College Admissions 2021 Amidst Covid-19

It is a well-known fact how the students and their studies have been affected due to the pandemic. We all know how stoically it has clouded the countries worldwide. Schools and colleges were closed, and they had stalled new admissions until further notice. Notwithstanding the loss to the career of students, many universities have decided in favour of new admissions, and they’ll follow the safety protocols throughout the admission process.

What are some of the best universities you can get admissions in?

When talking about admissions, many things come to mind, out of which the most important is the choice of universities. There are the best universities all around the world, giving the best of academic boost, career prospects and new heights to your personality. Keeping in mind the rankings and the relevancy we have a list of top 10 universities that you can instinctively choose without worrying about anything else. 

Top-most universities around the world are:

  1. Harvard University
  2. Massachusetts Institute of Technology 
  3. Stanford University
  4. California Institute of Technology
  5. The University of Cambridge 
  6. University of Oxford
  7. University College London
  8. The University of Melbourne
  9. Australian National University
  10. University of California – Berkeley Campus

The list is ongoing, and you can have other universities in mind depending on your convenience, feasibility, and affordability. 

How can you get admissions?

Admission is not a matter of one-day assignment; instead, it takes months of patience and effort to get enrolled in a course abroad. But how can you do that? Do you know the proper steps that you’ll need to follow to take admissions abroad? Well, we know how to do all of them, and we’ll be sharing the steps with you too.

Different universities follow a separate application process across various disciplines. You can never sort out the perfect formula to get the desired university. On the other hand, you can know some general rules and tips that can help you get admission. You’re unaware of this also. Don’t worry. We’ll share some rules and suggestions below that’ll help you out.

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Choose your program.


The foremost step is choosing the program that best suits you. You need to be aware of your interests and academic knowledge that’ll back your application. You need to know about your specialisation and consider all the possible career prospects that you can have. After you’ve chosen your program, select the university where you want to pursue your career and apply to that university. Note that you must suffice the minimum criteria requirements and the minimum eligibility requirements for the program you’ve chosen.

Choose your university and mark the dates.


Now that you’ve chosen your course, you’ll need to scan through different universities and select the best university for your chosen discipline. Scroll the official website of the university thoroughly to get acquainted with the starting date of the application process and the deadlines. If you’re very determined for the admission, it’s wise not to miss on the dates as it’s going to cost you a valuable one year of yours.

Update and authenticate your documents.


Once you’re determined to study abroad, you must know that your documents, academic and personal, will play a vital role in your application process. So don’t miss this and be ready with your records. Make sure all your documents are updated and authenticated before you can apply. You will need to upload the documents during your application process.

Apply to the university.


You’ve chosen your course and your university, now what holds you back, nothing. Mark the dates on your calendar and apply to the university as soon as the application process starts. You’re already up-to-date with your documents by now. Once the application process begins, you fill the form and update the relevant documents on time. Application is a lengthy and hectic process, so take your time and fill out every detail carefully. One odd info will null out all your efforts.

Get ready with a recommendation letter.

Almost every university will ask for recommendation letters from at least three people. They can be your teacher, your guide or your mentor but not your family. You’ll need to ask for a recommendation letter from 3 people you share good relations with, who can boost your application. Once you’ve got the recommendation letters, fill out the required details along with the recommendation letters.

Take the IELTS or any language proficiency test.


Yes, this is an important attribute, and you shouldn’t take this casually. Many universities ask for an IELTS score to verify your language proficiency. If you want to study abroad, but your primary language is not English, then you’ve to take this test. IELTS score is taken into account while confirming the students’ admission. Think of this as one of your essential requirements for your study abroad. The better the score, the best university you’ll get.

Apply for your Visa.


You can’t travel abroad if you don’t have a visa. Similarly, if you’re travelling abroad for your study purpose, you’ll need your student visa that’ll permit your entry to that particular country. Applying for the visa is a long process, so borrow some time from your daily routine and schedule your visa application. You’ll need documents like your ID, personal data, application form, passport-sized photos and many more. Once you’ve all of them apply as quickly as you can for your student visa.

Get ready for your entrance exam.


Specific courses ask you to go through an entrance exam to be capable of admission. Universities conduct such tests to test your knowledge and skills about the concerned subject. Tests are usually taken a month before the admission takes place, so you’ve 30 days to prepare for your exam and ace your exam. You’ll get sample questions online, and sometimes universities arrange for a mock exam before the actual exam.

Admission interview.


Raise a toast for yourself, because you’ve completed your application process rightfully. Universities take admission interviews for the students whose application has been successfully verified and has met all the eligibility requirements, before confirming your admission, the university will call you for an admission interview. Specific elite programmes and highly-ranked universities take the interview to measure the qualification of the candidate for one last time before the admission. So don’t forget to be your best on that day and ace the interview like a pro.

Visa interview.

After nailing the admission interview, it is mandatory to master the visa interview too. Have you already applied for your student visa before? That’s great. Next, you’ll be called for the interview to confirm and verify all the details before granting your student visa. Prepare well in advance for the questions you’ll be necessarily asked. You can also get some topics on the web, so do some homework and win over the interview. Once you complete the interview, you’ll get your visa confirmation a few days after the interview.

Plan your journey.


After completing all the above steps carefully, we’re sure you will secure your admission abroad. Now, the most important thing you must consider before your flight abroad is to plan your journey and all your costs in advance, so you don’t face any problem in a new homeland. Prepare your list of all the items you’ll need for yourself abroad. Remember your mom will not be there with you, so you’ll have to manage things on your own.


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