Best Choice For Azure Developers: Pass AZ-204 Exam & Obtain Microsoft Certified

Microsoft certifications are credible and authentic in today’s IT age. Suppose you are an IT professional looking for a career in cloud computing. Then Microsoft’s Azure certifications are the way to go! For Azure developers, the best choice is the AZ-204 exam to become a Microsoft certified Azure developer. You can be a beginner or moderately experienced developer; nonetheless, the certification can open great opportunities for you. Here are some reasons why this credential is the best.

What Is the AZ-204 Exam?

Before we discuss the compelling reasons for giving AZ-204, it is vital to know the certification as well. In simple terms, The AZ-204 is an associate-level exam that validates the practical knowledge of an Azure developer. The main objectives of the exam are as follows:

  • Developing Azure compute solutions
  • Implementing Azure security
  • Developing solutions for Azure Security
  • Monitoring, optimizing and troubleshooting Azure solutions

The exam covers comprehensive knowledge required to build, implement and maintain Azure applications. If a candidate passes the exam, then they will earn the credential of Microsoft Certified Azure Developer. The exam is focused on the practical applicability of the knowledge gained while working on practical Azure development. Hence, a candidate must focus on gaining knowledge as well as experience before taking the exam.

Why Undertake the AZ-204 Exam?

Many people may tell you to undergo Azure certifications. However, you must have a strong inclination towards being a Microsoft-certified professional and cloud computing. Here are some reasons why you should give the AZ-204 exam.

Builds Your Technical Skills

For being an Azure developer, you must be proficient in all the stages of cloud development. Hence, you should know your way from conceiving a solution to implementing and maintaining it on an Azure platform. No matter how much theoretical knowledge you have, you can not handle key responsibilities without strong technical skills. The certification exam acts as a knowledge center as well as a training ground for upskilling yourself in Azure development. Hence, it can make you technically sound to develop and handle complex Azure features.

Covers Azure Features Comprehensively

When you are eyeing the attractive Azure developer credential, then you must be sound in all the Azure features that are there. You may have dappled in Azure development for a few years. However, there is a lot to learn about different features and functions in Azure. It is best to prepare intensively before diving into the field of cloud computing. The AZ-204 validates your expertise in designing, developing, implementing, and managing applications on an Azure setup. During preparation for the exam, you will get to know about various Azure features such as security, compute solutions, storage, etc. 

Keeps You Abreast With Latest Updates

The tech industry keeps advancing and changing. Not a day goes by when there is no new technology making its way into the market. If you are working in Azure development, you may be getting to know a bit about updates necessary to your job profile. However, while you pursue the AZ-204 exam, you get updated about all the significant and minuscule advancements in cloud computing. Hence, you do not need to worry about getting outdated with your knowledge or technical skills. The Azure certification can help you massively in this aspect of Azure development.

Certifies You As A Credible Professional

Getting Azure certified is no child’s play! A candidate needs to put focus, grit, dedication, and effort into passing the AZ-204 exam. This shows the professional attitude of the candidate to prospective employers. The certification in itself is proof of your hard work and impeccable sincerity. After becoming a Microsoft certified professional, all the sleepless nights, social life sacrifices, and monetary investments bear their fruit in the form of a professional credential. Recruiters prefer Azure professionals as the certification signifies your learning attitude and the attitude to strive for better.

Earn The Revered Microsoft Certification

You will only realize the value of your hard work when you get the digital copy of your Microsoft certification. Passing the AZ-204 is the only way to become a Microsoft Certified Azure Developer. Hence, you are unlike other professionals in the field as you have authentic certification. Moreover, you will be face to face with great opportunities in the cloud computing industry with a higher compensation before the certification. As per research, Azure developers earn around $115000 after 3-4 years of experience, which is higher than many other professionals.


Passing the AZ-204 exam is totally worth it. The exam is your best shot at becoming a Microsoft certified professional and earning respect in the IT industry. Hence, what are you waiting for! Start your AZ-204 preparation today.

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