6 Best Sites with Software Development Jobs

Software developers are more required as ever and it does not seem that professionals of this branch will ever be unneeded — technology is rapidly taking over our lives. 

However, you may struggle with finding new jobs on Linkedin, Glassdoor, or AngelList not because there are no free spots but because there are just too many sites with job listings and opportunities available for the job seekers. It gets quite overwhelming if you see thousands of sites with jobs — you may not know where to start, which sites are known for fraud, and where the best offers are.

This article will become your guide into sites with software development jobs: we have gathered 6 platforms that will surely offer you the best vacancies and services.


1. Upwork — The Most Popular Job Board

Upwork is one of the first choices when it comes to freelance. It can be considered mainstream within both developers and employers. One can send their CVs with cover letters or get an invitation from an employer to apply.

One can find numerous job offers that require different skills. Bookkeepers, SEO experts, content creators, and software developers are all mixed together on one site. The site is extremely competitive as well.

However, due to its popularity and variability, a lot of companies post their web development jobs on Upwork and many remote workers use the site to find a good tech job to work on.


2. TopTal — Recruiting Software of the Top 3% Talent

TopTal is a freelance platform that is famous for its strict hiring process and popularity that matches Upwork. Due to the difficulty of the recruitment process, more freelancers aspire to join the platforms and top-companies use this job board to find the best employees.

TopTal is more specific about who or what job offers one can find here. They accept developers, designers, finance experts, project, and product managers. It creates a well-shaped community and is free of an overwhelming number of job offers.

Yet, they do have small support opportunities. One can call or write an email. There is no live chat that is mostly used by any other platform. Therefore, you will have to wait if you need any assistance. 


3. YouTeam — Recruiting Software Developers for Long Term Projects

YouTeam is a well-known company for recruiting development teams including software engineers and UX/UI designers. Therefore, they have an established community of software developers and employers.

They do not hire freelancers but focus on the developers who are employed by outsourcing companies in Central, Eastern Europe, and Latin America. This allows them to establish long partnerships, engage employees into long-term and big projects, and ensure the best conditions for employees and employers. One can easily get a full-time job here.

Their policy of long-term projects may be inconvenient for those who want to change places of work often.


4. Stack Overflow — The Best FAQ

Stack Overflow is popular among the software development community since it truly cares about employees. They offer projects that awoke interest, focus on skill-sharing, and development. Users share their knowledge in open or private Q and A. It is perfect for onboarding, sharing new job postings, or getting the best advice out there.


5. GitHub Jobs — Get in The Community of Software Engineers and Developers

GitHub Jobs is the official job board of GitHub Inc — a web-based hosting service and software company based in San Francisco. 

In Github, you can learn and grow as a developer, see code samples of other professionals and find someone you can work with by what they are coding. GitHub Jobs was created specifically for job postings. They decided to move recruitment to a whole new level. There is not a great variety of job postings but you can be sure that there are the most interesting and secure ones. 


6. Codepen.io/Jobs — Quality over Quantity

On CodePen you can learn a lot about front-end design, front-end developers, and full-stack designers. At first, you get into the community, you create a website of your own, and that is how an employer finds you and assesses your work and skill level.

CodePen jobs have more than 2.8 million members now. You can find both remote and in-office job postings there. The number of postings is a bit narrow but all of them are good and it is a great community to join anyway!


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In this article, we presented very different kinds of sites. We have reviewed a site that works with freelancers from different branches (Upwork). We have also taken a closer look at the site where they choose only 3% of talents and therefore are prestigious (TopTal). YouTeam is a site that does not hire freelancers but offers long-term and big projects. Stack Overflow, GitHub Jobs and Codepen.io/Jobs have managed to build great communities where they share the best skills and valuable job postings.

Therefore, we believe that the world of sites for developers has got narrower and now every software developer may find a site that works the best for them!


About the author

Galina is Head of Marketing at YouTeam, a Y Combinator-backed marketplace for hiring remote software developers from Eastern Europe and Latin America.


Note: This is a sponsored article!

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