Best Career Options For Tech-Driven Individuals


 India is a fast-emerging behemoth in the international scenario. The rapidly digitizing nation is home to more than 1.36 billion people, or about one-fifth of the global population. Out of this, 27% of people fall within the age bracket of 0-14 years and 10-24 years each according to a recent UN report. Simply put, more than half of the country’s population is aged less than 25.


This young, rich, and dynamic human capital has become a boon in disguise for the country. At present, the entire global market is experiencing a paradigm change with the ever-increasing influx of digital technologies. This development has opened new avenues for India’s tech-driven individuals. They can carve a remarkable career for themselves both nationally and internationally, addressing the widening skill gap in various fields.


So, here are some of the best career options where the skill gap is massive and so is the scope of growth:


Cybersecurity: Simulated training through Cyber Range

Cybersecurity is currently one of the most promising careers with international exposure. The industry is facing an acute shortage of skilled professionals. According to a recent research by ESG and ISSA, around three-fourth of the global organizations are impacted by the cybersecurity skill shortage. This presents a brilliant prospect to tech-driven professionals in India to seize the opportunity. However, the field itself is quite dynamic and continues to become more so with the rise of embryonic technologies in the global IT infrastructure. This is where simulated training approaches like Cyber Range, such as the tech solution provided by Cyberbit, are bringing about a sizeable difference.


It is enabling the industry go beyond ‘Baptism by Fire’ approach and ensure that the in-house SOC of an organization is well-prepared for all impending threats. Similarly, the solution is being deployed to educational institutions, thereby preparing the upcoming industry professionals with up-to-date first-hand knowledge and training.


Data Analytics: The Growing Power of Data-led Approach

As they say, data has now become the new oil. To bring things into perspective, the generated data will reach 44 zettabytes and by 2025, we will be generating 463 exabytes in a day – which is equivalent to 212 DVDs in a day. This exponential growth of data is enabling organizations to make informed decisions and bring greater efficiency to across-the-board processes. The Big Data industry itself is expected to become worth $40.6 billion by 2023, growing more than four-fold from its market size of $8.5 billion in 2017. The swiftly evolving market has a lot of opportunities for Indian tech-driven individuals. So, data analytics is a field that one must look forward to.


However, it is not easy to organize this exponentially increasing data and understand its relevance. Some unconventional approaches, such as ‘’Qlik Academic Program,’’ are bringing about positive changes. The free-to-use online program aligns well with the concepts of data mining, database management, and programming on an academic level. Qlik also offers product-agnostic Data Literacy and Data Analytics Certifications. Same goes for online platforms such as SkillUp Online and its certified courses on data science. They are helping India’s youth and professionals to be job-ready, equipped with essential skills in advanced analytics and data literacy.


Education: Shaping the beautiful minds of India

India’s human capital cannot be optimally tapped without bringing about positive changes in the field of education. According to a UNESCO UIS report, 69 million teachers will be required only for achieving universal primary and secondary education by 2030. Out of this, 3 million recruitments will have to be done in India. A similar demand will be experienced in higher education. Thankfully, we have the opportunity to train our own young minds – as well as that of other countries – for the futuristic world that we’re about to step in. However, a strong interdisciplinary academic foundation needs to be laid in order to do so. This is where certain tech-driven approaches, such as ONVU Learning, are adding value to overall ecosystem.


Using its lesson observation and teacher reflection, the AI-driven surveillance solutions provider extends unique learning and teaching aids for a classroom, enabling educators to drive an all-round academic progression of their each and every student. The approach builds on 360o lesson recording which non-intrusively provides in-depth insights to an educator vis-à-vis their individual training methodology, classroom practice, and behaviours. With AI technology, it further paves the way for superior self-directed professional development of a teacher, which is otherwise not possible.


Marketing: Setting the Narratives Right

As the all-new digital market starts to shape up, there is a growing requirement of marketing professionals all across the globe. If you believe that you have the right marketing skills in you, now is the time for you to enter the field. Marketing itself is a broad field that has all-embracing dimensions that range from SEO and Social Media Marketing to Public Relations and Corporate Communication alongside others. There are several certified courses on every subset of marketing available online.


However, the sheer nature of the field also needs the convergence of all communications to collectively drive positive results. This is where solutions like LogMeIn, which creates meaningful interactions and drives better outcomes for both customers and businesses, are proving to be a game changer. Also, interaction and collaboration is a crucial element of marketing. So, unified communication solutions provider, which envisions driving avant-garde technologies towards people with its simplistic solutions, enables marketers operating on multiple levels to join their forces with quick, easy, and data-driven communications. By doing so, they also drive superior personalization for their customers.


Today, India is at a crucial juncture. It must pre-emptively take calibrated measures to seize the global opportunity that currently prevails. This can only be done with the group effort of the government bodies, private organizations, and the people (including both current working professionals and the upcoming ones), thereby skyrocketing India in the ripe global digital market.


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