Bite-Size Custom MS Counselling Services – Scopes, Advantages & Reviews

The 2021 admission cycle is going to be pretty competitive for MS aspirants across all countries. Usually, folks start signing up for MS admission counselling services from August. This year, we have already seen a decent number of sign-ups for admissions consulting packages for fall 2021 intake; and we are in mid-July.

In order to cater to more number of clients, we have already expanded our Counselor base. Additionally, we are also offering customized bite-size services.

Why Bite-Size Counselling Services?

Quite often applicants do NOT need end-to-end MS admissions consulting packages. Besides, the end-to-end guidance packages are not pocket-friendly for everyone. Though our services are pretty competitive in the market; they would still cost INR 20,000 – 40,000 for the MS vertical.

Our Popular Bite-Size MS Counselling Services

  • Personalized Counseling Session (30/60 minutes)
  • Personalized University Shortlisting
  • University List Review
  • CV (Resume) Review
  • Recommendation Guidance
  • SoP Review
  • Application Review (Ding Analysis)

Have a look at our MS Admission Counselling ServicesBite-Size Services and Comprehensive Packages.

The bite-size packages are in the range of INR 4,000 – 18,000. We are already seeing huge popularity among clients who are targeting the 2021 admission cycle.

Besides, we have been operating remotely (online) since 2016/2017. So, students and working professionals are also not facing any issues due to the pandemic situation.

Previously, I have written about the personalized 1-on-1 online counselling sessions. In this post, we will look at some of the recent reviews for the other bite-size counseling packages.

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Feedback on Personalized University Shortlisting by Siddharth Nijhawan

Personalized University Shortlisting for MS - Review & Feedback

Background: Siddharth completed B.Tech. in Electronics & Communication Engineering in 2019 and currently working as IoT Engineer at McKinsey. He aims to apply for Computer Science and Data Science programs for fall 2021 round.

Below is an excerpt from his feedback on our bite-size service.

1. What made you contact Stoodnt initially for University Shortlisting?

Siddharth: Read the reviews on the Internet and was really impressed by the positive feedback/comments.

2. The entire process has been done remotely (Phone, Google Meet or Email). Did you face any problem with the online/remote process?

Siddharth: The process was really smooth and I did not face any challenges.

3. What’s your feedback on the University Shortlisting service and the counseling sessions?

Siddharth: The mentor (Tanmoy Ray) assigned to me was extremely helpful and responded immediately with useful feedback. He was able to clarify a lot of doubts I had regarding various universities.

4. Did you find the pricing worth it?

Siddharth: The service was great value for money and pricing is pretty competitive in the market.

5. Would you recommend your friends, relatives, or colleagues for such bite-size services (University Shortlisting or SoP/Essay Services)?

Siddharth: I would definitely recommend this service to anyone seeking attendance for higher education

6. According to you, are these bite-size services a good idea?

Siddharth: Yes definitely, no one would likely to shell huge amounts in one go unless they are assured about the services.

Feedback on Ding Analysis (Application Review) by Ankita Sinha

MS Application Review Services and Feedback

Background: Ankita had a great profile. However, she received rejections from almost all the universities she applied for fall 2020 intake. She had approached us with the intention to understand what might have gone wrong and how she could improve her admission chances next year.

Initially, she had signed up for a 1:1 session with me and later signed up for a custom application review service. Below is her feedback!

1.       What made you contact Stoodnt (or Tanmoy Ray) initially for 1:1 session?

           Ans.  My mother found a blog – and sent it to me since the case was very similar to mine. The student had a good profile but was getting rejects from multiple colleges. After reading the blog, I searched for some other reviews of Tanmoy Ray and thought he could help me get in my dream college next year. this motivated me to contact Stoodnt.

2.       What convinced you to sign up for the Application Review service?

          Ans. I had an initial 1:1 session with Taanmoy Ray where we talked about my profile and experience. He gave me the confidence that my profile is not bad and that I should apply next year. He suggested I should go for the application review process since that might help me more.

Also, the fact that he is a Bengali gave me some confidence since I come from a Bengali family and have spent 4 years of my life in Bengal 🙂

3.       The entire process has been done remotely (Phone, Skype, or Email). Did you face any problem with the online/digital process?

          Ans. No. I was comfortable with the online process.

4.       What’s your feedback on the Application Review service?

          Ans. Tanmoy went through my whole application and gave me some important pointers. He also agreed to go over my final SOP. He had some insightful points on where I had gone wrong in my application and how I could make it better. 

5.       Did you find the pricing reasonable compared to other study-abroad consultancies?

          Ans.  Given what I had heard from my friends and seniors, I did not trust admissions consultants much. Everyone said they take the money but the services aren’t worth it. But I went ahead with the consultation anyway.

I found it worth it, given that he went over my application thoroughly and I wrote nearly 3 pages of notes from his feedback. I am an introvert and not at all well with writing long essays or conveying myself with what I write. But his feedbacks and the structure he gave m gives me confidence that I can follow them and write my SOP, CV in a much better way.

6.       Would you recommend your friends, relatives, or colleagues for such bite-size services?

          Ans.  I would definitely recommend the services to anyone who is starting their applications and is completely lost in the flood of information the internet has to offer and does not know which one to follow or how to go about the whole process. I feel I should have contacted Stoont before my first attempt.

7.       According to you, are these bite-size services a good idea as they are in the price range of $65 – $250; whereas end-to-end guidance packages are in the range of $450 – $700?

          Ans. I do feel these are a good idea since not everyone is looking for an end to end package and only require some help to finish their application.

Feedback on SoP Review & Editing (3 Rounds) for One Application by Gauri Gupta

SoP Review & Editing Service Reviews - MS Biomedical Engineering

Background: Gauri is a final-year undergraduate student at Imperial College London. She is currently pursuing MEng Biomedical Engineering and applied for MS in the US for Spring 2021 round.

She was planning to apply for 3 universities and signed up for one SoP review (one university application). That process helped her to work on the other two applications on her own.

I was not familiar with what an SOP should be like and Tanmoy seemed to have relevant background experience in my field.

My lack of familiarity with SOP formulation and how to make an application look strong overall.

I received very relevant and useful advice! The flow of my SoP changed completely and its length became appropriate. It became concise and now compliments my CV.

I have no reference point for pricing but as an international applicant with no idea about SoPs and seeing how valuable they are in the admissions process, I think it was worth it.

I believe these bit-size services are a good idea. Really gives you the right direction for the SoP.

Feedback on Application Strategy, University List, and SoP Review by Anjali Garg

SoP Services Review - MS Admission Counselling

Background: Anjali is from the Computer Science background. She was looking for professional help with her applications for the Fall 2020 round.

She was not keen to sign up for a comprehensive package upfront. Later, as it turned out, she didn’t even need one after one 1:1 session and a 1-university SoP review/editing package.

1. What made you contact Tanmoy Ray initially for a 1:1 session? Did you find it helpful for your university list and application strategy?

Anjali: With my desire to do MS from a good university in the US, I was stuck at deciding which universities would be best suitable for my profile. Hence, I contacted Stoodnt (Tanmoy Ray).

The first 1:1 session was very helpful to me. I was ready with a list of good universities which got me started working for the applications. 

2. What convinced you to sign up for the SoP/Essay service for MS admissions? 

Anjali: Previous reviews and success rate of students who used the services of Stoodnt convinced me to sign up for the one-university SoP service.

3. The entire process has been done remotely (Phone, Skype, or Email). Did you face any problem with the online/digital process?

Anjali: I did not face any problem with the remote process. All the appointments were handled in a very professional manner.

4. What’s your feedback on the SoP service?

The Sop service is outstanding according to me. It was just what I needed; guiding me for individual paragraphs to be written by myself instead of SOP being written by the counselor completely.

The improvement from my first SoP draft to the final draft was great. I was very happy how my SoP turned out to be and it was just how I wanted to represent myself to a university.

5. What’s your feedback on the pricing?

Anjali: To be honest, initially,  the pricing seemed a little expensive to me. But after the whole experience, I found the pricing to be reasonable considering the quality of services.

6. So, what do you think about these bite-size services?

Anjali: I think these bite-size services are suitable for more people as compared to the end-to-end package since the price difference between the two is very large. With the bite-size services, more people can approach for help.

 I would recommend such services to my friends for sure!


We have always believe that for a majority of the aspirants/applicants, the MS application process is one of the most daunting times in their lives.

Easy and transparent access to counselors, domain experts, and alumni from top universities is pretty limited.

The majority of independent admission consultants are extremely expensive.

The traditional study abroad consultants would bring biasedness, always try to pitch the partner universities, and will care less about the applicants

At Stoodnt, we wanted to help those aspiring to get into top universities by providing free tools & resources and by connecting them with experts and unbiased counselors.

We designed our bite-size services to provide the same edge (to hard-working and ambitious applicants) as a full-fledged admission consulting package, but at an affordable price.

After all, as the saying goes – LESS IS MORE!!

We do offer end-to-end counselling packages. However, we will always offer something that matches your aspirations, profile, requirements, and budget.

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