Do You Get Paid For Student Teaching?

Student teaching is a requirement for every aspiring educator. Therefore, if you want to become one, you must work as a student teacher under the supervision of a licensed classroom teacher before completing your college education. For a specified period, you are expected to understudy a teacher and learn all the practical aspects of teaching.

During this process, you take on the responsibility to learn and implement ways for engaging students in classroom activities and knowledge acquisition. This, in turn, helps to improve your teaching skills and prepare you better for the profession.

However, despite how demanding student teaching can be, it isn’t paid. But, in a scenario where you are hired before graduating, you can get paid while doubling as an actual teacher. Regardless of the situation, this program is vital and needs to be completed before you earn your certification as a teacher. And, various platforms can help you achieve this, even outside the conventional classroom; a good example is an online platform,

Why is Student Teaching Unpaid?

There are various reasons why student teaching is unpaid. One of the major reasons is that student teaching is an essential part of your college education. Most schools do not see the need to pay students for learning.

Secondly, some universities have policies against paying student teachers. Usually, these short unpaid student teaching experiences are the standard in such universities. But, on the other hand, some universities are totally against students going for teaching experiences.

Finally, it would interest you to know that student teachers are even required to pay for the privilege of working under a certified teacher in some countries.

Student teaching can be cumbersome, and it also can be a huge financial obstacle if you don’t have an extra job or side hustle. You can take up extra jobs like online tutoring to balance your education and finances.

What Are The Roles of A Student Teacher?

A student-teacher is basically an intern to a cooperating teacher. If you are an aspiring teacher or educator who is getting ready for the student teaching program, you probably want to know your roles. Here are a few roles that may be required of you.

  • Total participation in the school’s calendar programs
  • Making acquaintances with the supervising teacher, other staff, and your students
  • Total involvement in class activities such as teaching, group discussions, etc.
  • Participation in evaluation of students’ performance and progress
  • Creating relationships with students’ guardians and offering advice per time based on students’ performance. This can include offering psychology tips for building relationships with their wards.

How Do You Make Money as a Student Teacher?

It is often quite tricky to juggle working full-time as a student teacher and other jobs. You are required to offer full-time assistance to your supervising teacher in the classroom. As such, you may have little or no time to take on other jobs.

However, regardless of how busy your schedule is, some jobs can fit into your life as a student-teacher. You don’t have to worry about covering tuition fees and other living expenses with a good side job. Here are ways to make money as a student-teacher:

●       Work as an Online tutor

Online tutoring is one of the most flexible ways to make money as a student-teacher. The awesome thing about it is that it also helps you improve your teaching skills while making some extra cash. Here, you can teach, learn to teach, and earn at your convenience through online tutoring platforms.

●       Search for paid student-teaching opportunities

Not all schools are against paying student teachers. Some schools may be willing to give you an opportunity to earn as a student-teacher. However, in such cases, you will need to have alternative certification to get paid. While this is difficult to find, it is not impossible.

●       Create an online course

With your busy schedule, you need to find something that wouldn’t disrupt your student-teaching program. Creating an online course may be just the way to go if you are looking for a flexible job. You can create online courses on topics you are familiar with and start making sales from them. You can also teach these courses on YouTube and several other educational platforms.

Several available platforms make course creation and sales easy. You can identify and maximize them and then use the money you make from the creation, and sales can help cover your living expenses.

●       Work as a part-time classroom aide

All you need to do as a classroom aide is to be present during classes and support the main teacher. You can double as a student-teacher and a classroom aide in the same school. However, before doing this, you need to confirm that your school supports such decisions.  Then, you need to find a way to schedule working hours for each role. This way, it wouldn’t be so hard to be a student-teacher and a part-time classroom aide while keeping your finances afloat.

●       Become a Private physical tutor

Since teaching is the profession, you have chosen, you can start practicing it before graduating. Being a private tutor offers you a smart way to make money during student teaching. You just need to find time outside school hours to teach. Parents often need tutors who can help improve their kids’ academic performance.


Student teachers are not usually paid; therefore, you may need to find alternative ways to make extra money. However, since working as a student-teacher takes a lot of your time, you need to find a flexible job. These jobs can help you cater to your living expenses and tuition fees.

Hope this article will help you.

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