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Celebrations are integral to human life and existence. We celebrate numerous occasions throughout our lives – some of which are personal while others are professional. Celebrations touch diverse aspects of our existence and add meanings to our special days and moments like birthdays, engagements and weddings. While in school students celebrate occasions like annual day, inter and intra school contests, sports day etc. This is followed by college and university level events. In the professional world as well, there are special days like annual general meetings, exhibitions, marketing campaigns, conferences, product launches and brand development activities. Besides, events like fashion shows, concerts, talent hunts, promotional campaigns, religious gatherings are known to add meaning and excitement to our existence.

Event management industry today

Event management particularly connotes to application of project management skills to the designing and handling of events such as seminars, symposiums, conferences, fairs, exhibitions, festivals, functions and so on. Today, all major events including IPL, literature festivals, Olympics or Common Wealth Games are fully handled by event management companies. Market reports prove that this sector is growing very fast and an MBA in Event Management will open up many vistas for youngsters who has penchant for action, variety, challenge and outdoor work. Event management critically includes recognizing and understanding target audience, conceiving themes for events, communicating and upholding the concept, bringing together technical parameters, estimating the cost and finally successfully carrying out the event. Interestingly, the 2014 general elections of India one third of the total media spend was on event management and ground activity.


In order to make occasions meet expectations more and more people and organisations are now opting for professional help. Event managers diligently put in their effort and creative energy to make events memorable and successful. Event management is a complex job and needs creativity, meticulous planning, relationship management, advertising and marketing and much more, all rolled into one flawlessly orchestrated whole.



Graduates in any discipline can explore opportunities in the realm of event management. However, with certain traits and skills one can make it big in this industry. Those who can select proper venues for occasions, envisage décors and sequence of events – are a good fit in this industry. Having the ability to arrange for a collection of tools, technicians and artists to make the occasion successful, is added advantage.


Those who take part in organising school and college events such as skits, quiz contests, cultural meets, annual day functions or sports events, and find it interesting can be good event managers in future. A well-heeled experience during academic years is vital for those opting for a career in event management in future.


Essential skills

Good public relations: Ability to manage clients, agents and a vast range of professionals in this field

Creativity: from the genesis of the idea to handling of the occasion till the end, creativity will see one through

Marketing skills: Skills to sell ideas to clients

Analytical ability: Aptitude to solve problems and having the insight to foresee unanticipated problems

Organisational skills: Carefully planning of responsibilities for self and team

Networking skills: Personal networking is the crux of this sector and one must have the talent to make use of it

Management skills: Capability to manage time, stress, team mates, clientele, budget, risks, situations


Where to study?

There are very few institutions in the country which offer event management as a vocational study program. Most colleges offer certificate and diploma programmes. Event management organisations have a preference for aspirants who have degree or a diploma in related fields like Public Relations, Tourism, Hospitality Management, Sales or Marketing.


Post-Graduate Diploma in Advertising, Media and Events (PGDAME) from the National Institute of Event Management (NIEM), Mumbai, will cost one nearly Rs.1,25,000 approximately. Fee for Post-Graduate Diploma in Event Management (PGDEM) is up to Rs.55,000 while for a Diploma in Event Management (DEM) is around Rs.40,000.


Top 10 Colleges/Institutes for Event Management

1          IIFT – New Delhi

2          School of Film and Mass Communication – Allahabad

3          MMCC – Pune

4          The Media Institute – Mumbai

5          National Institute of Design (NID) – Ahmedabad

6          International Media Institute – Gurgaon

7          Institute of Media, Fashion and Allied Arts – Mumbai

8          Amity School of Communication – Agra

9          National Institute of Event Management – Pune

10        Institute of Mass Communication, Film and Television Studies – Kolkata



Event Logistics

Event coordination

Event Accounting

Public Relations

Marketing Management


Brand Management

Customer service




Glamour identity

Study of Law and Licenses

Budgeting / Finance Management

Media Management

Celebrity Management

Crowd Management

Security and Safety Management

Insurance and Risk management

Inter personal skills

Team building and leadership skills


Job Prospect

Jobs are aplenty in this field. Irrespective of the existing global economic meltdown, event management companies have grown in phenomenally. Skilled and passionate aspirants looking for success in this sector have no dearth of opportunities. After working with an event management or media management company one use that experience to either launch one’s own business or work as a freelancer.


Common job roles are event planner, business development manager, public relations officer, wedding planner, account manager, client servicing manager, brand manager, artist manager and corporate communications specialist.


An organisation that is into event management business offers numerous positions to job seekers. The following are some of the departments in a typical event managing company:


Public Relations – managing an array of clients, artists, stage performers, government officials, public and so on

Promotion and Marketing – upholding the organisation’s profile and marketing the event to client and public in general

Brand Development – taking the responsibility of managing client requirements for brand restructuring

Designing – Creative minds visualising and creating design layouts for stage, costumes, accessories et al

Administration – Being responsible for back office and administrative jobs

Production – mostly media people managing production and editing of audio-visuals

Printing –taking care of printing diverse marketing materials and promotional items


Top ten event management companies

  1. Cineyug Entertainment
  2. Cox and Kings
  3. DNA Networks Pvt Ltd.
  4. E-Factor
  5. Fountainhead
  6. Percept D Mark
  7. Sercon
  8. Sita Conferences
  9. Tafcon Group
  10. 360 Degrees


Pay Package

Remuneration in this field depends on the job role and responsibility. Factors including the organisation size one is working with, the profile of clientele the organisation is catering to, experience of the professional and the location of the firm – are also important.


However, a fresher in this sector can expect a monthly salary in the range of Rs.10,000 – Rs.15,000. The compensation increases with experience and area of expertise. One can earn really big money working in the capacity of an proficient freelancer or as the owner of an event management company.


Event management is an industry that is on the move. There have been exponential growth in events such as talent-hunt competitions, music concerts, fashion shows, academic functions, exhibitions, trade fairs, religious gatherings which have triggered demand for capable event managers. The demand for innovative and result driven event managers is expected to rise further in future.


Professionals in this field also explore opportunity to showcase their flair in the international arena by being part of events where representatives from India participate in cultural festivals and exchange programs, trade shows, conferences, exhibitions, corporate events etc.


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