Data Science and Bioinformatics Winter Bootcamps for High School Students

Data Science and Bioinformatics are among the two most trending disciplines for STEM enthusiasts, without and with Biology, respectively. However, for high school students with their subject combination (which is more or less fixed), these terms might appear overwhelming. In an attempt to simplify these topics, this year’s Winter Bootcamps on Data Science and Bioinformatics will help students get an idea of what these would be at the college level, which will enable them to make better career choices.

Why should you attend Winter Bootcamps?

Winter Holidays give students some time for themselves which can be utilized to their career advantages. Successful reviews from previous years and queries both from students and parents have made us decide on Data Science and Bioinformatics as two important topics to which students need more exposure.

Who is it for?

Both the Bioinformatics and Data Science Bootcamps 2021-22 are for students of Classes 8-12. For young minds with an interest in coding, computers, mathematics, and biosciences. Nonetheless, interested college students are also most welcome to apply.

Biotech-Bioinformatics Course Curriculum

For a detailed course curriculum on Biotech-Bioinformatics, please refer here. The main topics that will be covered are:

  • Molecular Biology Basics with bench-work
  • BLAST , CADD and Drug Discovery
  • Biochemistry & Food Biotechnology with bench-work
  • Microbiology Theory
  • Forensic Biotechnology

Want to Attend the Bootcamp?

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AI & Data Science for Biology and Biotech Curriculum

  • Immunology Basics
  • All you need to know about Vaccines
  • Recombinant DNA Technology
  • What is Python and how to use it?
  • Data Plotting
  • Machine Learning

For a detailed course curriculum on Data Science for Biology, please refer here. The main topics that will be covered are Computational and Systems Biology.

Why attend the Winter Bootcamps as High School Students?

Bootcamps are one of the best ways to upskill one’s interests, especially for high school students. Plus, it is important for:

  • Profile Building
  • General Idea about fundamentals of Data Science and Bioinformatics
  • College and Career Guidance
  • Interactive Courses by top faculties
  • Participation Certificate

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