Online Winter Program on Business, Leadership, Finance & Marketing for High School Students Led by Harvard Alumni

In today’s world, trends are the backbone of any brand. Finance, Marketing, and Advertising play a huge role in it. Thus, resulting in the success of a brand. Finance and Marketing play a vital role in helping the economy of the country as well as generating employment in any country. 


Why should high school students join this program?

Now, when your classmates and other children in your school are burning their midnight oil for cracking Engineering/Medical Entrance exams and getting a seat in leading colleges why should you go a step different and enroll in this program?

Well here are the top 5 reasons : 

  • Time utilized in learning is much better than time killed. An idle mind is of no use, better put it somewhere in learning something new which will broaden your horizon
  • You get to learn subjects and streams which are not a part of your board curriculum. You get knowledge and basics of subjects less/unexplored
  • Admit it; we all are confused about our careers right now. Even our elders were, today we are and our juniors will be also confused. A program like this helps to understand and locate that one interest which might become our career one day
  • It is also a great way of preparing yourself for what lies ahead after school i.e. College. It gives us a basic understanding of Finance, Strategic Management, Marketing, Advertising and helps us in either our BBA/MBA, Finance, Economics or Media Studies
  • Networking is always a boon in disguise when it comes to make a career in Corporate Communications for future guidance, one’s outlook or jobs 


Why study Business, Finance, Marketing & Advertising?

Finance, Marketing and Advertising come under Corporate Communications which offer you a versatile and a great earning job portfolio unlike other careers you can choose from varied career options such as: 

  • Financial Analyst
  • Equity Analyst
  • Business Analyst
  • Economist
  • Advertising Copywriters
  • Public relations representatives
  • Brand Managers
  • Marketing Assistants
  • Market Research Analysts
  • Social Media Managers
  • Sales Managers

The job outlook for those employed as advertising, promotions, or marketing managers is exceptionally optimistic, says the USA Bureau of Labor Statistics. This field is expected to grow at a rate that’s 8 percent greater than the national average through 2028. This will affect the Indian Economy as well highly

During the pandemic where other companies of different industries were shelling out professionals as a part of the cost cutting, it was seen that the marketing and advertising agencies either did it way too less or didn’t do it. Thus this industry had a less than smooth run but the lowest shelling out of employees. Thus this industry has a job security too.


We are also conducting a 6-Day Online Biosciences & Computational Biology Bootcamp for High School (Grade 10-12) Students. You can Register here!

If you’re interested in that or you know anyone who can be please feel free to circulate this blog!


How is Online Pre-College Bootcamp Going to Help?

The concept of such summer/winter program is like crash course programs from experts of their respective fields of specialization which can immensely help the students with their varied experience and knowledge.

This in return helps students to focus and prepare for their respective careers. The interaction with the students and faculty members helps in developing communication, presentation, and leadership skills.

The best parts about these programs are students can go beyond their syllabus and grasp knowledge which they can endure for a lifetime. It provides fantastic exposure to academia and industry as the experts share their life experiences, which come really handy for the students.

Finally, it’s online. Right now, that’s the best possible option.


Stoodnt’s Online Winter Program on Business, Leadership, Finance & Marketing for High School Students


Program Content and Schedule:

Day 1: Leadership

Introduction to Leadership, Style of Leadership, Leadership theories. 

Learning outcomes: Students will understand the basic definition of Leadership? Different leadership traits? Can leaders be made? Who is a good leader and who is a Bad leader?

Activities / Discussion – Be role models -think critically about what a role model and what we need to be a role model.

Day 2: Finance and Capital Market, IPO, Venture Capital Skills 

Introduction to Capital Markets and Investments.

Learning Outcomes: Finance- What is a stock Market? Learn what moves stock prices and how stocks are valued by investors? Fundamentals of stock investing?  

Day 3: Finance and Economics

Definition of Economics. Why Economics is important? Micro and Macroeconomic concepts. The concepts of Opportunity Cost, Inflation, Utility and their impact on daily lives.

Learning outcomes: The opportunity costs we face in deciding what to buy – how to use time. How to maximise our economic utility and avoid behavioral bias. How the macro-economic – inflation, economic growth and employment prospects affect our living standards.

Understanding issues like externalities. Example- Paying of petrol tax, good or bad? 

Activities: Group discussion on the topics covered. Quiz

Day 4: Marketing and Advertisement 

Introduction to Marketing, Marketing communication, 4Ps of Marketing

Learning Outcome: How marketing of a product or service is done? What is an effective marketing communication? How Marketers communicate with their target audience? How a new product/service is introduced in the market based on 4Ps.

Activities: Design a marketing strategy and communication plan for a product or service.

Day 5: Marketing and Advertisement

Introduction to Advertisement. What is advertising and the types? Ways in which an advertising agency works. Terminologies of advertising. Discuss campaigns by David Ogilvy, Hegarty and Piyush Pandey.

Learning outcome: Students will understand basics of Advertisement and how it works. How campaigns are created and executed. How advertisements compliment and assist marketing strategy and plans.

Activities: A case study. Quiz

Day 5: Specialization [Optional]

Students can choose one of the following tracks:

  • Media, Entertainment, Acitng & Film Studies
  • Online Branding and Digital Marketing (including Blogging & Social Media)


Faculty Members and Trainers:

  • Ajay Singh: Co-founder & Chairman Stoodnt, Inc. [MBA Harvard University, MS UT Austin, IIT Roorkee]
  • Yuri Punj: Co-founder & President Stoodnt, Inc. [MBA (HBS), BA (Colgate) | Ex UBS, JP Morgan, Schroders & M&T Bank]
  • Prasenjit Saha: College Admission Counselor & Business Consultant at Stoodnt, Inc. [PhD Scholar (Italy), MBA (Korea), PG Diploma (Canada)]
  • Kartikey Tripathi: Content Marketing Analyst at Stoodnt, Inc. [Masters in Media Science (iLead, Kolkata)]



Dec 26 – Dec 30, 2020 (2 hours daily for a total of 5 days)


Timings will be informed after enrollment.

Max 15 participants


Fees & Scholarship:

INR 7,500 / USD $100

Two 50% Scholarships will be provided to two students (reduction in tuition fee) on the basis of responses on the application form.

Scholarship Deadline: 19th December 2020


How to Apply?

Please fill out this registration form (Google Form) or the form below! After you fill submit the application form, our team will reach out to you to advise you on the payment process.


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