Does Being Introvert Or Extrovert Have An Impact On Your Career Choice


By Debasish Dutta, CEO Orange Corp




Careers are chosen as per your capabilities and talents. No wonder many unsung heroes come forward in life to excel in many professions totally unexpected from them because those talents lay well-hidden until they emerged in broad daylight. However, for others the choice is simpler, being based on academics and mostly openly evaluated.


Students are encouraged to choose professions based on which subjects they score highest marks in. But some other factors also come into play which we should consider seriously before finalizing the specific job role we wish to commit for. Deciding whether an introvert job role suits your personality or an extrovert one is also one such important criteria.


Why it matters


Personalities have a huge role to play in certain professions: some, not all. For instance, there are many introvert candidates who get into marketing even though it doesn’t suit their personalities at all! Marketing requires you to communicate with people and build up a rapport with clients and customers – a quality that an introvert individual may struggle to gain. Industries like Advertising, Marketing and PR, require a highly extrovert nature because you are expected to constantly talk to people and express your ideas and solutions to others. For introverts, the same advertising industry might give opportunities in the departments of arts, creatives, photoshop, illustrator or other creative areas that do not require too much communication.


Technical fields can be well handled by both the personalities, with introverts actually performing better working with computers and coding as they can work on their own and do not require to interact much.


Extroverts similarly might need to learn where to draw the boundaries, especially in the fields of legal, administration, management etc. where drawing the line of communication is of utmost importance.


How to decide if your chosen path is right for you


While it may not seem like much, and many introvert candidates believe that they will be able to change their personalities once they enter the job scene, this remains further from truth than you can imagine. Especially when pitted against highly extrovert candidates in the highly competitive job market, introverts can easily lose confidence and hence their foothold.


It is always advisable to think and decide whether or not you are choosing the best job role for yourself. Take a look at ALL the aspects required and then decide whether or not you are best suited for the job.


Is there a way for you to change?


The answer is, definitely, but not fully. An introvert will not become an extrovert, or an extrovert will not become an introvert. However, it is possible to change your personality to a certain extent.


Extroverts need to choose a different focus area where they can be their usual extrovert selves. If you are an extrovert and your job requires you to maintain strict communication with people, it is better to enjoy a social life outside your work where you can still continue enjoying company of people and being in the middle of things. It will be really dangerous to try and implement your personality in your work.


Introverts can benefit hugely by practicing how to communicate effectively with people even if you feel uncomfortable at first. Things get better with time. You may not know about something being discussed. Feel free to smartly ask about it. Laugh it off and continue with the conversation. Have a few questions prepared in mind which might interest your colleague or client or customer to engage in a conversation. Introverts often do not understand how to continue the conversation. Practice and be prepared for that.



Your personalities have a great say on what kind of profession you choose, but if the need arises you can always bend yourself a little and learn a few tricks to excel in your chosen field.

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