Coping with the Pandemic as an International Student

Studying abroad in your dream university can be a life-altering experience. But the Covid 19 pandemic has added its own share of unique challenges to this situation. It can be difficult to settle in an unknown land with people from diverse communities. But the fear of the pandemic has further made the situation more harrowing. Under such circumstances, it is natural to seek assistance or counseling. Students now expect a whole new level of precautions from their respective universities to assure their safety. 

Keeping this in mind, this blog will discuss the various aspects of Covid 19 precautions taken by some prestigious global institutes and the importance of dealing with the said adversity.

How to Adjust to Changes brought by the Pandemic as an International Student

University life can be stressful with new classes, assignments, and at times, cultural shock. As you face the pandemic head-on, it is crucial to develop habits that help you preserve your mental health.

To keep the pandemic from spreading, many reputed international universities have implemented a hybrid model of teaching. That means a unique mix of offline and online classes. Since we are social beings, the urge to connect with each other is pretty strong. Being cooped up in your student accommodation during the online classes can garner isolation in some. We have come up with some simple yet effective suggestions on maintaining a balanced mind and body that enhances your hybrid university experience for the better.

  • Create a Daily Routine – Creating a daily routine and sticking to it can help you regain control over your situation even during these turbulent times.
  • Maintain a Proper Sleep Cycle – A suitable bedtime routine is essential to your cognitive development. It’s common knowledge but when you are studying abroad, away from your family, stress and homesickness can be an obstacle to your good night’s sleep. 
  • Limit Media Exposure – Staying up to date with all the current rules and regulations as well as pandemic news is absolutely necessary when you are studying abroad. But with the amount of fake news being circulated every day, too much media exposure can seriously hamper your mental sanity regarding safety during a pandemic. Take a much-needed break from the news once in a while to avoid this situation.
  • Connect with Others Virtually – Scientists have found that isolation can genuinely affect your mental health for the worse. Don’t let the pandemic stop you from enjoying exciting interactions with a global student community. Use FaceTime, Skype, Viber or other apps to connect with your friends and peers at your new uni. Student accommodations provide residents with high-speed internet services for these purposes.
  • Participate in Virtual Get Togethers: Students often expect university lives to be full of social gatherings and events. Unfortunately, the pandemic has put a stop to such physical gatherings. But that doesn’t mean you cannot indulge in a nice social gathering online. From virtual book clubs to singing karaoke and even online fitness programs, you can take your pick of fun activities to do with your uni friends.

Covid Measures Taken by some Reputed Universities

Covid 19 has compelled universities to take extra measures to ensure the safety of their students. This one is with respect to some of the major universities in the UK. Of course, all these regulations are subject to changes depending on Government regulations.

  1. University of Oxford

Oxford University has implemented a hybrid model of teaching. Face Masks are compulsory inside the campus. Apart from this there are enhanced cleaning routines, marked buildings to ensure social distancing, perspex screens in study rooms to prevent crowding and self-isolation for international students on arrival.

  1. University of Cambridge

Cambridge University has resorted to small student groups, access to research labs, museums, and libraries to prevent the spread of infection. The university also offers a weekly test of the SARS-COV-2 for anyone who feels sick. Students who find themselves in a financial crunch while dealing with a covid situation can apply for the University Hardship Funds.

  1. Imperial College London

The reputed Imperial College of London has resorted to a mix of in-person and online classes. This has been done to ensure a healthy university life for new students. A two-meter social distancing is enforced strictly and appropriate cleaning regimes and perspex screens are in place. A Covid 19 testing plan has begun for students and staff to ensure extra protection.

  1. UCL

Even though the campus has been opened, students and faculty are encouraged to opt for a remote learning situation. A risk assessment has been done on all areas of the campus and cleaning routines are extensively carried out. Temperature checks, and other monitors responding to the virus have been put in place. A one-in-four rule is being implemented where gatherings have to take place in rooms four times bigger than the size of the group.

  1. University of Warwick

This prestigious institute is giving out free reusable masks, sanitizers, and thermometers to students. The Test and Trace team of the Warwick medical school is in place all the time to tend to any student feeling out of place.

  1. University of Glasgow

Glasgow University has implemented a pre-recorded lecture session for the fall season. To help the new joiners to cope with the situation, virtual seminars, simulation activities and peer support are being provided. Apart from this, the regular Covid 19 protocols are being implemented on campus with strict adherence.

  1. University of Leeds

The majestic Leeds University has opened its doors for students but with certain conditions. Face-to-face teaching is in place but for bigger classes, the online medium is being used. University libraries and other resources are trying their best to assist students with study materials as much as possible.

  1. Durham University

Durham University, like all others, is following a mix of online and offline classes. All the buildings of this University have passed the rigorous 5 step test. Student counseling and welfare activities are being promoted by the university so that students can enjoy their uni years without stress.

Suffice to say, with such precautions in line coupled with personal safety and awareness, dealing with the pandemic will not be a problem. Despite the pandemic, 91% of aspirants prefer going abroad for their studies. This is the proper spirit that can combat this global adversity. We fervently hope that this blog helps you cope with the virus in an international country. If you have further queries regarding your study abroad journey, you can head over to the University Living website. It is a global student housing marketplace that provides safe and secure student accommodations, helps with forex, international sim, and other facilities so that a student undergoes a smooth transition while going to study abroad.

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