada is considered to have the same weightage as that of any PG Degree or Certificate Program. It also allows international students to get a work permit for 1 year after completion of the course.

The fee structure of most PG Diploma degrees in Canada ranges from 20,000-30,000 CAD per year. After completion of the course, any students will find it very easy to find jobs in Canada. If the profile is good, then he/she might even get the invitation to apply for PR  from the government of Canada.

The basic wages of any international student after completing their PG Diploma is around 60,000 CAD. The payout increases with experience, the skill level of the student as well as the place or area he/she is working in.

If you are interested to study for your PG Diploma in Canada, contact our professional at (customer. support[attherate]stoodnt. com) to get professional admission guidance regarding getting into the top colleges and reputed institutes in Canada to kickstart your career.

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