10 Best Universities for Media Studies in the UK

As technology keeps getting ahead of its time with every passing second, creativity and competition also increase. Media studies help you learn about communication and equip you with technological skills that are in demand all over the world. 

Media & Communications is one of the most sought-after degrees in the UK. A degree in Media Studies from any university in the UK will be highly regarded, anywhere in the world. The various practical and theoretical aspects of the subject for both undergraduates and postgraduates allow for a diverse range of jobs in the professional field.

While pursuing your career in the UK, you will also develop skills in a multicultural environment which will ensure eligibility criteria to be met for the most lucrative and high-paying jobs in the media sector after graduation.

Here’s a comprehensive list of the 10 Best Universities for Media Studies in the UK:

Loughborough University

The Loughborough University in Loughborough, Leicestershire, England is one of the best public research universities since 1900 with an overall score of 100% when it comes to quality of education.

They offer the course BSc. Honors Degree in Media & Communication which has an overall duration of 3 years with an extra year for placement.

Fees for the whole study add up to 9,250 pounds or approx. 888,000 INR per academic year for those who stay in the UK and 20,000 pounds or approx.20 lakhs INR for international students. The minimum entry requirement to get into the course includes an average of 80-90% performance in the best 4 subjects.

Students with A-level or IB qualifications will be eligible for direct entry.

Bournemouth University

The Bournemouth University in Bournemouth, England is a public university offering Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Communication & Media (BA not BSc).

Its overall score stands at 92%. The course is crafted in partnership with leading industry experts to provide you with the skills and the knowledge needed to pursue your passion. You’’ even have access to industry-standard software and hardware at your disposal on campus.

The course starts in September and runs for 3 years full time. Students can opt for 4 years with a 30-week place or 5 years with an additional Foundation year.

The fee structure includes 9250 pounds for Bachelor’s degree for UK students and ranges from 15,000 to 17,000 pounds (approx. Rs 15 lakhs) for international students, per academic year.

London School of Economics

The London School of Economics in London, England ranks among the top 3 universities in the UK and top 5 universities in the world with an overall score of 93%.

The Department of Media & Communication is a world-leading center for education in LSE’s academic community in Central London.

They offer cutting-edge interdisciplinary post-graduate teaching in this field to an enormous body of students through their master’s course MSc. Media and Communications (Data & Society).

The course lasts for a year where students undergo a critical exploration of the significance of data and information within contemporary societies and communications.

For now, they only have a Master’s Post Graduation Course for this subject where the cost comes around 24,000 pounds or approx. Rs 23 lakhs for International Students and 18,408 pounds for UK students.

King’s College London

The King’s College London in London, England is known for being the third oldest university in the UK. It is ranked among the top 10 Universities in the world. It even has 12 Noble Prize laureates as its alumni.

You want to choose this college as it offers a world-class education as you are taught by renowned teachers and this course is the first degree based in the heart of London that combines culture, media, and creative industries within it.

 It provides courses like Bachelor of Arts in Culture, Media & Creative Industries, and Bachelor of Arts in Digital Media & Culture. The duration of the course is 3 years.

The fee required for UK students is 9,250 pounds and 21,840 pounds (approx. Rs 21 lakhs) for international students per academic year. International students also need to pay a deposit of 2000 pounds against their first year’s tuition fee.

University of Leeds

With the UK being the most popular country for students to study in, the University of Leeds in Leeds, West Yorkshire, England is one of the largest higher education institutions with an overall score of 97%.

It is ranked 9th in UK and 65th in the world when it comes to education and placement facilities. It is also ranked among the top 10 universities for communication and media studies in the UK.

The University of Leeds offers both Bachelor’s and Master’s degree of Arts in Communication & Media for undergraduates and postgraduates.

The Communication & Media BA course has a tenure of 3 years which costs 9250 Pounds for UK students and 23,000 Pounds (approx. Rs 2180100) for international students.

While the MA course for the same subject has tenure of 12 months and costs 19,000 pounds (approx. Rs 19 lakhs) for both international students and those who live in the UK.

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Cardiff University

Cardiff University in Cardiff, Wales is a public research university with an overall score of 96%. The university has built an extensive reputation for excellence in teaching, training, and research globally.

It offers courses like BA in Media & Communication, BA in Journalism Media & Sociology, BA in Journalism, Media and English Literate for undergraduates. For post graduates, it offers courses like MA in Journalism, Media & Communications, and MA in Digital Media & Society.

The BA courses generally have a tenure of three years while the Masters have a duration of 12 months. The course fee for the past year was 9000 pounds which roughly estimates up to Rs 9 lakhs. The prices may vary for this year. Please contact the university before making any major decisions.

University of Leicester

The University of Leicester in Leicester, England has an overall score of 91%. The university holds two most prestigious national Centers for Excellence in Teaching & Learning. Other than this, Leicester is also named one of the best student cities in the UK.

The university has also been at the forefront of media research since 1966. It is ranked among the top 15 universities in the UK to study Communication & Media Sciences.

It offers Bachelor of Arts (Honors) in Media & Communication for undergraduates and Master of Arts in subjects like Media & Communication, Media & Public Relations, Digital Media & Society, and Global Media & Communication for postgraduates.

The UG courses are full-time three-year tenure courses. Currently, the fee structure includes 9250 pounds for EU and UK-based students and 19,000 pounds (approx. 17.5 lakhs INR) for International students.

Goldsmiths, University of London

The Goldsmiths, University of London in London, England is a constituent research university of the University of London with an overall score of 91%.

The department of Media, Communication and Cultural Studies ranks 2nd in the UK and 12th in the world for its academic excellence and research.

Over the years, it has built an excellent reputation, and students here are encouraged to challenge general preconceptions and traditional boundaries and methods to explore new ways of thinking and reaching their goals.

It offers Bachelor of Arts (Honours) courses in Media & Communications and Media & English which are four-year integrated degree courses with a mixture of lectures, seminars, screenings, and workshops. It also offers Masters of Arts courses in Media & Communications, Digital Media, Promotional Media, and Global Media & Politics.

University College London

University College London or UCL is public research university based in London, UK which is consistently ranked as one of the top ten universities in the world in accordance with the World University Rankings 2022.It also has confirmed its place among the top 20 super elite universities in the world.

It offers Bachelor of Arts courses in Culture, Communication & Media (CCM) which is committed to excellence in teaching, research and consultancy in the areas of Art, English, Writing, Design, Music, Applied Linguistics and Digital Technology.

It even offers Masters of Arts Courses and specializations in Media & Communications, Digital Media-Critical Studies, Education and Production.

The BA Honors Media course is a full-time 3 years course with an annual fee of 9,250 pounds for UK students and 25,800 pounds or Rs 24, 52,045 for international students.

University of Westminster

The University of Westminster is a public research institute based in Cavendish, Central London, UK with an overall score of 90%. It has one of the most diverse and international crowds among other universities in the UK with over 5000 students coming in international from over 150 countries, every year.

It offers courses like Contemporary Media Practice BA Honours with foundation, Digital Media & Communication BA Honours for undergraduates.

For postgraduates, they offer courses like Media & Development MA, Diversity and the Media MA, Media, Arts & Design MA, Global Media MA, International Media Business MA, Contemporary Media Practise MA and Interactive Media Practise MA.

This has the most diverse range of courses available in the university than any other university on this list. It ensures extensive quality in research and education by keeping 25 supervising staff and over 50 doctoral researchers who are also part-time professors.

The full-time course spans over 3 years for a Bachelor’s degree and costs 9,250 pounds every academic year for those who stay in the UK. For international students, the price is 19,630 pounds which roughly sums up to 18.5 lakhs INR.

Editor’s Note:

The prices mentioned here are rounded up, the original prices may vary during the time of application. Please refer to the individual websites of the colleges and universities and contact them for the right price. This list is a comprehensive list of the best colleges for Media Studies all over the UK. There are lots of good colleges other than these so please choose one that fits the best for you and your price range.

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