46 Best Liberal Arts Colleges in USA for Financial Aid & Salary

There has always been a big debate around the topic “if liberal arts degrees are useless“. In this post, we will look at the best liberal arts colleges in USA for financial aid and salary potential.

Liberal Arts Education

Liberal arts colleges focus more on humanities, arts, sciences, and communication programs. However, there are liberal arts colleges (e.g. Harvey Mudd) that are excellent for STEM and other pre-professional majors.

Employers often rank soft skills such as critical thinking and communication—hallmarks of liberal arts training—above technical aptitude as essential for career readiness.

Liberal arts study helps students develop strong foundational competencies

– Paul Timmins, director of career services for the College of Liberal Arts at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis

Given the complexity & diversity of our globalized world and increasing shift to remote work-culture (courtesy COVID-19 pandemic), liberal arts education will be more relevant than ever. Read How Technology & Digitization are Creating Demand for Humanities & Liberal Arts Graduates.

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Liberal Arts Colleges in USA

When it comes to countries, the USA is definitely one of the best for pursuing liberal arts degrees. The liberal arts colleges in the US are usually private institutions. Hence, the tuition fees (and other costs like boarding) are quite high. However, these liberal arts colleges also provide generous financial aid.

For US nationals, families earning less than USD $100,000 per annum could receive 50 – 57% of the total cost of attendance through aid. For international students, 20 – 40% of the total cost is achievable as well.

Best Liberal Arts Colleges in USA for Financial Aid & Salary Potential

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