8 Tips for Writing a Captivating Essay

Writing an interesting essay that grabs the attention of your readers might seem like a challenging task for a lot of students. One of the reasons that students find it difficult to pen-down an attention-grabbing essay is because they are unaware of how they should approach their essay. They do not know the different tactics of writing an essay and the elements that make it interesting. If you too are unaware of these aspects of writing an essay, you’ve come to the right place.

We’ll help you to write a captivating essay that will not only grab the attention of your readers but will also help you score higher. Here are some tips that you should keep in mind when writing an essay.

Choose an Interesting Topic

Before you start writing an essay, make sure that your essay topic is interesting for you as well as your readers. If the topic interests you, chances are that you will write an essay that is valuable for your readers too. Moreover, choosing a topic of your interest will help you learn more about the topic and you will be in a better position to argue for or against the topic. Thus, your essay topic must be one that is of interest to you.

Research Thoroughly

Your essay cannot capture attention if it is not well-researched. You must spend time reading about the topic, gathering information, and looking for recent developments (if any) on your topic. You should base your essay on information that you have gathered from various sources. Remember, never rely on a single source. You should choose various credible sources to base your arguments on. Well-researched essays with accurate citations tend to get better grades as opposed to essays that rely on a single resource.

Find Relevant Statistics and Figures

Including statistics and figures not only improves the credibility of your essay but also makes it an interesting read. While researching, visit credible websites that publish data related to your topic. These statistics can be from the past year or can be as recent. Put your research skills to use and look for recent data; however, if there are no recent statistics published, you can use the past year’s figures. 

Create an Outline

Once you have done your research, it is now time to create an outline of your essay. Jot down all the main points of your essay in a bullet list. Next, categorize those points into one of the three main sections i.e., introduction, discussion, and conclusion. Make sure to dump all your research in your essay outline so that you have all information in one place. You can even list the resources in your outline as you may have to refer to some of them, and they will also be required when creating a bibliography of your essay.


Write a Solid Introduction

The introduction is the heart of your essay. It is the part where you can gain or lose marks. If your introduction is to the point, contains all necessary and relevant information, you are sure to get a good grade. So, how to write an essay that captures attention and helps you earn a decent grade? Your introduction should contain a background to your topic, the reason why you chose the topic, and your thesis statement. Make sure to use statistics and figures in your introduction. It will surely leave a lasting impression on your professor and you might earn some bonus points. But do not forget to include an accurate reference of the source.  

Divide your Essay into Sections 

After you have aced your essay introduction, your next step should be to divide your paper into sections. If you are working on a short essay, we recommend sticking with the usual three-section format – introduction, discussion, and conclusion. However, if you are writing an argumentative or a persuasive essay, you must divide your essay into sections. You can either skip the discussion and create a new section based on the paper and topic or you can create sections within the discussion. Both are acceptable and will help you organize your essay effectively.

While writing your discussion, be critical. Do not just agree with whatever information you have found. Raise questions on the research that you have conducted and present an opposing point of view as well. This will depict that you delved deep into your essay topic and have done your research thoroughly.

Take a Break

Not a lot of people will tell you but taking a break is as important as researching for your essay. When you have finished writing your essay, do not go over it at the same time. Just drop your pen and relax. You might be tempted to go back and correct some mistakes that you made while writing but we advise otherwise. Certainly, you will have to go back and edit your essay but not immediately. Involve yourself in some other tasks where you do not have to think about your essay. Try and complete writing your essay two days before your submission date. This will give you ample time to relax and then go back to edit.

Edit and Finalize

Once you are back at your desk, go over your essay section by section. Read and edit your essay while going through it. Check for all references that you have made in your paper, whether they are cited accurately, and proofread your paper. When you are done editing your paper, create a table of contents, add an executive summary (if needed), create a bibliography, and check for formatting. Finally, check for all missing elements and finalize your essay for submission.

Following these tips will certainly help you write a compelling essay that will help you a higher grade. These tips are effective if put to use in the right manner. If you are still unsure and need some more help, you can find some essay templates at Essays UK for guidance.


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