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A brief outlook of the newest SAT-ACT Self Preparation course by for SAT/ACT 2021

While preparation of Board Exams is a primary target for students in India, it is also the various entrance exams that they give for admissions in Colleges and Universities across the country.

Some students want to study in India whereas some want to go out of India for their higher studies. Till a few years back students interested for studying in USA from India had to give SAT or ACT but now SAT Scores are also being accepted for admissions in top Indian Colleges and Universities.

To help students score more and explore more options, timely preparation and evaluation are needed. To bridge the gap between preparation and result has come up with its own self paced SAT/ACT Test Prep Course.

online sat / act test self paced prep
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Why SAT/ACT Test Prep Course?

That’s a question that is natural to come up in your mind. With so many self preparation courses around why trust another course from us?

Well, the reasons can be made up. We can make loads of promises but we won’t. We can tell you about what makes us different from others. And it’s better to write the reasons before our course segment by segment.


  • Our Pricing = Equal Chance to everyone:

Chance should be given to everyone. While for some students pricing isn’t a pressing issue for some it is. So we decided to come up with a course which can be afforded by students of every strata of society.

So that, money shouldn’t matters!

  • Course designed by Industry Experts:

We got alumni and experts from globally prestigious educational institutions like Princeton, Harvard and IIT’s together and made them brainstorm to churn up something really great and effective for the students who want to crack SAT and ACT in their own way. The result is in front of you today.

  • All Device Accessibility:

Our course can be accessed by any device. Now no more tension of buying a new tab, laptop or upgrading to a new phone or device! You have our course, you have our subscription and you have time to devote to? That’s it.

Apart from these top 3 reasons the other reasons can be found out by going to this link and reading themselves:

Convinced? Now let’s see what we have got for you:

Evaluation Test:

A timed evaluation test page for Reading, Writing and Language and Math to keep on introspecting your progress.

Evaluation Test from SAT ACT Test Prep Course
Evaluation Tests | Image Curtesy: Stoodnt ACT/SAT Self-Paced Test Prep


View a lesson on Writing and Language and Math. View the lessons and then take a quiz on demand i.e. subject wise, question type wise and also selected concepts and number of questions.

online sat / act test self paced prep
Lesson/Quizzes Image | Curtesy: Stoodnt ACT/SAT Self-Paced Test Prep

Vocabulary Builder:

At the end of the day, you need to have a splendid vocabulary to impress the examiners reading your essay and writing skills. You can learn, unlearn and also give yourself the time needed before taking the vocabulary quiz and tracking your progress.

Vocabulary Quiz
Vocabulary Quiz | Curtesy: Stoodnt ACT/SAT Self-Paced Test Prep

Full Length Model Exams:

After completing your lessons and preparations you can take a self timed full length model SAT exam. This will help you majorly in knowing your strength and weakness.

There are 2 model Full-Length SAT Exams in present.

online sat / act test self paced prep
Full Length Exams | Curtesy: Stoodnt ACT/SAT Self-Paced Test Prep

Now, honestly, we would not “Force” you to buy it. We simply don’t believe in that policy! but, if you really believe in yourself and want to take an honest review of your preparation and then improve, we would like to take this course and help yourself.

For where is a will, there is always a way. wishes you all the best in achieving your dream of cracking SAT and ACT.

Buy it with our offers and start from now on. It is never late for starting anything constructive with your life and career.

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