Best PG Diploma Courses in Canada for Commerce Students

When it comes to cost, doing a PG Diploma in Canada is relatively cheaper and more cost-competitive compared to studying in the US and UK. Commerce is a very good industry having a lot of scopes for graduates and students to get good jobs. It’s an ever-growing sector that needs personnel, especially in Canada. In this article, we’ll be covering the top-ranked PG Diploma Courses and the future scope for commerce students in Canada.

If you’re a commerce student, you have a plethora of fields to choose from pursuing higher studies such as accounting, finance, marketing, HR, sales, supply chain, and many more.

Most In-Demand PG Diploma Programs

A lot of students go for subjects like Business Administration or Business Management for their PG Diploma in Canada right off the bat.


The average salary structure for a Business Administration PG Diploma graduate is 45,000 Dollars (CAD).

The average estimated cost to pursue a Business Administration or Business Management PG Diploma is 8,000 Dollars (CAD) per semester.

Generally, there are 4 semesters for a PG Diploma course and 6 Semesters for an advanced PG Diploma course which roughly sums up to 32,000 Dollars for the whole program which is a lot cheaper and affordable compared the similar courses in the UK and the US.

If you are not sure, which field might be the best option for you, you can consider going for normal business management or business administration diploma or advanced diploma. By doing so, you’ll get to learn about the core concepts of how a business works and should work from the ground level to the top that too in all aspects.

You will get to learn so much in these particular courses that by the end of the program you’ll have a clear idea of what are your likes and dislikes and what might be the best option for you to pursue higher on.

Best PG Diploma Courses in Canada for Commerce Students

PG Diploma in Business Administration

MBA or Masters of Business Administration is one of the most common subjects that offer a variety of career opportunities for graduates all over the world. A PG Diploma in Business Administration is the sidekick version of the aforementioned program having a lower cost and tenure without compromising the quality. A PG Diploma in Business Administration is offered by more than 50 top-ranked Canadian universities.

Canada is one of the top destinations most international students consider for their PG Diploma in Business Administration. Canada holds home to more than 5 lakh international students every year who come to do their post-graduation studies.

After UK and US, Canada is the third country to become a fully developed hotspot for management studies. Even the costs of most of the PG Diploma in Business Administration Programs in Canada are much more affordable than in the US.

PG Diploma in Business Analytics

The PG Diploma in Business Analytics program is a very underrated yet in-demand program right now in Canada. Even the most top-notch and highly reputed firms like Fortune and other FMCG firms are currently looking for Business Analytics professionals. Because of the increased digitalization, corporations must rely heavily on business data to maximize economic impact which in turn increases the demand for professionals with an MS in Business Analytics background.

Business Analysts have turned into a vital piece of every association and must adapt to the latest innovations, systems, and technology to foster knowledge and further develop the future of business in any company. Subjects such as statistical analysis, report writing, resource management, eliciting, task planning, project planning, process modeling, and business communications are taught in this program.

After completing a PG Diploma in Business Analytics, graduates can work as Business Analysts, Data Analysts, Business Management Consultants, Management Analysts, Organizational Analysts, ISO Consultants, Project Managers, and many other relevant and high-paying fields.

PG Diploma in Supply Chain Management

The Supply Chain Management PG Diploma program helps students level up their understanding, knowledge, skills, and expertise in the supply chain to potential clients or employers. The program is also best suited for providing students the ability to envision and formulate their own supply chain career plan.

Students get to learn about several elements of the supply chain such as strategic planning, network design, materials design, handling design, practical applications, and operations. They also enable students to fully understand and critically analyze the functioning of an end-to-end supply chain process and understand the importance of technology, software, hardware, labor, and applications in the execution of the supply chain.

Program graduates after completing their PG Diploma in Supply Chain Management become eligible to work in a wide range of domestic and international supply chain roles ranging from finance, procurement, sales, IT, inventory planning, and warehousing to transportation. Graduates aren’t even industry bound after completing this program as they can work in various industries globally such as mining and oil, public service, manufacturing and retailing, logistics and transportation providers, freight forwarders, rail and airline companies and many more could be some of the potential employers.

PG Diploma in Business Management/Global Business Management/ International Business Management

One of the most popular courses for overseas students in Canada is the Business Management PG Diploma. It does go by a lot of names so don’t be confused, with a few subjects improvised here and there, the overall main focus of study remains the same in this course. You can have a far deeper insight into the business management scene in Canada by attending one of the universities. You will get to expand your knowledge and technical skills in business management.

Students of this program will be developed to add fundamental skills necessary to manage physical, financial, and manual human resources to manage and meet the planned targets of a company or organization. Marketing, Sales, Accounting, Finance, Operations Management, and HR Management are some of the core subjects taught to students in this program. For one or two academic years, the majority of Canadian universities offer a part-time business management curriculum. Working professionals who can now continue their education after work hours have benefited greatly from this.

After completing a PG Diploma in Business Management, you will have the key to unlocking a chest of careers in the business industry all across the world. They could work in job roles in the areas of marketing, manufacturing, market research, retail, logistics, banking, insurance, and sales. You will get a lot of chances to get recruited by the best and most reputed companies in Canada or outside it.

PG Diploma
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PG Diploma in Marketing

PG Diploma in Marketing is one of the best PG programs to study in Canada. Marketing being a broad and versatile subject, have specializations in diverse marketing-related fields. Generally, the course is taught to students to help them get a grasp and sound ground in the field of marketing. The program slowly focuses on the creation, ideation, and implementation of integrated marketing strategies that play a role in achieving organizational goals.

Core topics in marketing such as marketing process and environments, planning, information collection process, buyer and seller behavior monitoring, and targeting strategies are taught in the program.

Companies in sectors like Arts, Retail, Education, Corporate Services, Software & IT Services, Legal, and Media & Communications hire marketers who work in positions such as Communications Manager, Advertising Consultant, Media Coordinator, Marketing Manager, Web Marketing Consultant, Business Manager, Content Marketer, Social Media Marketer, Digital Marketer, and many more.

There is a lot of scope in the field of marketing and getting a job isn’t very difficult even with the market being highly competitive solely because of the demand for marketing professionals. Career options aren’t limited and might even lead to managerial positions with time and effort.

PG Diploma in Finance

Any company or organization needs to understand the cost of running the business. The PG Diploma in Finance prepares students for an exciting and rewarding career in the sector of finance. Students get to gain specialized expertise in their careers along with technical knowledge and selling skills making them fit to work in an array of jobs in banks, credit unions, mutual funds companies, investment dealers, stock brokerages and insurance companies, etc.

Students get to know about the process for assessing ROI, creating a budget, and foreseeing any variances and changes in any organization which in turn help them to make informed and planned decisions and map out a strategy to convert into profits. Most colleges offering a PG Diploma in Finance have some minimum eligibility requirements such as a Bachelor’s degree along with 2 Years of finance-related work experience.

After completing your PG Diploma in Finance, one can work in a variety of job roles such as Corporate Investment Banker, Financial Analyst, Financial Advisor, Stockbroker, Actuary, and many more. The minimum salary of a PG Diploma in Finance student is $50,000.

PG Diploma in HR

The PG Diploma Program in Human Resources is a very dynamic program helping students participate and work in a very vital area of business in today’s competitive environment. With time, the business world is realizing the importance of good human resources that can help increase the productivity and output of the whole business which in turn increases the overall sales.

HR isn’t just about humans; it is also focused on several factors that have a huge impact on the overall atmosphere in the workplace and that kind of environment that produces maximum productivity. Students are introduced to effective strategies for hiring, motivating, managing training, and retaining staff. They are also taught other crucial topics such as competitive marketing challenges, job analysis, and design, HR Planning, Recruitment & Selection, Orientation & Training, Employee Relations Management, etc.

Graduates of the PG Diploma in HR program have the necessary skill set to enter a wide array of human resources job roles beginning from the entry-level to the top level with potential for growth and advancement into managerial positions as well. Graduates have also been employed and are known to work in job positions such as recruiters, compensation analysts, pensions, benefits assistants, health and safety assistants, employment equity officers, training and development assistants, labor relations assistants, and many more roles in human resources management.

PG Diploma in Economics

The last but not the least subject to be added to our list is the PG Diploma in Economics. It is a very versatile field and might be the perfect option for those who are interested in working with numbers, large data sets, and variables.

Some of the core principles of economics used in the society such as analysis of fundamental economic problems, economic models, an in-depth understanding of the Canadian economy, employment, inflation, the role of the government in managing the economy, and the functioning of demand and supply within the market are taught to students in this program to help them analyze and solve economic problem in any organization.

One can work as Actuaries, Budget Analysts, Financial Analysts, Market Research Analysts, and Operations Research Analysts after completing their PG Diploma in Economics. The average salary for someone holding a PG Diploma in Economics is $60,000.


Although PG Diplomas are quite affordable and cheaper, it is still a significant amount of money, especially for international students who are from India.

If your salary is $45,000 on average, then you can easily pay back any loan if you decide to take one. However, most students usually avoid applying for a loan, unless it’s a full-term bachelor’s or master’s degree.

PG Diploma vs MS Degree in Canada

What you need to understand is the fact that a PG Diploma isn’t a replacement or substitute for a degree. It can only act as an addition to show that you have specific knowledge in that subject which might not be enough to work as a professional in that field.

After a diploma, it is relatively difficult to find a good job offer and by a good job offer I mean the kind that pays you around $60,000. You need to do a bachelor’s or master’s degree for that.

Another important thing to consider while choosing your PG Diploma is that if you like a specific field such as HR or Marketing then choose that subject. Do not go for other fields which might have higher income earning potential, but might not be suitable for you (say IT or Business Analytics).

Do not think about the short-term, as most of the fields in the commerce industry more or less edge up to close numbers when it comes to the long term. Let’s say you are pursuing finance right now, after about 10-15 years you can become the chief financing head of a multinational company, who knows right?

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