Choosing A Suitable Career

By Debasish Dutta, Managing Partner & CEO, Orange Corp, Global


The school syllabus includes a lot many subjects spread across diverse streams to enable a student learn and understand basics. This is turn helps in identifying interest level for every individual. Likings vary from student to student which to some extent helps in determining the stream the student might wish to pursue in specialisation level. Some students might find it difficult to judge their liking for any particular stream while on the other hand some might have likings for more than one stream. Both the situations are quite normal and are not a challenge at all. However, situations around and the fear of competition drive the thoughts of students and parents often try to influence the career options which they consider to be the best for their child.


Evaluation of guidance is important


It’s important for the parents to evaluate whether their child is getting the right guidance required to help the student understand a subject well considering the intelligence level. It is seen that improper guidance leads a student secure lesser marks in the examination which raises the fear factor which in turn reduces the interest on the subject. It’s also seen that parents want to dictate the career path for the child based on family legacy or based on any known myth.


It is suggested that the student should be given sufficient time to decide on their likings and identify suitable career option. It’s the parents or teacher or a mentor who can have close interaction with the child and help him identify as to what will suit the best. Mind it, this decision is not easy and with increasing competition in every field is much more needed to have a focused approach rather than being hasty. A child with liking for sports can build career in that direction and may not pursue academics in the long run. Having said that, the basic level of education needs to be completed even if sports is taken up as a career option.


One has to deal with a lot of competition


I repeat there is competition in every field and one has to survive the competition. The bar of basic education is continuously on the rise and its important to take expert option while choosing the academic institution for further studies once the school level in about to be over. Although, the marks obtained in last examination is the deciding factor for better career courses but that cannot be the show stopper to any career option which is best suited for a student. Alternative study options are always available and evaluation is necessary. Many courses are designed in such a way that the same can provide multiple career options to choose from in case someone still needs time to decide on the just right career path.It’s a global economy now and we are global citizens. Hence, its is required to build up self-motivating futuristic approach and build communication habits.  It may happen that a student even after obtaining very good marks cannot represent in a proper manner during an interview session for higher studies. This indicates poor communication skill coupled with low confidence level.


Career must be of students’ liking


Thus, career option chosen must be to the students’ liking where he or she can contribute. This will leave the student with better set skills and with improved communication level. Bookish knowledge will give way to practical understanding, helping the student to have more clarity to write the own future.


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