Best Summer Programs for High School Students in India 2023

Every year colleges are receiving a record number of applications. There is fierce competition among applicants to set themselves apart from others. College admission officers always look for students who dedicate time and effort to showcase a well-rounded profile. Summer programs are great for profile building during high school. So, if you are serious about getting admitted to the top colleges in the world, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and work on building a well-rounded profile. Know the best summer programs for high school students in India for 2023.

Why Should You Attend a Summer Program?

Summer Programs for High School Students in India

Summer is the best time to show the admission officers that you are more than your GPA and test scores. The summer provides various opportunities to demonstrate your motivation and interests. You could undertake community work, an internship, or a summer program. Summer programs are quite effective as they expose you to advanced subjects at the high school level. Hence, it shows that you are interested in a certain subject. Additionally, they seem to improve your college admission chances. So, let’s dig deeper into the list of best summer programs in India for high school students. Read more about the benefits of attending a summer school (pre-college) program.

Summer Programs for High School Students in India in 2023

Since the year 2020 (after the Coronavirus pandemic), many summer school providers canceled their offline/residential summer programs. Some of the best summer programs like Symbiosis Summer School and Doon Summer School are not even happening in 2023.

List of Summer Programs happening in 2023 (Online and Offline):

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Summer Internships for High School Students in India (with Stipend)

This year (Summer 2023), Stoodnt is offering 6 summer internships (apart from summer school programs) –

  • Data Science Internship (Grade 9 – 12)
  • 3D Animation Internship (Grade 11/12)
  • Community Outreach Internship (Grade 9 – 12)
  • Branding, Communication & Content Marketing Internship (Grade 9 – 12)
  • Marketing & Business Development Internship (Grade 11/12)
  • CEO Office Internship (Grade 9 -12)

Check out the responsibilities, requirements, and application process for summer internships for high school students in India.

Best Summer Programs for High School Students Online

Online Pre-College Summer Programs on Engineering

Best Online Summer Programs on Business & Entrepreneurship

Best Online Summer Programs on Computer Science

Best Online Summer Programs on PRE-MED for High Schoolers

Top Online Summer Programs on Psychology for High School Students

Online Pre-College Summer Programs on Creative Writing

Top Online Summer Programs on Liberal Arts for High School Students

Best Summer Programs for High School Students in India (Offline / Residential and Online)

Symbiosis Summer School

The first of its kind in India, the Symbiosis Summer School, run by the Symbiosis International University (SIU), is a multidisciplinary program within a fully-residential school at Lavale in Pune.

The summer program offers a learning environment with national and international faculty members within an intercultural community. The school will offer short-term certificate courses in a range of disciplines including filmmaking and photography, creative writing, liberal arts, performing arts like dance, theatre, Indian music, Indian classical dance, art and design, and climate change.

Students will be enlightened in courses given below –

  • Management
  • Engineering
  • Arts
  • Architecture and Design
  • Film and Animation
  • Liberal Arts
  • Science
  • Media and Journalism
  • Law
  • Pharmacy
  • Chartered Accountancy
  • CS / ICAI
  • Armed Forces
  • Medical Studies
  • Computer Studies
  • Actuarial Science
  • Investment Banking
  • MPSC and UPSC
  • IAS and IFS
  • Gaming and App Development

Online Bioinformatics Summer Program by SHRM Biotech

what is bioinformatics

Bioinformatics is a multidisciplinary field that links biology, bio-medicine, proteomics, genomics, genetic engineering, mathematics, and computer science.

Bioinformatics is a modern, growing scientific field created by the intersection of biology, computer science, and information technology to support the storage, organization, and retrieval of biological data.

Broadly viewed, the field of bioinformatics incorporates three main areas: 1) genomics, 2) proteomics, and 3) systems biology.

This program has been tailored for the bioscience students of Class 9 – 12. This is the most crucial growth period in terms of technical knowledge that makes a difference to the student’s career as well as to the scientific community. 

Amity University Summer School Program

Amity University (Noida) offers two-week summer programs in Science & Technology, Management, Communication, Creative Programmes, Law, Hotel Management, Travel & Tourism, Psychology, and Foreign Languages. Amity offers a great opportunity to explore various subject fields and work towards discovering a career roadmap that suits your interests and personality traits. So, if you are looking for a summer school in India 2022, Amity must be on your priority list.

Students can do a summer course in the following areas:

1. Science & Technology

  • Biotechnology
  • Nanotechnology
  • Forensic Science
  • Aerospace & Avionics
  • Computer Science
  • Electronics & Communication
  • Networking & Telecommunication
  • Automobile Engineering
  • Space Science & Technology

2. Management

  • Marketing & Sales
  • Accounting & Finance

3. Communication

  • Film Awareness & Film Making
  • English Communication & Journalism
  • Photography

4. Creative Programmes

  • Fine Arts
  • Fashion Design
  • Architecture & Interior Design

5. Film & Drama

  • Film Awareness & Film Making
  • Acting for Stage & Screen

6. Specialized Programs:

  • Law
  • Hotel Management
  • Physical Education
  • Travel & Tourism
  • Foreign Language
  • Psychology

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Young Leaders for Active Citizenship (YLAC)

The YLAC program offers a unique opportunity to develop a better understanding of societal challenges. The program was initiated by Harvard and Oxford alumni with the objective of creating future leaders in the field of social impact. The YLAC summer program equips high school students with a broader vision, inter-cultural awareness, and leadership skills through live projects. It’s not a traditional classroom-based program. The YLAC program deploys role-plays, group activities, peer reviews, field visits, and gamification.

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Oxford Summer Courses

The Oxford Summer Courses in India will allow you to get exposed to world-class teaching and educational excellence. All the faculty members are Oxford academics with years of teaching experience. The 10-day courses are very effective in improving your grades, improving your college admission chances, and gaining a competitive edge.

Available Courses:

  • Business & Entrepreneurship
  • Computer Science
  • Creative Writing & English Literature
  • Economics
  • Medicine
  • Leadership
  • Natural Sciences
  • Psychology
  • Media Studies
  • Politics
  • Law

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Young Scholars Program (YSP) at Ashoka University

It’s one of the leading summer programs in India for students looking to study Liberal Arts. The Young Scholars Programme at Ashoka University is a unique summer residential program that introduces high school students to the idea of a liberal arts education. It is a certified, week-long, residential program where students are exposed to different disciplines through experiential and hands-on learning. The program includes a range of activities including lectures, workshops, discussion groups, project work, presentations, and performances.

This is an excellent program for outstanding high school students in Classes 10, 11 and 12. With its unique interdisciplinary coursework taught by world-class faculty, this program is an excellent introduction to the academic and cultural environment of college life at Ashoka University. Ashoka University is one of the pioneering institutes in Liberal Arts Education in India. Hence, you would be attending one of the best summer programs for high school students in India.

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Data Science & Machine Learning for Biology Bootcamp

Data Sciences (including Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Data Analytics) and Biosciences (Biotechnology, Bioinformatics, and Biomedical & Life Sciences) are currently the hottest careers.

This 2-week online Bootcamp on Data Science for Biology will help you to get a flavor of the advanced (college-level) courses and get a headstart for future careers.

This program is meant for absolute beginners including high school students and college students.

Summer Immersion Program at Flame University

The 2-week summer program focuses on liberal arts education while strengthening the academic and non-academic skills of the participants.

The curriculum is very inter-disciplinary and puts a lot of emphasis on critical thinking research, ideation, communication skills, leadership, and team working skills.

Inomi prepLABS

Inomi prepLABS is a great opportunity to turn your passion into a project. PrepLABS courses are designed for high school students to explore the challenges and opportunities of the college experience. Students will enjoy the excitement and responsibility through balancing challenging coursework and enriching creative activities—without the pressure of formal grades.

prepLABS Majors:

  • Python and Data Analytics
  • STEM and Arduino
  • Academic Research
  • Podcast and Blogging
  • Film Makin

Read more about the prepLABS summer programs and registration process.

Online Biotechnology & Bioscience Summer Program by SHRM

Program Highlights:

  • 6-day online program for Grade 8 – 12 Students
  • Advanced (college-level) concepts on Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, Microbiology
  • Hands-on Experiments (DNA isolation, Alkalinity Detection, Soap & Sanitizer Preparation) at home
  • Research Abstract and Publication in Journal
  • Introduction and Comparison of College Curriculum (e.g. how to choose among BSc Biotechnology, BSc Microbiology & BSc Forensic Science)

Young Technology Scholars (YTS)

YTS is a 2-week residential summer program aimed at high school students from Grade 9 – 11. It’s a unique program on interdisciplinary technical education. Although STEM-focused, YTS is open to students from all streams including arts and commerce. It’s an initiative by Plaksha University.

The program curriculum has been designed by senior faculty from leading universities of the world, in collaboration with alumni from top institutes like Stanford, UC Berkeley, HBS, IITs, and the IIMs. It’s a great program for the kids who want to explore the scientific, creative (design) and business aspects of AI, Robotics, Electronics, Optics, Data Sciences, and Bioinformatics.

Read more about the Young Technology Scholars (YTS) summer school program.

TribesForGOOD Summer Program

TribesForGOOD’s Young Changemakers is a virtual summer program, which introduces students to social entrepreneurship & leadership with a year-long mentoring program. Students will work in teams closely with innovative enterprises focused on global challenges – social justice, impact travel, education, women empowerment, animal welfare, climate change, poverty alleviation, and much more.

The program is suitable for young adults (aged 13 – 18) who will be the future entrepreneurs, consultants, and diplomats entering a globalized world and want to participate in social, economic, and environmental issues affecting India. It’s also an ideal program for high school students who want to strengthen their profiles for admissions at top colleges.

International Summer Leadership Program by Aspire Education and Darden Business School

Program Content & Curriculum

The 40-hour program (4 hours each day) will consist of the following:

  • Socratic Dialogue: 8 hours
  • Case Studies: 4 hours
  • Writing Skills (Pyramid Principle): 3 hours
  • Oratory and Performing Arts: 3 hours
  • Soft Skills: 6 hours
  • Dramatics for a Cause: 4 hours (Eligible for CAS Points)
  • Film-Making for Purpose: 4 hours (Eligible for CAS Points)
  • Guest Speakers: 4 hours
  • Opening & Closing Sessions: 4 hours

Doon School’s Summer Programme on Leadership

This is a great program for young boys and girls (Grade 9 – 12) to develop excellent leadership skills. It is quite intensive in nature, but enjoyable at the same time. The summer program involves case studies, creative experiential learning, intellectual challenge, problem-solving, outdoor adventure, design thinking, community service, group activities, and self-discovery.

The program aims to nurture the influencers, social entrepreneurs, and thought leaders of the future. You will be in the Doon Valley with the magnificent Garhwal Himalayas to the north and the Sal-clothed Shivaliks to the south. The school campus offers an idyllic location for young people to live and learn together and explore their interests. The previous students who completed the summer program at the Doon School, have made it to the IITs, Delhi University, Singapore and Hong Kong universities, Oxford and Cambridge as well as the Russell Group universities in the UK, Canada, and Ivy League colleges and other highly regarded liberal arts and science colleges in the US.

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Camp Cardamom

Camp Cardamom is a unique summer program for school kids that applies the model of experiential education to teaching children about classical Indian culture and environmental stewardship. 

Students participate in activities such as dance, music, and visual arts, as well as trekking, rock climbing, and canoeing.

The program use also experiences as teaching tools in the classroom, where our visiting scholar from the University of Oxford will deliver a series of discussion-based lectures on Indian history, religion, and culture. Read more about courses and sessions at Camp Cardamom.

RISD CE Teen Art Immersion Program

Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) is offering the Art Immersion Program at Pathways World School, Aravali for high school students in India. This summer, students in Grades 9 – 12 who are passionate about visual arts can engage in a rigorous studio practice informed by RISD’s renowned approach to art and design education.

This two-week residential program will be taught by Experimental and Foundations Studies faculty Norman Paris and Leslie Hirst who will push students to focus on process and experimental-based artmaking to help achieve unexpected results. At the conclusion of the program, students will be able to showcase their work in a final exhibition.

Aspire India Scholars Programme – Jindal Global Summer School

It’s a 2-week program that offers a unique opportunity to have fun, learn new things, make friends and in the process embark on a great voyage of self-discovery. The purpose of the summer school program at O.P. Jindal University is to create opportunities for high school students (IX, X, XI, XII), from India and abroad, to experience the diversity of academic programs, disciplines and campus environments that are available to them at the tertiary level and to enable an informed transition from high school to college/university.

Focus Area: Liberal Arts (Non-STEM)


  • Business Management, Leadership and Entrepreneurship
  • Media, Communications & Public Affairs
  • Law, Justice & Democracy
  • Diplomacy, International Relations, and Peace
  • Economy, Public policy, and Development
  • Liberal Arts, Culture, and Humanities
  • Architecture, Planning and Sustainability
  • Banking, Finance and Accounting

The Aspire India Scholars Programme (AISP) aims to develop young leaders who are equipped to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing world and play leading roles in public life. The JGSS faculty members are selected from all schools of O.P. Jindal Global University (JGU) and other reputed universities in India and in collaboration with top-notch faculty members from some of the leading universities of the world such as Harvard, Yale, Columbia, MIT, Michigan, Cornell, UC- Berkeley, Oxford and Cambridge. It’s definitely one of the summer programs for high school students in India.

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Delhi Warwick Summer School

It’s a great one-week-long summer program for high school students who want to get introduced to Economics and Finance. The teaching will be delivered and led by Professor Muthoo from The University of Warwick.

The first Delhi Warwick Summer School took place in 2015 as a result of the collaboration between academics from Warwick University, staff from the British School and colleagues from the University Options team.


  • What is Economics?
  • Game Theory and Strategic Thinking
  • Macroeconomics and the Global Economy
  • Introduction to Finance
  • Economic History, Institutions and where we are today

The Warwick Summer School is suitable for students entering Class 11 and 12 (Indian System) and who have completed their IGCSE, CBSE, ICSE or other Class 10 examinations.

INSPIRIT AI – Summer Program on Artificial Intelligence 

This program, developed and taught exclusively by a team of AI specialists from Stanford, provides guidance on initiating AI projects, pursuing AI ventures, and preparing for college.

The 10-day Bootcamp exposes high school students (Grade 9 to 12) to fundamental AI concepts and helps students build a mentor-led socially impactful AI projects that include Eye Disease Diagnosis, Distracted Driver Detection, Crop Output Prediction, and Disaster Relief Improvement.

Columbia Business School’s Summer Program on Global Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Columbia Business School’s Global Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program is a pre-college course on the theory and practice of entrepreneurship and innovation for high school students. The course will be delivered by renowned and experienced faculty from Columbia Business School, interlaced with guest lectures by real-world entrepreneurs.

The program has been structured into 5 modules with each one focusing on the different facets of an entrepreneurial venture. The sessions on these modules would comprise of lectures, followed by interactive group discussions within the school premises.

Students can choose to reconvene after the scheduled hours, at their convenience, to work on their business model with their respective group.

Program Modules:

  • Business Opportunity
  • Strategy and Viability
  • Innovation, Branding & Digital Marketing
  • Leadership & Finance
  • Execution and Presentation

This one-week program is open for Grade 8 – 12 students.

Woodstock Summer School Program

Here is the summer program from one of Asia’s oldest International Boarding Schools – Woodstock School (estd. 1854). Woodstock values holistic development. The summer program combines academic rigor with the energy and excitement of a summer camp. Through a range of courses, master teachers strengthen participants’ academic foundations for college and career.


  • Leadership
  • Entrepreneurship
  • English Masterclass
  • Automobile Design and Engineering
  • Robotics
  • Music Production
  • Band and Strings
  • Indian Culture and Traditions
  • English Language Acquisition
  • Climate Change in the Himalayas

ISDI Summer School

This summer school by the School of Design & Innovation helps young minds discover their creativity and imagination through a unique program that combines engaging exercises and collaborative projects. It stimulates the students’ capacity to think out of the box and challenges them to find tangible solutions to problems.

The program is designed to help participants find where their interests and skills lie and make better academic and career choices. Anyone in Grade 8 – 12, can attend this summer program.

Through a transformative training process, the Introduction to Design Studio builds art and design skills, leadership, teamwork, and confidence in young students. It shows the linear and lateral ways of solving problems and encourages them to channelize their enthusiasm and energies in a productive, creative direction.

Over the two weeks, students pursue a college-level curriculum with studio classes, reviews, and immersions. They will also learn to work alongside highly motivated students to shape their portfolio and explore creative education options.

The Program Curriculum includes:

  • Design Thinking
  • Multimedia
  • Interior Design
  • Fashion Design
  • Fashion Styling
  • Product Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Digital Photography
  • 2D Modelling
  • Communication & Presentation Skills

Summer Programmes at UWC Mahindra College

The summer programs at the UWC Mahindra College are excellent programs to experience social awareness and multicultural diversity. The 2016 batch saw students from India, Argentina, China, Turkey, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Cambodia, Spain, and others. The programs are usually 1 to 3 weeks long. You could also do a back-to-back action-packed 6-week program for a truly immersive experience at the UWC. If you want to undergo experiential learning within an international community while focussing on real-world issues (waste management, food & agriculture, sustainable human habits, religion, gender equality, politics etc.), then this is a must-attend the summer program.

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India Summer School by King’s College London

In addition to the summer programs in London, King’s College London (in partnership with Lady Shri Ram College) also offers summer programs in India. You could study International Relations or Marketing Management with International Marketing. Students also get the opportunity to attend the summer program in Mumbai and Berlin.

ARCC Summer Program – The Himalayan Project

This is a great adventurous program for students in 9th grade and onward. During this 21-day program, you will experience the bustling streets of Delhi, teach English to children in local schools in the Himalayan peaks (altitudes will be in the range of 11, 500 to 17, 000 feet), and going around some of the historical sites in Leh, Ladakh, Agra, Rishikesh, Delhi, and Jaipur. It is comparatively an expensive program and basically tailored for international students. However, if you could afford it, it will be a lifetime experience for you.

Gaudium Summer Camp

2 – 4 weeks of summer camp on Sports, Arts, Music, Dance & Drama for kids aged 4 – 16.

Activities include Chess, TableTennis, Taekwondo, Gymnastics. Basketball, Badminton, Cricket, Football, Skating, Squash, Athletics, Canvas Painting, Glass Painting, Mask Making, Mural Painting, Portrait Making and many, many, many more!!!

Summer Program/Internship on Psychology for High School Students in India

Children First Summer School

This summer school is for Grade 11 – 12 students who wish to explore Psychology.

Location: Delhi

Email for more details

Fortis Summer Internship

Summer internships opportunities are offered for school students across the cities where the department is established. Providing a structured program for students, the internship provides students a chance to understand aspects of mental health and how it is integrated within a general hospital setup, orientation to new and applied fields of psychology, as well as projects under the guidance of mental health professionals.

To know more details about the program you can email at

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If you need advice and/or guidance on summer school selection, application & admissions in India or abroad, please feel free to reach out to us.

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