What Will You Learn from the Coding & AI Summer Program

Programming, AI, and data science were once seen as skills reserved for geeks and computer nerds. Fuelled by the COVID-pandemic, tech skills are now regarded as essential abilities for 21st-century learners and the future workforce. It’s not essential to learn everything in high school. However, it never hurts to start early. So, why not spend your summer getting your hands dirty with Python Programming, Data Analytics, building AI/ML, and AWS basics? Here is Stoodnt’s summer program on coding, AI & Cloud Computing for high school students. In this post, we will focus on the learning outcomes and students’ feedback on this AI summer program for high school students.

Coding & AI Summer Program for Grade 9-12 Students

Overview and Students’ Feedback [May 2022 Batch]

Co-authored by Tamoghna Das

Key Learning Outcomes of Coding & AI Summer Program

In today’s world which is driven by data, we have an overwhelming amount of data that needs to be analyzed to gain meaningful insights. According to reports from top media houses and tech journalists, there is still a huge gap in the demand and the supply of skilled personnel. This could be a golden opportunity for anyone who is interested in this field of data science and analytics or who is trying to venture into this area to upgrade their skills and knowledge.

Want to Enroll in the Summer Program?

In this course, we have incorporated different aspects of data science and its application in different industries. This would also enable the students to have a good overview and after which the students can then decide for themselves about their future path.

This course is aimed at providing the core capabilities of a data scientist who will be able to engage with a variety of disciplines, from health research to the digital economy and finance, natural sciences, and more.

The structure of the program encourages hands-on assignments and interaction with fellow students who are a part of cohort-based learning.

Introduction to Python Programming

Python has been chosen in this case for its wider implementation across all industries and functions. Once the students get the basic working knowledge of the language, we will then move into the basic application of it.

This application includes (not limited to) small programming assignments giving the students to implement the learned concepts and ideas.

It is assumed that the students don’t have any prior knowledge of the language hence the course is designed to make everyone comfortable in using the language and to play with its capabilities.

Introduction to Data Analytics using Python Libraries

Once the students are comfortable with the language, the course is then moved towards the use of different methods which are available to analyze and visualize data. One such library is Pandas which is commonly used to analyze data sheets. This is the second which is going to be covered in the classes.

Introduction to Data Visualization

This specific session is dedicated to data visualization and understanding how visual elements can have a huge impact on our brain to make us understand seemly complex things. This would also enable the students to think and make their own analyses of different methods of visualization. This session will also cover the art of storytelling.

coding and AI summer program for high school students 2022

Introduction to AI-ML models

How machine learning and artificial intelligence can shape the future of humanity and what are the possible ways to understand these models and their application in the real world. As students or as an enthusiast how can one utilize this opportunity to analyze and understand complex matters of daily life?

Introduction to Website Development using Python

In the last session, we have an overview of website development using Streamlit which is a library developed by the python community to enable non-web developers to develop websites by using a few commands.

This will also help the students to have the understanding to develop web-based applications and a personal website. The hands-on assignment will involve website creation using the command and ideas learned in the session.

Why should you Attend this AI Summer Program?

  • Advancements in the world of artificial intelligence have grown by leaps and bounds over the last few years. It’s affecting each and every industry. AI could turn out to be one of the most important technologies humans have ever invented. If you are one of those aspirational teenagers who wants to have a headstart, this is for you.
  • Secondly, computer science is the most competitive major in the US, India, and across the world. Attending this Bootcamp will help you to get started with the basics and work towards profile building. Read how to prepare for STEM and Engineering Majors while in high school.
  • Finally, know if this is the right career path for you. It’s true that computer science, data science, and AI are trending careers. But, is it right for you? This summer program will allow you hands-on coding, data analysis, chatbot building, and cloud computing. See if you like working in these areas.
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