COVID- 19 turns music education to E-Learning

By Dharini Upadhyaya CO Founder and CO-CEO Furtados School of Music


During this fairly atypical instance, like the current breakout of the pandemic COVID-19, K-12 schools and numerous other institutions are compelled to be closed. It’s an unprecedented scenario which the educations sector faces today. This has caused panic and fear among parents and the students, as exam season approaches and education has been kept on hold. Keeping this in mind, as educational institutes know what is at stake; have turned towards digitizing education- hosting online classes for students to attend, within the safety of their homes.


At such times, E-learning has indeed proved itself to bridge the gap of communication easily. By means of eye-catching and interactive online streaming content, this virtual platform is accelerating. In addition to that, it has also made learning available to one and all no matter how far away. It is indeed a great thought that education, in this day and age should not just be made limited at the conventional mainstream education, but needs to evolve and develop learning of different topics, mediums which will additionally contribute in increasing the curiosity of kids and help them. Parents should look at options such as online education whick aims at covering interesting concepts. Some of the best creative subjects can be music or arts, as they are a great getaway for kids.


Being mindful of this, Furtados School of Music, which is one of India’s leading Music Educators are developing their online learning platform for Music. A huge focus in the present education system, especially in India circles around the central factor of academics. This platform, conversely will truly help children escape into learning, but in a fun space that will help them to elevate their creativity in the comfort and safety of their own homes. With this platform, FSM will enable an aggressive outreach of this platform targeting not only India but a Global learning audience. The most empowering part of this is that the student can decide on the duration of the course as well as the content and the number of students one wants to learn with. A course can be set to be as short as one lesson or as long as 12 lessons. Students will also have the privilege to practice tunes as per their convenience and can avail instant corrections and feedback through this platform.


The online learning platform ‘FSMBuddy’ has been pilot tested and the date finalized for its global launch is April 15, 2020. The team at FSM is strong-willed to curate relevant, modern learning content that will be taught completely online using path breaking and award winning tools and technologies. They are looking forward to giving an exceptional learning experience to their students through this online medium.


“We are looking to revolutionize online learning by providing unique learning opportunities at the convenience of one’s home” says Deepa Kadam, Business Head for Online Learning, Furtados School of Music.



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