Best Universities in Italy for International Students

When we think about Italy one thing that comes to our mind is the narrow waterways of Venice or the big Colosseum of Rome. Italy in a true sense is a god’s gift to this modern world. It is not only a tourist paradise for its breath-taking beaches or the citadel of medieval history with mind-boggling architectures, but Italy has also proved its mettle in the sphere of engineering, technology, and fashion. Italy boasts of having some of the world’s top automobile brands and engineering companies. Be it Lamborghini, Ferrari, or Enel, Italy has always been at the forefront of engineering marvels.

Heritage and Quality is the founding base of the Italian education system

Italy has achieved a lot so far in the domain of engineering, finance, fashion or architecture and when we introspect about the factors of its success one thing that prominently stands out is the immense contribution of the Italian universities in making it possible.

It is not surprising to know that the oldest university in Europe, the University of Bologna, was founded in Italy. It has been running and started to accept students since 1088, this is about more than 400 years before Columbus even landed and discovered America. With such history and traditions, it is no brainer that Italy has always attracted students from all over the world. An enthralling culture on one hand and a country with ultra-modern opportunities on the other makes Italy a go to place.

The Italian universities are not only famous for engineering programs but also equally respected for its arts and humanities courses. Business and economics are the other streams that are widely popular with international students.

Best Business Schools in Italy for International Students (programs and fees)

If we look into the rankings of universities then some of the best Universities in Europe comes from Italy. As an example, SDA Bocconi is one of the top B-schools in Europe and even in the world and its MBA program is highly rated.

 Let’s now explore some of the best B-schools and the MBAs from Italy.

  1. SDA Bocconi school of management: This school offers undergraduate and Master programs in management. An MBA at Bocconi costs around Euro 59,000 and takes 12 months to finish.
  2. Bologna Business School: The second on the list is the Bologna Business school. Carrying the burden of reputation of being the oldest European university this school offers MBA in many fields. MBA Design, Fashion and Luxury Goods is one of the most sought-after MBA programs at Bologna. This program cost 35000 euros and the duration is for 12 months. This program also includes 500 hours of internship.
  3. MIP Politecnico di Milano: The third on the list is one of the most famous Universities from Milan, Italy. Politecnico di Milano offers a fast-track MBA for 37,000 euros, there are 4 specialization one can choose from. Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Startup Development, Digital Transformation & Big Data Luxury & Design Management, Global & Sustainable Management are the 4 possible areas of specialization

Three Best Italian Universities for Engineering programs

Apart from the B-schools, engineering colleges in Italy are highly regarded and some of the top 200 engineering colleges are from Italy. Some of the best engineering schools from Italy are as follows:

  1. Politecnico di Milano: One of the best in Europe Politecnico di Milano is the highest rank Italian university and stands at 149 in the world. Some of its engineering courses ranked in the world’s top 20 courses.
  2. Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa: Just after Politecnico the university that comes in ranking list is the famous University from Pisa. This university is famous for its research and ranked 18th in the world for its research citations per faculty member. It’s a very small university with only 500 students.
  3. University of Bologna: Next is the famous the University of Bologna. Some of its program like the Agricultural sciences and Civil Engineering ranks at 29 and 40 respectively.

Three Best Italian Universities for Arts and Humanities courses

After B-schools and engineering the Arts and Humanities are the streams that attracts a great number of International students. The 3 best Universities in Arts and Humanities from Italy are as follows.

  1. University of Bologna: In the top comes again University of Bologna. It comes at 121 in the world for Arts and Humanities.
  2. University of Sapienza: One of the oldest and famous Universities, Sapienza is situated in the greatest city of Medieval Europe, Rome. Ranked 129 in arts and humanities it is one of the most sought-after universities for foreign students.
  3. University of Padua: Located in the city of Padua. This university ranked 179 in the world for its Arts and humanities courses.

Cost of education in Italy

The cost to study in Italy varies from University to University, however, the average cost lies from around 4000 euros a year to 2000 euros a year. The living cost too varies from city to city. The cities in the North are costlier to live than the ones in the South. A living expense for a student in Milan would be for around 900 to 1200 euros Whereas in Naples it would be couple of hundred euros less.

Best private universities in Italy

Most of the universities in Italy are public universities, however, there are few good private universities as well. Some of the private universities are:

  1. Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore
  2. Università Commerciale Luigi Bocconi
  3. Libera Università di Bolzano
  4. LIUC Università Cattaneo
  5. Università Europea di Roma

Some more factors to study in Italy

The standard of education in Italy is of the highest order and demands respect from the world round. There has been a continuous growth of international students coming to Italy. Its rapidly becoming as one of the hotspots of foreign students after UK, Germany and France. The lower cost of living and student friendly environment is helping the country to grow as a favourite destination for many foreign students. Some other factors like the scholarships for foreign students is also helping many students to realize their dreams in Italy. The Italian Government Scholarships for Foreign Students, EDISU Piemonte Scholarships, Scuola Normale Superiore PhD Scholarships and other hundreds of university specific scholarships helped thousands of students from around the world.


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