Career Counselling and Admission Consulting (UG/MS/MBA/PhD) Session

Are you a student (study abroad aspirant), working professional or a parent looking for quick advice and/or guidance on career development, college shortlisting (or college list review), college admissions, job search or career change? You can avail of our 1-on-1 online (remote) counseling/consulting sessions with Stoodnt Experts. The best part – You Don’t Need to Travel anywhere or stick to 9 – 6 timing. Connect with over the phone, Skype or WhatsApp as per your convenience.

One-on-One Counselling Session (Remote)

(30 minutes / 1 hour) – Telephone, Skype or WhatsApp Call

What do we Cover in the 1:1 Counselling Session?

You can discuss:

  • Multiple Queries related to Higher Studies, Jobs, and Career Paths
  • Profile Building for Admissions at the top universities abroad for Undergrad, MS, and MBA
  • Study Abroad Options – Courses, Universities, Test Prep, Countries, Financing & Scholarships
  • College List (University Shortlisting)
  • Application Strategy and Career Roadmap Development
  • Offer/Acceptance Reviews – Suggestions on choosing the right university (for the folks with multiple offers)
  • Confusion, doubts or frustrations in their Jobs or Careers
  • Ask us anything before signing up for a full-fledged admission counseling package.

What to Expect from the 1:1 Consulting Sessions?

The one-hour 1:1 consulting session is best suited for the students/professionals who are getting started with the study abroad process and need a headstart with their applications (planning & strategy) and for the folks looking for help with career and jobs.

Study Abroad Applicants

The 1:1 session is useful if you are looking for –

  • profile evaluation
  • introductory call (before signing up for full-fledged admission consulting packages worth 20 – 40K)
  • whether MS/MBA is right for them
  • how to shortlist programs/universities
  • profile building for admission/scholarships
  • contacting researchers or faculty members
  • which programs to consider (e.g. confusion between MS Computer Science, MS Analytics or MBA with Analytics)
  • evaluating job prospects after particular graduate programs

Candidates looking for Job and or Career Progression

The 1:1 session is useful if you are looking for –

  • Resume (CV) review
  • Guidance with Job Search Strategy
  • Networking tips
  • Personal Branding
  • Career Roadmap Development
Personalized Career Counselling Session

Feedback & Testimonials

Here are few of the feedback from the folks (from India & abroad) who opted for the 1:1 Consulting / Counselling Session in 2018.

Kartikeya Bhadada (New Delhi)

30 Minutes Session on Profile Evaluation and Application Strategy (MS in Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning)

I had a talk with Tanmoy and it was a a very enlightening conversation with him. I was considering a career change into AI from my current profile which is different from Computer Science background. He gave me a very valuable career advice that I should stick to my profile strengths and what alternative courses will suit my profile through which I can gradually shift to AI.

I received many other practical insights related to the nature of the course which any general person will not be aware of. In addition he had a good knowledge of which country is suitable in terms of quality of education and finance involved. He gives advice which is very helpful and relevant to what your capabilities and aspirations are. He ensures each and every query is covered properly and is open to even help you out later via emails.


Venkata Bhaskaram Varanasi (Hyderabad)

20 Minutes Session on Advice on University Shortlisting (MS in Machine Learning / Data Science / Computer Science)

  • How was the 1:1 session?
  • Informative, with concrete next steps. Liked the logical flow of things.
  • Did the session meet your expectations?
  • It almost did. The pace of the coversation was normal where as usually I prefer fast paced (and to make the most of the time that I payed for). Describing the application from the admissions office was something that I was not expecting in a 20 minute call. All in all I am a happy customer, and more can be done to delight me.
  • Would you recommend such paid sessions to other applicants?
  • I would suggest other applicants to make sure that they convey all the information that they already know to avoid duplication of information during the call and also set the expectaions from the call before hand as it will help in the call while also allowing some time for the counsellor to voice his opinion.


Jiyoung Yang (Dubai)

1 Hour Session on Application Strategy (MS Data/Business Analytics)

  • How was the 1:1 session?
  • It gave me clear idea which master’s program to choose considering my bachelor’s degree and work experience.
  • Did the session meet your expectations?
  • Yes it did, and it was a very useful session.
  • Would you recommend such paid sessions to other applicants?
  • I would, especially to people who don’t have much time left till application due and need specific recommendations to work on.

Shabhri Naresh (Bangalore)

1 Hour Session on MS Application Strategy 

It was a very good consulting session and learnt a lot many details and nuances involved in applications for MS in US/Canada. I got a head start and clear next steps for pursuing applications for MS in US. The basic list of universties shortlisted provided after effective brainstorming was also very helpful. Will recommend everyone looking to apply for MS in US to have this session as early as possible in the application process.

Joseph Paul (Ernakulam/Oman)

1 Hour Session on MS Applications (University Shortlisting, Timeline Planning, and SoP/LoR)

Thank you, sir. The session was really helpful. I found it very useful as I didn’t know anything about the admission part. I am planning to start on my SOP and I am also starting to focus more on my verbal part. The session did really give me a push that I needed knowing the deadline dates and scholarship dates. Will keep in touch.

Anand Raj (Bangalore)

1 Hour Session on Career & Job Search Guidance

Overall the session was very informative. I got to know how the UK education system works, how to make myself employable and how to approach potential employers/recruiting agency.

Career and Job Guidance

Melissa Kim (New York)

1 Hour Session on Career Guidance (MBA vs MS Business Analytics / Data Science)

I found our session very helpful in that you provided an objective recommendation based on my work experience and career goals. I had questions regarding whether pursuing an MBA or MS in Business Analytics / Data Science was the best path, and you spoke of the benefits of each and which program would potentially yield the best ROI. You also answered more vague questions such as “should I get an MBA?”.

I realize that the answer to this question isn’t straightforward and may depend on a host of personal reasons, but you unpacked practical reasons that really helped me verify my desire to pursue an MBA at this point in my career. I had been looking for someone that could objectively walk me through the options and advise whether an MBA was a sound option, as the last thing I want to do is pursue an MBA for all the wrong reasons.

Rohan Kelkar (Mumbai)

1 Hour Session on MS Applications (Profile Evaluation & Application Strategy)

Tanmoy has excellent know-how about exact requirements by German Universities for postgraduate programs especially MSc and MBA. Tanmoy helped me understand my position vis-a-vis current students who are applying and successfully receiving offers from German  Universities. Mostly  I liked that he has a very accurate understanding of German Universities and their selection criteria.

He was able to give me precise direction about various options and possibilities to explore further education options in Germany and also encouraged me to apply to programs in Germany. I think because of his profound knowledge and deep understanding of the subject matter, he can give right direction to aspirants with diverse backgrounds and profiles.

Raza Rathor (Qatar)

1 Hour Session on Career Prospects in Data Science, Machine Learning and AI (For his Son)

I needed a second opinion in terms of programs for my son. The counselling session with Tanmoy was very insightful. He was also helpful with the follow-up queries over email.

Ankita Bhatia (Mumbai)

1 Hour Session on Courses (after 12th) and Career Roadmap Development

The counselling session with you was great. It made me clear on a lot of points and also helped me decide on a roadmap. It cleared my doubts and misinformation regarding the courses.

Reet Chatterjee (Kolkata)

1 Hour Session on MS Applications (Profile Evaluation & University List Review)

I was overall quite satisfied with the counselling session. It helped me to get a clear understanding of the selection process and I look forward to seeking further guidance in the time to come.

Roshni Nambiar (Hyderabad)

1 Hour Session on Offer Reviews & Career Guidance

At first, I wasn’t sure of investing a huge amount of money in a Master’s degree abroad. At the same time, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do a thesis based research masters or just coursework with industrial experience. I was confused with my career. Tanmoy helped me to take the right decision. Additionally, he also helped with coming up with a plan to prepare for applying to universities and also how to do it along with a list of places as to where to do it.

Meenakshi Jeeva (Chennai)

1 Hour Session on Career Options after MBBS

I had been trying to find out how to make a career in research for about a year before I had contacted you.
I wasn’t able to acquire proper knowledge and the proper way to do things until I had talked to you. I wish I had contacted you a year ago, then things would have turned out different for me.
For anyone who wants to pursue a career not commonly sought after, especially research, I would definitely recommend you.
Your 1:1 session enlightened me on all the practical and real issues involved in studying abroad.
I was very much satisfied with the session. I hope to contact you again soon sir, after my post graduation.

Tanmoy Mukherjee (Kolkata)

1 Hour CV Review, Scholarship & Career Guidance

I found the counselling session enlightening as well as useful, I would definitely recommend this to the fellow students if they ever want any kind of professional help regarding this field.

Vivek Sinha (Dehradun)

30 Minutes Session on MS Applications (University List Review & Application Strategy)

I had approached Tanmoy Sir for end-to-end guidance counseling (admission consulting) for MS (Biomedical Engineering) in USA. He advised me to opt for a 1:1 consulting session before signing up for a full-fledged admission counseling package.

The counselling session was really enriching and helped me understanding significantly about the US system. It was provided a great insight into my profile, interests, and career objectives as well.

How to Book a 1:1 Consulting Session?

Go to Personalized Career and College Admission Counselling page.

Select the counselor/expert according to their areas of expertise.

Next, choose a date and the time slot.

After you fill up your details, you need to make the payment (by Debit Card, Credit Card, Internet Banking or PayPal). Once done, your one-on-one counseling session will be confirmed.

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