BS Information Systems Admit with Scholarship in USA with Average SAT Score for College Dropout

A bachelor’s in Information Systems is much sought after these days. It covers skills like managing software services, databases, web solutions, and simple data networks. Multimedia, programming, and IT security are covered in this study program. There are multiple job avenues open for this degree holders- quality assurance specialist, data analyst, network engineer, systems security administrator, and IT consultant.

When it comes to studying abroad, the entire procedure, right from shortlisting and then finally zeroing in on suitable universities is a demanding and taxing one; more so, if a student has already completed two years in a bachelor’s degree in the home country and wishes to apply to a different bachelor’s program abroad.

When Harshita Naik approached me for admission consulting services to study abroad, she was one of those few, but not rare candidates. She was a student of Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery (BHMS) but discontinued it and wanted to apply abroad to a bachelor’s degree in Information Systems.

US College Admissions Counselling Services

Now, that certainly adds a few challenges to the task of shortlisting appropriate universities (be it dream or safe) and justifying it to the admission officers, via the Statements of Purpose (SOPs).

Harshita had a pretty good CGPA in classes 10 and 12, that is, 9.3 and 9.2 respectively. Her TOEFL score was 88 which is not bad at all. However, her SAT score was 1070, which was barely average.

What Did the Effort Entail?

We worked on her application process and helped her prepare her documents (Resume, SOPs/Essays, LORs). We finally came up with a list having 4 universities to apply to. These universities were the University of Texas at Dallas, University of North Texas-Denton, the University of Texas at Arlington, and the University of Central Missouri.

It was indeed a joyous moment for me as her advisor when she received admits from two of the above-mentioned universities, that is, UT Arlington and Central Missouri. The cherry on the cake was the scholarship amount of $4,000 per year she received from Central Missouri.

Harshita’s case is a testimony to the fact that, with thorough and meticulous research and excellently presented resume and SOPs, it is possible to receive an admit, even with an average SAT score and gaps in the profile.

BS Admit with Scholarship in USA with Scholarship for College Dropout

By Harshita Naik

1) Why did you opt for an independent college admission counsellor?

Harshita: I was looking for an advisor to help me in my application & visa process for my higher studies in the US. I had visited a few agencies before I approached Prasad. I feel his counselling helped me in boosting my confidence as he was very transparent.

2) How was the overall experience of College Admissions Counselling? 

Harshita: I had a great experience working with a seasoned and helpful professional advisor.


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3) What’s your feedback on the college list?

Harshita: The personalized shortlisting process was very efficiently done. All the universities were shortlisted based on the combination of my area of interest, location preference & budget concerns. 

4) Your feedback on the college SoP and essay review & editing services?

Harshita: Initially I was a little scared about my statement of purpose, the word itself was too heavy to understand. After going through a few sample SOPs, writing felt easy at the go but putting the same thing on the paper was not a cakewalk. I also realized that writing about the choice of program with little knowledge I have was going to take a few more days. My editor helped & guided me on how I should go about doing it. Once I finished, my statement looked reasonable and to the point. 

5) Did you face any challenges with SoP?

Harshita: The big challenge was when I started writing my SOP; how to start, what to write. One chat with my editor and it boosted my confidence and helped me to develop a coherent thought process.  

6) What’s your thought on the admission consulting fees? 

Harshita: I am satisfied with the personalized counselling provided by Prasad. He was very comfortable, sounded knowledgeable, and knew what my plus points & minus points were. I guess the money I spent is worth it. 

7) According to you, what’s the advantage of working with an independent college admission counsellor?

Harshita: My journey started with test preparation and later I contacted Prasad. I understood then itself that Prasad cares about his students & shares their passion for studying abroad with an ample amount of experience. 

8) Did you face any problem with the remote counselling mode?

Harshita: I did not face any problem with the process. Even my parents felt comfortable asking whatever questions we had regarding the process over the phone at any time. 


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9) Any advice for the future applicants who might be confused about whether to work with an independent admission consultant?

Harshitha: I would really advise future applicants to approach experts like Prasad for admission consulting services. It is worth it.


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Author Bio:

Prasad has been working in the overseas education industry for the last 12 years; he holds the distinction of servicing 700+ students to the USA for various programs. His accurate shortlisting skills and student-centric approach have been integral parts of his successful journey.

Prasad has guided students to top universities such as Columbia University, UIUC, National University of Singapore, University of British Columbia, University of Southern California, Indian School of Business, Purdue University, York University (Schulich), University of Washington, University of California-Davis, etc.

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