How To Start Your Career As a Fitness Trainer

The fitness industry in India has been seeing massive growth in the past couple of years. There have been some issues during the lockdown. Many fitness instructors have been hit hard by the closure of gyms and fitness centers. However, the fitness industry is supposed to make a big comeback as we have already seen a few digital platforms. Previously, Jitendra Chouksey (from Fittr) had discussed careers and jobs in the fitness industry. In this post, guest author, Tyler Read writes about how to make a career as a fitness trainer.


How to Make a Career as a Fitness Trainer

By Tyler Read


Are you passionate about exercising and fitness? Do you enjoy sports? If so, then a career in fitness may suit you. 

Amidst the fourth industrial revolution, we need to be more creative when starting our careers. Artificial Intelligence has made many jobs redundant and caused people to lose their jobs. The fitness industry has also been impacted. 

Nowadays, people may opt to self-learn from the internet rather than hire a fitness trainer. However, there is still a need for human instructors. There are still many things that cannot be grasped without the presence of a human instructor. These include things such as driving and complex human exercises. 


Consider a good qualification 

The first step to employment is to get a good qualification. If you want to study at University, analyze its curriculum and career prospects.

You should also consider a good degree or certificate. The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) qualification is popular with fitness practitioners. 

If you pursue ACSM, ensure that you go through the ACSM Study Portal. This will help you to prepare well for your exams. 

One of the keys to passing an exam well is to review past papers. Another tip that works well is to speak to people who have done the test in the past. 


Consider Community Service 

Realistically, you cannot expect to earn a big paycheque when you start off. Some focus too much on money in the beginning. It ends up costing valuable time. 

Unless you are extremely lucky, you will have to start from the bottom and work yourself up the career ladder. 

Expect to earn little during the first two years of your career. You should use this time to establish contacts and learn as much as possible. 

Consider community service and assist local sports teams and community organizations. This will allow you to build experience, contacts, and get valuable references. You can then use the references to vouch for you when applying for other jobs. 

Community service also looks good on your CV. With an increasing emphasis being placed on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSA), it could attract potential employers. 

Career as a Fitness Trainer

Do Internships 

You should aim to do one or two internships during the first two years of your career. Many employers would be skeptical of you if you have not done an internship. 

COVID-19 has impacted the availability of internships. Opportunities in almost every field are now severely reduced as compared to what it was. 

Thanks to the fourth industrial revolution, you can now do virtual internships. This entails you doing your internship via the use of technology. You can use platforms such as Zoom or Skype video calls to communicate with clients. 

Virtual internships can have a number of advantages over traditional internships. They allow you to work from the comfort of your home. They also allow you to save on transport costs and the physical demands that come from moving around. 


Work on your CV 

A CV is important in the fitness industry. If you are a good trainer but have a poorly designed CV, your job prospects are hindered. 

A CV is your first opportunity to impress a potential employer. Make sure that you list references who will speak highly of you. 

When you list a source as a reference on your CV, ask them permission beforehand. A silly mistake that youngsters make is to not ask. 

This can be dangerous as there is a chance that the subject may speak negatively of you. If that happens, it’s unlikely that you will get the job. 

Your CV should be one page if you have less than five years of experience. Youngsters often people that a longer CV will be more attractive. It will not. 

Most recruiters only look through your CV for a minute or two. They are unlikely to have time to go through a long document. 

If possible, modify your CV to make it stand-out for the job you apply for. If you submit a generic CV for all opportunities, you may miss out on an important detail. 


Consider additional courses 

Continuous learning is the key to success in any field these days. The fourth industrial revolution means that skills are becoming redundant on a daily basis. As a result, one has to be adaptable and able to continuously learn to remain marketable. 

You can continuously do online courses to improve your skill-set.  This will help you learn more valuable information and practical knowledge. 

All employers want staff who work-hard and will be adaptable. By continuously doing courses, you will keep your motivation levels high. 

Motivation also plays a key role in helping you successfully launch your career. A gifted person who has low levels of confidence will almost certainly struggle to launch their careers. 

If you do not have time to do a course, it’s okay. There are short videos on LinkedIn and YouTube which you can use to grow professionally. 

You can make massive growth if you watch these weekly for a few minutes rather than celebrity gossip. 


Learn about workplace laws 

Interns can be targets for exploitation. Interns are naturally often eager to impress their bosses and grow. 

Some will be willing to work extra hours and pay below the legal threshold. Whilst you should not demand a hefty salary initially, ensure that you are respected as a worker.

Working overtime excessively can lead to burnout. If this happens, you may lose motivation towards your job. It can be a recipe for disaster. 

how to become a fitness coach

Ensure that you are familiar with the labor laws of your area. Not only are these designed to protect you legally, but they also help you to ensure your well-being. 

If you have to work a few hours overtime every now and then, ensure that you are paid the legal amount for it. 

If there is something in the work environment that threatens your safety, speak out about it. If it is another person, consult Human Resources or your manager for advice. 

Working in a toxic environment can harm you mentally and harm your career growth. Before you take on a job, do research on the company, and consult former employers. 

If the research and feedback from former employees yield bad results, you may want to reconsider whether the job is for you. 


Consider remote work 

The fourth industrial revolution has significantly increased the practice of remote work. If you cannot find a traditional 9-5 job, consider remote work.

Even if you have a job, remote work can be a good way to learn new skills and earn additional income. 

If you haven’t already done so, search for remote jobs on job search portals. 

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If you are new to remote work, finding the first job can be difficult and long. Many recruiters want someone who is experienced at doing remote work. 

Like everything, you will have to work yourself up the ladder. Be prepared to work at low rates initially. Consider your first few clients as being people who can provide you with references and work samples. 

As you gain more experience and positive feedback, you will likely gain more clients and higher earnings. 


Be Creative 

Whilst you should use job portals, they should not be your only source of trying to find work. With the workplace becoming increasingly competitive, you need to be creative in strategies of finding work.

Search for contactable people from the HR divisions of the companies you want to work for. 

Consistently aim to network within your industry. This is more difficult nowadays due to social distancing but you can still network online. You should realize that not all job opportunities are advertised. The best ones are often not advertised. 

If your network as much as possible, you are more likely to hear about the ones not advertised. 

Also, ensure that you do the basics right. Ensure that you have an effective cover letter. Make sure that your cover letter and CV is reviewed by veterans within the field. 

If they give positive feedback, its a good sign. If not, you need to make amendments to make them better. 



Finding new work is frustrating for most people. The key is to remain resilient, network as much as possible, and continuously upskill. 

Many youngsters these days get demotivated when they don’t achieve overnight success. The truth is that 99.9% of people don’t achieve overnight success. 

Movies have created the false impression that overnight success is the norm. It is not. The stories you are hearing about apply to a small percentage of the overall population. 

These individuals are usually at the right place at the right time or extremely gifted. 

Never compare yourself to anyone else. That is a recipe for ruining your mental health and failure. If you remain resilient and constantly upskill, you will eventually achieve success in your own right. 

Listen to criticism and don’t take it personally. Criticism can be the greatest teacher if handled

constructively. If you take it personally, it can damage your psyche and motivation. 


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Tyler Read is the owner of which is a website dedicated to helping people get started in the personal training industry. He helps people discover, study, and pass their fitness exams. Check out his free videos for the latest trends.



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