Best PG Diploma Courses in Canada for Computer Science

The Canadian Government has decided to use most of its financial resources in the IT sector to elevate the value of employment, jobs, rankings, appreciation, and salaries, especially for Computer Science Students. You even get a chance to get PR in Canada as a Computer Science student.

And there are a lot of other reasons to get an education in Canada as a Computer Science student. Some of them could include the Affordability of getting a Canadian Education, Easy Immigration & VISA rules, High Chances of getting a Work Permit and Co-Op Opportunities increasing Employment Chances, More Funding Options for International Students, etc.

Do remember that a PG diploma is not equivalent to a master’s degree. PG Diploma in Canada is a 12-24 months program that will help you to get a job quickly as it works as an additional qualification for bachelor’s degree holders. You can read our blog on PG Diploma vs. Masters in Canada to choose the right course for you.

Here are the Top 8 PG Diploma Courses to study in Canada for Students with Computer Science Background:

Computer Software, Database Administration & Development

The Computer Software, Database Administration & Development is a 2-year PG Diploma program comprising 16 months of study duration along with 1 semester of Co-Op. The Software Development area covers mainly three tiers of study such as business logic, user interface, and database. You’ll also get to learn Full Stack Software Development that will help you gain relevant experience and technical knowledge in front-end web development that includes User Interface (UI) for browsers and mobile devices. In simple terms, after the completion of this course, you’ll have a clear understanding of presentation, business logic, and data required for software development.

You’ll get to learn core coding languages like HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, React, Bootstrap, Flutter, Swift, Python, Node.js, etc. Students also get hands-on experience by developing projects for solving real-world problems based on clients, servers, and databases. The program promotes the setting of practical projects which allow students to engage in the evaluation, implementation, and design of real-world applications which in turn also sparks characteristics like critical thinking, collaboration, creativity, and communication in students.

After completing a PG Diploma in Computer Software & Software Development, graduates can work in a wide array of industries such as manufacturing, construction, transportation, health, finance, and education, wherever computer technology is used effectively. Graduates may also use their problem-solving ability to analyze, understand and solve critical problems in the industry or business through design, database, and enterprise web applications.

Cloud Computing

With the Canadian Government giving more focus on numerous ways to build their business strategy with a focus on areas such as increased mobile technology, data analytics and cloud computing, Cloud Computing for Big Data allows students to achieve a strong foundation in the understanding of these cutting-edge technologies.

Students learn about the various applications and implementations of Cloud Computing and its virtualization across various electronic devices. Furthermore, students get to know about the current trends in technology of Cloud Computing to become superior in the knowledge of Cloud providers such as Microsoft and Amazon.

Co-Op Opportunities are also available to students along with practical projects to ensure a plethora of employment opportunities. As a graduate, you’ll get the best-in-class training to help you integrate and synthesize internet interactions and communications in Cloud Computing. After graduating, you’ll be able to work in appropriate job roles and positions such as Cloud System Administrators, Network Administrators, System Programmers, and many more with chances of getting managerial positions with relevant years of experience.

Note: Although Cloud Computing has Big Data Development included in the program, it is not for students willing to study Big Data Analytics or Development.

Web Development

The PG Diploma in Web Development offers students the opportunity to study and learn about the current and latest trends in website development, computer programming, database design, mobile development, and web technologies. The program also has general business education well-integrated into the curriculum involving enhancement of organizational and project management, critical thinking, and communication skills.

As a student, you’ll be introduced to the basics of web page ideation, creation, and other forms of website development. You’ll also gain experience in specific languages used for website development such as XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, IDEs, Oracle, Java, and C++. This course mainly focuses on practical projects integrated into the course to help students design, implement and develop a website that is deployed to a live HTTP server that can be accessed by anyone over the internet.

After completing this PG Diploma program in Web Development, graduates become ready to use problem-solving, critical thinking, and creativity skills to analyze business and industry requirements to evaluate, design, develop and implement real-life database-driven enterprise web applications, programs, and software for the Three Tier Client, Server & Database Environment.

This type of program usually involves a fair share of practical based lab-work allowing students to gain hands-on experience to gain the necessary technical skills to help any business create an online platform.

Software Quality Assurance Engineer

The Software Quality Assurance Engineering program helps students understand the testing of paradigms, tools, and methods throughout the entire process of software development.

As a Software Quality Assurance Engineer and Tester, one requires an awareness of what makes software high in terms of quality from the point of view of a basic user, a developer, and a business to make sure the final product meets the organizational objectives, is highly optimized for free customizations, solves problems and is user-friendly. Students also get to learn about Software Quality control where the testing process of any software is the most effective and efficient.

As a graduate of this program, you will become ready for the in-demand field of software quality assurance and software quality control with the necessary experience and skills required to develop and test high-quality software for various companies, businesses, and organizations.

A Software Quality Assurance Engineer graduate can work in various positions such as software automated test developer, software test engineer, software specialist, software quality assurance engineer, and many more. Co-op opportunities are also available to eligible graduates in most colleges for this course.

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Computer Network & IT Infrastructure

The Computer Network & IT Infrastructure gives an opportunity to students to explore the field of virtualization and system administration. This PG Diploma course generally covers 2 years of study duration with 4 semesters. IT Infrastructure as we all know continues to move to the data center along with its services and end-user computing.

Students get to learn about building a network and infrastructure for a specific company for internal use as well as providing the same to support other companies as a service. They get to learn key concepts about the analysis, design, implementation, and support of that infrastructure environment.

Skills will be developed in the critical IT areas of infrastructure planning, deployment, and management. Students will apply new skills and knowledge in operating systems, networks, and virtualization to standard industrial use cases and collaborative projects.

To facilitate optimal learning and knowledge transfer for the workplace, all practical work is completed in learning labs that meet industry virtual and network environment standards. This program is suitable for individuals looking to add practical experience to their current education, or further, develop and enhance their IT skills for advancement in their field.

Information Technology Solutions

Information Technology is the most popular subject area to study in Canada, concerned with all the aspects of managing, processing, transferring information, and providing solutions. The study of Information Technology Solutions is concerned with more than just computers and intra-networks and relates to each and every aspect of an organization or company. IT is crucial for the operation and success of any business function inside a company.

In this PG Diploma program, students learn skills in initiating, planning, executing, monitoring, controlling, and solving an array of projects related to the IT industry. The program is more focused on hands-on applications and practical rather than just being theory-driven ensuring the students expand their IT service management skills by understanding the incorporations between IT Management and Problem Solving through collaborative team projects.

As a graduate of the Information Technology Solutions PG Diploma program, one can work in a multitude of job roles such as Process Co-ordinator, Computer Support Analyst, Software Tester, IT Planning Analyst, IT Solutions Engineer, Business & Systems Analyst, SEO Specialist, Project Assistant, Project Manager, Social Media Co-ordinator, Quality Assurance Analyst, Information Specialist, Network Engineer, IT Specialist and many more.

Cyber Security

As more and more people learn and start to use digital technologies, the need for Cyber Security grows. With so much information and confidential data being uploaded, transferred, and stored through the internet, the risk of getting hacked also increases.

Multi-national Companies have strong Cyber Security Teams who work day and night to make sure all the data of the company remains protected and safe because something as simple as a Data Breach can get any company down on its knees involving thousands of lawsuits and risking bankruptcy.

As a student of Cyber Security, you’ll get to learn about key concepts of information security along with the technical and practical skills required to keep valuable data assets and network infrastructures well-defended, protected, and secured.

The course also focuses on helping students understand the cyber security concepts to save and protect companies from a multitude of digital vulnerabilities. Students even get to learn about Cyber Law allowing them to provide standards, protocols, policies, guidelines, managerial jurisdiction, and procedures to assess and mitigate risks from the root to incorporate and implement advanced security solutions.

Big Data Analytics & Development

With the advent of technology and everything going digital, Businesses and companies are finding it really hard to catch up with the pace of technology and most are falling behind which is a major problem all across the globe.

Big data helps in developing new ways to collect, interpret and store large amounts of information collected digitally through browsers, websites, online records, and digital transactions to enable users and businesses to make more informed decisions by predicting possible or plausible future outcomes through the rigorous study of this data.

The Big Data Analytics & Development course is mainly focused on using big data technology to help solve this problem in order to defrag unstructured data in an organized way to assist businesses and organizations in directing executive, management, and industrial decision-making.

 This is a new field of study that has risen in popularity for its increasing demand in the world of Computer Science. The curriculum in this course is innovative and is categorized to help students understand several topics like project management, project development, information administration, and corporate communications. Students are also required to combine theoretical knowledge with practical skills to understand how to search, record, collect, curate, analyze and store complex data sets inside business tools to make them ready for solving any problem and increasing their chances of employment.


I hope this article gave you a clear understanding of the best PG Diploma courses to study in Canada for students of Computer Science background. If you would like to avail premium admission counseling services, book a session with one of our admission counselors to be your mentor throughout your journey abroad. If you have any queries or doubts, you can drop us a mail at customer[dot]support[at]

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