Case Studies: How To Write Professional Emails For Each Type of Business

Emails are a very important business tool. With their help, communication is carried out, and they are also used in marketing. In this article, you will learn how to write professional e-mails correctly.

How many people use email in 2022?

Here are some statistics on the use of email correspondence:

  • about 5.5 million accounts registered;
  • about 306.4 billion emails are sent daily;
  • 54% are commercial B2B emails.

Only these facts should be enough to understand their prevalence and effectiveness in modern realities.

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How to write emails in business?

№1. Define your target audience. 

Before you write to people, you should understand to whom and why you are writing, and what goals you are pursuing. This will help to plan the letter, which will have more information about the essence of its content. This is the most important step, don’t skip it!

№2. Focus on the subject line of the email.

The subject line is the first thing a person sees when viewing an email. It depends on her desire to read it. Try to write it as briefly and accurately as possible so that it is immediately clear what will be discussed further.

№3. Greetings. 

A mandatory item is writing a greeting for the recipient. Pay attention to the correct spelling of such data:

  • The time of day when the letter was sent;
  • Name of the person;
  • The name of the company;
  • The gender of the person.

Making mistakes at this stage will make you look careless, offend the person, or show disrespect. If you do not know such data, it is best to write “Dear Logistics Manager”.

№4. Don’t forget about the introductory part of the letter. 

The introduction is a side note about you. Be sure to use it so that the recipient can understand who you are. Tell us briefly about the company and what it does, about its achievements. 

№5. Talk about the benefits.

In this paragraph, try to accurately and in detail explain the positive aspects of the partnership with you. Be sure to talk about the benefits for the company. And don’t forget some of the challenges you might face and why partnering with you is a great way to solve them. This will influence the decision. 

№6. Call to action. 

In 2022, there is no way without it. In essence, it exists as a briefing for the recipient. Use different texts, depending on the content of the letter: share your thoughts, leave feedback, a meeting to discuss details, etc.

Call to action examples:

№7. Do not forget about conciseness and professionalism. 

Write short and to the point. Use paragraphs to make it easier to understand where and what information. Always remember that you are writing in a professional style. Refrain from using different emoticons and jargon. This is a business letter, not a correspondence with a friend. 

№8. Contact details.

Be sure to say “Thank you” at the end and share your contact information so that the person can contact you immediately. Not everyone is comfortable doing this in an email format. 

№9. Checking the letter.

The last item will be the proofreading of the text you wrote. Be sure to check it for various errors. This step is the most important because with your mistakes you can show the recipient a low intelligence. We don’t want you to feel that way.

To make it easier for you to navigate, it is best to use templates at first.

№10. Letter Format.

Use convenient letter formatting for readability. What is included?

  1. Font – Best to use Sans Serif, Arial, Helvetica, Tahoma, Trebuchet MS or Verdana.;
  2. Text size – 10-12 pt;
  3. Make headings bold;
  4. Use italics to gently draw the reader’s attention to a specific area of ​​the letter;
  5. Don’t underline text. It is often confused with links;
  6. Avoid using different colors in writing. It is distracting, confuses the reader, and looks unprofessional;
  7. Use left-aligned text;
  8. Numbering can be used to order content if consistency is important at that point;
  9. Markers are great for creating airspace and replacing list items;
  10. When using quotes, use the “quote” function;
  11. When copying text from another file, use the remove formatting button. Otherwise, the reader will understand that this is just copied text. 


Use the business email writing tips in this article and you’ll never have a problem with them. Use them in your business and conduct important correspondence. This tool is very useful both in day-to-day activities and in marketing strategies. We are sure that having the experience of creating a professional letter – you will have no problems getting new clients or signing contracts with partners.

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