Cricket freak? Here is how you can make it big in the game


The game of cricket is a common bond that connects various people even with diverse visions and beliefs. The way fans view the cricketers, can be a turning point in the outcome of the match. A player’s personal life, performance on the field, figures and records all matter considerably to an individual who has shear passionate about the game.


For whom is this career meant for?

Cricketers need to be healthy, naturally gifted people who are extraordinarily talented in at least one of the three aspects of the game of cricket. A person who is willing to put a lot of effort and hard work before tasting success can choose a career in cricket. In order to be noticed by various scouts and selectors cricketers need to sacrifice their education and even spending time with their near and dear ones. A career in cricketing is only for those who can withstand the pressure and live off a low income or have family support while they are still in their early days. Travelling all over the country to various venues and the world for tours and matches is an important trait in a cricketer’s life.


What more?


Cricket players are those who play the sport of cricket for a source of revenue. They may be a involved in a club team, city team, state team, county team, under-17 national team, under-19 national team, under-21 national team, and national team, or even a franchise team. It is the dream of most of the cricket players to get a chance to be a part of international cricket for their national team. There are three foremost formats of international cricket, namely test matches, one day international (ODI) matches and T20 international matches. There are first class, list A and T20 matches in domestic cricket. There are various fields one can choose as a cricket player. A few players have a propensity to focus in a particular format of the game. For example, many people will join a particular T20 league those who want to specialize themselves as a T20 player. In India, the finest T20 players engage themselves for clubs in the Indian Premier League, and may even get selected for India’s T20 International team. Similarly, in other countries, one may play for a team they get selected in. International cricketers are usually paid well all over the world. Players are normally contracted by a governing board. In India, the Board of Control of Cricket in India (BCCI) is responsible for organizing international cricket matches. Players need to adhere to a certain code of conduct that is set by the board to be paid by their respective governing boards. In a number of countries, cricket players are allowed to seek out personal sponsorships under certain restrictions. In most of the countries, only the board can locate sponsors for players.



What are Salary Prospects?


If you make it big, there is a wonderful opportunity to earn if you have a high potential as a cricketer. These days, a huge amount of money has been put into the game and even players who involve themselves in domestic cricket can earn noteworthy sums of money if they partake in the various T20 tournaments held around the world, such as IPL in India and Big Bash in Australia. The earnings of top cricket players in England vary from £250000 to £400000.In India, top cricketers are paid Rs. 1 Crore by the BBCI. There is an additional source of income for a cricketer if he gets engaged in the T20 clubs and participates in domestic league. Most cricketers also earn considerable amounts of money all the way through sponsorships. Yet, international players earn more amounts than players who are first class cricketers, involved in domestic cricket.

How is Life?


Life of a cricketer is seen as one of the most alluring and worthwhile lifestyles in the world. Nevertheless, before one can make it on the big platform, a lot of hard work is necessary. This might signify spending a large amount of time missing family and loved ones. Long exercise sessions and venturing long distances are basics of starting up as a cricket player. Life as an international cricket player involves widespread traveling to play matches overseas. Cricketers can squander as many as six months playing various intercontinental series or contests.


What Perks come along with this career?


Various number of perks comes along with a career in cricket. This profession can make you instantly famous in the ten major cricketing countries in the world. Moreover, there is no limit to the amount of money you can make as a cricket player if you manage to place yourself in a large platform. Cricketers get to travel the world free of charge and get involved in a sport that they most likely love to its very core. They get to do what they are best in front of tens of thousands of passionate fans.




Life as a cricket player is perhaps not as fascinating as it is made out to be. In reality, players have to deal with a lot of stress on any given day. Throughout matches, they must consistently go against the odds and beat their opponents. If they fail to do so, they might be subject to usual and open criticism by people and the media. They cannot take pleasure in the lavishness of a private life, since everything they do is comes in highlight.



How is Competition?


The stage of competition in the world of cricket has enlarged drastically over the last few years, ever since more money has been made accessible to players. Although, at the top level, there is always room for outstanding personalities. However, only the best thirty or so players in every country come into controversy of making it into the final playing eleven in each squad. Competition is tremendously vicious, and one really has to stand out in terms of aptitude, strength of mind and luck to make it.

Locations where this career is good?


Cricketing is a feasible career option in the ten test match playing countries. These are India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, England and West Indies. In India, you can get chosen from any part of the country that is home to a first class cricket team. Nevertheless, it is often easier to get noticed if you are from a superior city. Hence, competition there can be more forceful.









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